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Title: High School Football
Chapter: 1
Rating: G
Summary: Luke and Noah meet in high school
Characters: Luke, Noah, Principal, Coach, Ashley
Warnings: None that I know of.
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My dad has just screwed me over yet again. All of my life, the man that I call my dad, has been in the army. We were always moving from one place to the other. Until my high school years came around. My father said that he wanted me to be able to stay in one town for my years in high school, so I wouldn't be moving around during those four years. So, we settled into the town that I now call home, and I made friends. Something that I never had done before. Then one day out of no where, my father shocked me and said that he was retiring from the army. I did not care about that, but what was said next I cared for very much. He said that we were moving yet again. I was about to start my senior year and the last thing that I wanted to do was move. However, I had no say so in the matter and had to do it. He got out a map of the world and threw a dart at it. Once it landed, he told me to go look where it landed, because that is where we were going to spend the rest of our life at. I could not believe that was how he was choosing our new life, but that is exactly how he did it. What an idiot! I walked over to the map and found that it landed on a little town in Illinois. Oakdale, to be exact. Now, who and the hell has ever heard of Oakdale?

I told all of my friends goodbye on the day that I was to leave. I put the remainder of my things in my truck and started to make my way to my new life. That was the hardest day of my life. Not the part about leaving my friends behind, but the part about me having to come out to yet another bunch of kids. These kids in my old school just came around and excepted the fact that I was gay. I could not help but wonder " What will the kids in Oakdale think about me? Will they be just as cruel to me as the other kids were before they excepted me? Will they just not like me for what ever reason?" Okay that is enough about that way of thinking. I think that I need to look at this in another way. No one in this town is gay, or at least out the closet yet. So, maybe I will find the one guy that I am looking for in Oakdale. I doubt it, Oakdale is an even smaller town than this one. So maybe..........nah, who am I trying to kid! This is going to be the worst year of my life.

Well, here I am in the parking lot of Oakdale High School. God, what a dump! I got out my truck and walked into the high school and met the principal.

" Hello, Mr.Mayer. And welcome to Oakdale high." She said in a cheerie voice.

" Gee, thanks!" I said with a bit of attitude.

" Here is your schedule. I know with being new here to our school, that you do not know your way around. So, I have arranged for someone to show you around."

" That is something that I do not need. This dump that you call a school could fit in my old schools weight room."

" Mr. Mayer, I know that you are a football player, and you might have been able to get away with talking to your principal like that in your old school, but not here. Do you understand me?"

" Yes ma'am, and I am sorry. I do not mean to be coming off as such a hard a.......I mean idiot. I just did not want to move away from my old town."

" That is completely understandable. Your senior year is not suppose to be about starting over. We will give you time to adjust here, but try not to talk in that fashion to any of your teachers."

" I'll try."

" Try hard. Now, since you are a football player, I thought that it would be nice for one of our cheerleaders to show you around today."

" Please, no cheerleaders. Anything but those airhead things. They all seem to be blond and stupid."

" You know, of all the things that I consider myself to be, an airhead thing isn't one of them. Although I am a blond. I am not stupid." Said the cheerleader that was going to be showing me around school today.

I turn around and saw a beautiful young man with wonderful blond hair, looking directly at me. His smile, or half smile, was wonderful to look at. I could not help but just stare at him.

" A boy cheerleader!" I said when I figured that I was looking a bit too much.

" Yeah! And what is wrong with that? I can get a scholarship from cheer-leading, just as easy as you can......Mr. Quarterback."

" I am not a quarterback. I am the kicker."

" Oh, well! Excuse me!"

" Okay. That is enough, boys. Luke, this is Noah. Noah, this is Luke. Luke will show you around today."

" Now, doesn't that just sound like so much fun." I said while I turned my stare back at Luke.

"Yeah, and it is going to be just a bucket of fun for me as well." Luke said as he walked out the principals office.

" Please excuse Luke. He is having some problems this year. He just told everyone that he was gay and most of the students around here are giving him a hard time."

" Whoa! Wait! Luke is a gay cheerleader?"

" Please, don't tell him that it was me that told you. He is hurting, and also try not to pick on him. I know that football players like to make trouble."

" I will not tell him that it was you that told me, but thank you for telling me. I also promise not to pick on him. I might be a football player, but I am sure that in time you will find out that I am not your normal football player." I said to the principal with a huge smile on my face and walked out the office.

I looked around the hall, but simply could not find Luke any where. I was disappointed a little bit, but who could blame him for walking away from me. After the way that I just treated him, I would do the same thing. So, I started to make my way around school without him. Before I could take two steps, I heard Mr. Cheerleader calling for me.

