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Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
    1. Directs you to the site's Home Page. (Clicking on the site's banner also takes you to the Home Page.)
    2. Directs you to the "Discussion Forum," where every thread of the site is listed.
    3. Directs you to see a detailed list of "What's New." Including discussion threads and page edits.
    4. Directs you to the "Photo Gallery," where every photo of the site is listed. You may also add new pictures and albums in this section.
    5. Directs you to a list of all the members. You may sort them by day, contributions, threads, etc.
    6. Directs you to a list of all the "To-Dos" listed on a site.
    7. Allows you to invite friends to the site.
    8. Directs you to your profile. (It also informs you when you have a new message, friend request or compliment.)
    9. Allows a Creator or Administrator to edit the features for promoting the site.
    10. Allows a Creator, Administrator or Moderator to check on the site's settings. (Moderators can only edit the site's templates.)*

*Links may appear different on other monitors.
Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
    1. Allows a member to "Edit" the current page.
    2. Registered Users can not edit the page while it's locked.
    3. Allows a member to add keyword tags to the current page.
    4. Members can email pages to a friend.
    5. Allows a member to add a "To-Do" to the page they are on.
    6. Pops up several more tools for a user to further edit a page.
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki .
                1. Click to "Watch" or "Un-Watch" a page. (You will receive emails every time a page is updated.)
                2. Add a file attachment to a page.
                3. Allows a member to rename a page.
                4. Moderators and up can Lock and Unlock any page. (Moderators and up can also delete any page, and all members can move a page.)
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki

                1. Type in a word or term and search the Wiki.
                2. Lists all pages of the Wiki. (Use the scroll bar to view the entire list.)
                3. Click on this feature to add a page, under the current page. (To add a new page, click "Add page" from the Home Page.)
                4. Lists the site's recent activity on the Home Page.
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
                1. Undo, your last addition.
                2. Redo.
                3. Choose a header or sub-header.
                4. Choose the font of your text.
                5. Choose the size of your text.
                6. Choose the color of your text.
                7. Bold, Italics or Underline.
                8. Justify your text to the left, centered or to the right.
                9. Use a number list or bullet points.
                10. Indent your text to the left or back to the right.
                11. Add a link to your text or photo.
                12. Use this feature to have the Wiki suggest links.
                13. Add a photo to the page.
                14. Create a table to add to the page.
                15. Save your additions to the page.
                16. Cancel what you're doing.
                17. Add a widget to the page.
                18. Let the Wiki spell check your additions.
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki

              1. Upload a new photo to the page.
              2. Search Yahoo! for a photo.
              3. Choose a photo already uploaded from the Photo Gallery.
              4. When uploading a new photo, you can browse for one on your computer.
              5. You can also add the URL of a photo on the Internet.

              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
                1. Add a title to your picture.
                2. Add a description to your picture.
                3. Click to remove the photo from the page.
                4. Shrink your picture to your desired size. (You can not make a picture larger from it's original size.)
                5. Choose how you want text wrap around your picture. (Underneath, to the right or to the left.)
                6. Add what text you want for the Rollover Text.
                7. Add a link to your photo.
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki
                1. Choose how many rows (horizontal) you want in your table.
                2. Choose how many columns (vertical) you want in your table.
                3. Type in how big you want your table to be in pixels. (You most likely will need to choose "Fit to page.")
                4. Type in how big you want your margins to be in pixels.
                5. Choose how you want the text to wrap around your table.
                6. Choose how you want the borders on your table. (There are invisible options.)
                7. Once your table is up, you may right click and add another column.
                8. Remove a column.
                9. Add a row.
                10. Remove a row.
                11. Edit your table. (Which is similar to the "Add Table" step.)
                12. Edit a table cell.
                13. Select the table.
                14. Delete the table.
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki

                  1. Change the background color of your table.
                  2. Choose which type of border you want around your cell in each direction. (None, solid, thick or double.)
              Help - Luke and Noah Wiki

                1. When adding a widget, just choose which one you're adding. The "Add by Searching" will be the first to pop up for YouTube. Make sure you "Add by URL or EMBED."
                2. Paste the video's URL or the embedded code. When the video is added, you can resize it or format it around text as you have done in previous steps.

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