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Title: happy anniversary
Chapter: 1/1
Characters: Luke,Noah,Dusty,Emma
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Luke sighed as he checked the time on his mobile. Damn another 30 minutes, will this class ever end? He though and put his mobile back in his pocket and sighed again.

He wondered why he ever signed up for this class and started doodling on the back of his notebook.

He looked to his right and saw Noah, o yes, that was the reason.

Spending more time with his boyfriend had sounded so good. Luke had imagined the two of them sitting in a corner at the back of the class, definitely not paying attention. But instead they were almost front and centre and Noah was paying more attention to the teacher than to him.

Noah felt Luke staring at him and gave him an amused look.

Luke rolled his eyes at his boyfriend and sighed again.

He rested his head on his hand and continued the masterpiece on the back of his notebook.

About 2 minutes later he felt Noah’s hand on his leg and when he looked down he saw the note in Noah’s hand. He gave him a quick smile and took the note and opened it.

Do you want to go on a date with me tonight?

Need to check my schedule. Might be busy tonight.

Busy tonight? Doing what?

No not what – who ;)

Luke Snyder get your mind out of the gutter!

I don’t know what you’re talking about ;)

Oh yeah of course I forgot I’m dating St. Luke

Oh shut up! Where are we going tonight?

So it’s a yes then?

Yes it’s a yes! Now tell me where are we going?



You’ll see

You’re mean!

Yes but that’s why you love me

Hmm yes I do love you

Good to know, love you too. Now let me concentrate ;)

“Ok that’s it for this week people. Go enjoy your weekend. Oh and mister Snyder and mister Mayer I would appreciate it if you two would refrain from passing notes to each other like a bunch of 6 year old girls in my class from now on.” The teacher said.

Noah started blushing and mumbled something that sounded like an apology.

Luke just rolled his eyes and grabbed Noah’s hand and walked out of the classroom.


“So where are we going tonight?” Luke asked again.

“You’ll see that when we get there tonight. I have to get to work now. My shift ends at 7, I’ll meet you at home ok? Love you.” Noah said and gave Luke a quick kiss on the lips before walking away to Java.

He hadn’t even reached the corner of the street when he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned around and looked into his boyfriend’s beautiful brown eyes.

Luke wrapped his arms around Noah’s neck and kissed him.

When they broke the kiss he smiled sweetly and stroked Noah’s cheek. “I love you too.” He said and walked away.


A few minutes later Noah walked into Java smiling brightly.

“Hey what are you so happy about?” Jeff asked.

“I have a date tonight with the most amazing guy I know.” Noah answered, the smile on his face getting even bigger.

“Really? How is Luke doing these days anyway? Jeff said and chuckled. "Where are you going?”

“Yeah uh I haven’t actually thought about that yet.. All I know is that he needs to forget about everything that’s not going the way it should for a night. And I want it to be a special night too because it’s our anniversary next week and I want to give him his present tonight.” Noah said determined. “So, you want to help me out?”

“Sure.. but I don’t know Luke that well..” Jeff said hesitant.

Well can you take over my shift now? So I can go and make “arrangements” Noah said grinning.

“Ok sure I’ll do it.” Jeff said with a sigh.

“Thanks man, I owe you.” Noah said before grabbing his bag and jacket and running out the door.

“yes you do..” Jeff muttered under his breath and went back to work.


Noah was running through Oldtowne determined to get Luke the perfect anniversary present when he felt his phone vibrate. He looked at the display which told him that he had received a new text message. He slowed down a little and opened the message.

From Luke: Where r we going 2nite? Noah smiled, hit reply and started typing while walking. He walked right into someone which made him lose his balance and he fell backwards on the pavement landing on his butt.

“Are you alright kid?” A strangely familiar voice asked.

“Uh yes uh I’m fine” Noah stammered while looking around for his phone.

“Looking for this?” the voice said and Noah finally looked up to see who exactly he had just walked into.


“Hey kid, you going to get up from that ground any time soon?” Dusty said as he reached out his hand and pulled Noah to his feet and handed him back his phone.

“Thanks.” Noah muttered.

“It’s good to see you’re still in town.” Dusty said.

“Yeah I’m still here, I’m not going anywhere without Luke anymore.” Noah said smiling brightly. “Things are going great for us and our one year anniversary is next week.”

“That’s good to hear kid.” Dusty putting a hand on Noah’s shoulder and giving it a squeeze.

“Uh sorry I don’t really have time to talk now, I’m taking Luke out tonight for our anniversary and I have to pick up his present and make a few other arrangements..” Noah trailed off.

“Do you need some help son?” Dusty asked. “I might have been away from this place for a while but I still know my way around”

“Yes that would be great actually. I have to pick up Luke’s present myself but there is something you could do.” Noah said looking hopeful.


Luke was sitting at the kitchen table with his laptop looking at pictures of him and Noah. He was trying to remember when a certain picture was taken when he heard the screen door open. But unfortunately the person walking through the door wasn’t Noah.

“Hey grandma” Luke greeted Emma.