" Wait! Mr. Quarterback. I have to show you around school today or else I will get demerits."

" I already told you, I am a kicker."

" Same thing................isn't it?"

" Do you actually watch the game or do you just cheer for them?"

" Oh, I watch the game. Sometimes. I mean that is when I am not checking out.............."

" I know what you mean. I catch myself doing the same thing."

" What? That you are gay. Yeah I know that."

" So, who told you? Wait never mind. I do not want to know. Look, if you do not want to be around the gay cheerleader after this, I understand , but like I said already, I need to do this."

" Actually, Luke, it is quite the opposite. I can not wait until after the games to hang out with you."

" UM............here is your first class."

" Thanks."

" I will see you after this class is over"

" Can't wait until I see you again." And I walked into the classroom. I did not realize until I walked into the classroom that I had a huge smile on my face. I could not help but think: " Boy, could I be any more obvious?"

As he told me, Luke showed me around school for the rest of the school day. After school was finished I may my way to the locker room to change for football practice. While at practice, my eyes kept turning back to Luke, who was at practice himself, just a few feet away. I caught him looking at me once. I smiled and waved at him. Suddenly I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

" Hey, man. Which one of those hot cheerleaders are you waving at?" Said one of the other players.

At first I didn't know how to respond to that question. I didn't want him to know on my first day that I was gay, and I was checking out the hot boy cheerleader, but I also didn't want to lie about it either.

"That one." I said while I pointed in the direction of Luke who was holding up a girl cheerleader.

" Stephanie, huh. I see that the new boy here has taste."

" Whatever you say man!"

" I might as well be the first to tell you. The boy that is holding her up is nothing more than a ***. So, I suggest that you stay away from him."

" It is not nice to call people names for the simple fact that they are being themselves."

" He likes to kiss boys, and other...............it is all just sick."

" I do not think that it is sick."

"Mayer, if I am not mistaken, I would say that you also like to kiss boys."

" Well, maybe I do!" Then I kicked the football that was ready on the ground for me to kick. " And maybe I don't. Either way, it is none of your concern."

The look that he gave me was harsh, but at that moment in time, I didn't care. He needed to know that not only was he talking about Luke, but he was talking about me. I did not care that he knew that I was gay, because that is what I am. And I think that I am falling for Mr. Pom Pom himself.

After practice, I made my way to my truck, threw my gear in the back, then tried to start it. Only, it did not start. I got out, to look under the hood. As soon as I did that, I saw the problem. Every last wire had been cut, with a note that said. " Fags Suck." Yeah, they do, was my only thought on that. Right before I was about to walk home, I heard a familiar voice.

" Hey, Mr. Quarterback. It seems that you are having car problems."

" Kicker! When will that sink into that head of yours, Mr. Pom Pom."

" Okay. I deserved that."

" Yeah you did. So, how was your practice?"

" Boring as usual. I honestly hate it."

" Well if you hate it, why do you do it?"

" To check out the football players without them noticing."

" Believe me. We notice."

" Yeah, I bet you do. So, do you need a ride home or something."

" I might. Are you volunteering?"

" Maybe, but it is going to cost you."

" I will be more than willing to kiss you."

" Who said anything about a kiss. I want some money from you."

" Oh..........Yeah. I can pay you a little something."

" Good. On that note, get in the car and I will bring you home."

I got in Luke's car, and he soon made it to my house. I opened the door to get out, but before I could get out Luke stopped me.

" You know, Mr.Quarterback, I did not think that was very funny what you said back at school."

" Huh?"

" When you said that you would kiss me for a ride home. I try not to make it a habit to kiss straight guys."

" Who says that I am straight?"

" But......you are a football player!"

" And...........your point is?"

" I just..................didn't think that football players are allowed to be gay."

" Well, Mr. Pom Pom, we are allowed to be gay." Then I steeped out of the car " And guess what, I am!" I started to walk back to my house. When I looked back, I saw that Luke was in shock. So, I added " And I wasn't joking. I would love to kiss you." Then I walked back into my house.
Days rolled into weeks, which turned into a month, and not once did I ever play. On top of that, Luke never did talk to me again. It soon made it to our last playoff game and we were loosing by 2 points with only seconds on the clock. I looked at the cheerleaders who were in mid cheer. That is when I saw Luke look at me. For a brief moment our eyes locked. It was at that moment that I knew that I did indeed fall in love with Mr. Pom Pom. I was lost in thought when I felt the coach tap me on the shoulder.