“Hello darling, where is Noah?” she asked while she started putting away the shopping.

“He’s at work. Well his shift ends in about 20 minutes so I guess he’ll be home in about an hour.” Luke answered.

"Oh well I better get started with dinner then. He will be hungry when he gets home. That boy works too much. You should tell him that Luke.” Emma said with a concerned look on her face.

“Oh trust me grandma I tell him to quit that job every single day so he can be here with me more. But he won’t listen. Oh and don’t bother with dinner for us, Noah’s taking me out tonight so I guess we’ll have dinner together.” Luke told his grandmother.

“Oh are you going anywhere nice?” Emma asked.

“I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me..” Luke said a little annoyed. “Well I suppose I better go and get ready for my mystery date”


“Hi Emma.” Noah said cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hello darling. You look happy.” She replied.

“Oh I am, I’m very happy. And I hope Luke will be too when we get to where we’re going.” Noah said and disappeared up the stairs.

“Hey babe, are you ready yet?” Noah asked Luke through his bedroom door.

“Almost” Luke answered and Noah grinned as he heard the annoyance in his boyfriend’s voice.

“I’ll be ready in 10, I’ll meet you downstairs.” Noah said and went into his bedroom to quickly change.


"So are you finally going to tell me where we’re going now?" Luke asked annoyed.

Noah laughed and grabbed Luke’s hand, keeping one hand on the wheel.

“Well.. I was thinking about getting something to eat first.. so that’s why I booked a table at that Italian place you love. And after dinner.. I have a surprise for you.”

“another surprise? I’m not sure I like surprises anymore..” Luke said moving a little closer to Noah.

“You will definitely like this surprise”


They got to the restaurant and the waiter led them to their table. It was in a quiet corner next to the large windows with a view of the garden.

“Wow Noah this place is amazing. It must’ve cost you a fortune.” Luke said looking around.

“Well I do pour coffee all day for a reason you know. So I can take my boyfriend out to a fancy restaurant like this once in a while.” Noah said smiling.

“Shouldn’t we order?” Luke said after a while.

“Nope, I already took care of that. I know what you like.” Noah said and leaned over the table to kiss Luke.

“That is something I definitely like.” Luke said grinning when they broke the kiss.

At that same moment the waiter brought them their food. The smile on Luke’s face got even bigger when he saw Noah had ordered his favourite food.

“I told you, I know what you like.”

They enjoyed their meal and talked about everything from classes to annoying costumers at Java, carefully avoiding the family subject.

After dinner Luke sat back in his chair and daringly raised an eyebrow at Noah.

“What?” Noah said laughingly.

“You said you had a surprise for me after dinner.. it’s after dinner now.” Luke said with a naughty spark in his eyes.

“You want your surprise now? Well then let’s go.” Noah said getting up from the table, taking Luke’s hand and walking out of the restaurant.

"Uh.. Noah.. don’t we have to pay?" Luke said looking over his shoulder as they walked out onto the street.

“Already taken care of babe.” Noah said and put his arm around Luke’s waist.


“Yo’s? That’s the big surprise? You’re taking me to Yo’s?” Luke asked.

“No this isn’t your surprise yet. But I just feel like dancing tonight. So Luke, will you dance with me?” Noah said in a posh British accent and bowed down a little, taking Luke’s hand and placing a little kiss on it.

Luke laughed and pulled Noah inside. “You are such a geek.” He said lovingly.

“I love you too.” Noah said grinning. “I’ll be right back. Just got to go talk to the DJ.”

Luke watched his boyfriend walk to the DJ booth and hand the DJ a piece of paper. The guy gave Noah the thumbs up and Noah walked back to Luke.

“What was that all about?” Luke asked but he didn’t hear Noah’s answer because at that moment the first tones of one of Luke’s favourite songs filled the room. Noah pulled him onto the dance floor and Luke had never felt happier than he did at that moment.

“You want to get out of here? Go somewhere more private?” Noah asked after a while.

Luke nodded and followed Noah outside. He thought Noah meant he had booked a room for them at the Lakeview but instead they walked to their bench in the middle of Oldtowne.

Someone had tied two balloons to the armrests and Luke was just about to make a comment about some poor kid missing their balloon, when he saw what was written on them. A red balloon on the right with their names on it and a white balloon on the left with “happy anniversary” on it.

“You did all this?” Luke asked surprised.

“Well.. I did have some help” Noah said suddenly a little shy. “Come on, let’s sit down so I can give you your surprise.”

They sat down and turned to face each other.

“Ok, close your eyes and hold out your hands.” Noah said and Luke did as he was told.

Noah pulled an envelope out of his pocket and placed it on Luke’s hands.

“Another card?” Luke asked when he opened his eyes.

“Just open it” Noah said.

Luke opened the envelope and pulled two plane tickets out.

"We’re going to Rome?" He asked .

“Yes we are. We’re leaving in 3 weeks and we’ll stay there for 10 days. You and me alone in a hotel in Rome for 10 days” Noah said pulling his boyfriend close and kissing him.

“Happy anniversary Luke.”

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