" Mayer! Stop drooling over Mr. Cheerleader over there and go kick the ball for the three for the win. "

" What? You want me to do this?"

" Go make Mr. Cheerleader proud of you."

" Yes, sir." I got my helmet and made my way onto the field.

I looked at the crowd, who was dead silent. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. I did not think that I could do it, but that is when I looked at Luke. Even though he was far in the distance, it was in that one look that I got the courage to do it. The players got in position, the play was called, the ball was snapped, placed, then I made the kick. I did not want to know if it was good or not. So I closed my eyes. The next thing that I heard was the crowd going wild. I opened my eyes to see that the kick was good and that we won the game by one point. All the players were soon on top of me congratulating me. The fact that I was gay left everyone minds. I tried hard to get the other boys off of me, because I was looking for one person in particular. Coach seemed to understand that fact.

" Move away boys. Let him get his breathe. He needs to go find Mr. Cheerleader."

I broke away from the crowd and ran towards the cheerleaders to find Luke. To my dismay, Luke was not with the other cheerleaders. I kept my eyes piled, but Luke was not there.

" Hey, Noah, right?" I suddenly heard from behind me.

" Yeah." I said as I turned to the direction of the voice.

" He is over there." She said as she pointed in the direction of Luke.

" Thanks." was the only thing that I could say as I ran towards Luke.

" Hey you." I said when I finally reached Luke.

" If it isn't Mr. Quarterback? I see that you did it."

" For the last time." I said as I pulled Luke towards me. " I am a kicker." With that I made my move and pulled him in closer and kissed him right in front of everyone.


" Hey, babe. What are you looking at?" Luke said as he walked out of the bedroom.

" Nothing." I said as I put our senior yearbook down on the table.

Luke walked over to where I was sitting and picked up the yearbook.

" Our Yearbook?" Luke asked.

" You caught me. I was just walking down memory lane a little bit."

"Is that so?" Luke asked as he picked up the yearbook and flipped it to the same page that I was looking at just seconds ago.

" The famous kick heard around the world. That is what everyone in Oakdale calls it, even to this day. You do know that you became an overnight hero after that kick, right?"

" How many times do I need to tell you? I do not care that I made that kick. I was just doing what I enjoyed doing, kicking footballs."

" Yeah, sure. I guess now you are going to tell me that looking at all those hot guys working out with next to nothing on was just a bonus."

" I was not into football players. I was just like every other football player on the planet. I was into the hot blond cheerleader."

" In that case, thank god I was a cheerleader."

" You got that right." I said as I leaned in and gave him a kiss.

" Hey Mr.Pom Pom." I said to Luke after I broke the kiss. " Why don't you slip into that cheer-leading outfit for me."

" Noah, there is no way that I can squeeze myself into that thing. We graduated from high school 25 years ago."

" Now, we both know that that does not matter. All that I am going to do is rip it off of you like I did that night."

" Don't remind me. I still can not believe that I did that with you that night."

" Oh, come on. Don't be like that. You just did what every cheerleader does with there football player boyfriend after a big win."

" I don't think that every cheerleader does that. Well, I hope not anyway."

" Only one way to find out...........Ashley."

" No! Do not call our daughter down here. If she is having sex with her boyfriend, I don't want to know about it."

" What, dad?" Ashley asked as she walked down the stairs.

" Your father needs to ask you a question." I said to our daughter.

" Well, would you hurry it up. I do have homework to do."

" Um..............never mind, Ashley. Just go ahead and finish your homework."

" The next time you want to interrupt me doing my homework make sure that a real question is asked." She said while she walked back up the stairs to her room.

" You are in so much trouble there Mr. Quarterback."

" I think that I like that idea Mr. Pom Pom."

" All our friends................well, classmates any way, are going to be shocked to see that we have a child together."

" Yeah, well you know what I say, let them be shocked. I could care less."

" DAD! DAD! DAD!" Ashley said interrupting our conversation while running down the stairs.

" WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!" I said while looking at my daughter.

"Since you and daddy are going to be busy with your reunion thing, is it okay if I spend the entire day with Rory?"

" You have school tomorrow." Luke said.

" You honestly have no idea about the advantaged of being the famous Noah Mayer's daughter, do you. They will close their eyes from time to time. Look, just think about it before saying no."

" Okay. We will think about it and talk it over." Luke said.

" Thank you. That is all that I am asking for. Also, thank you for not leaving Oakdale. I would never get away with half of what I get away with any wheres else." Then she ran back upstairs.

" Why on earth DID you stay in Oakdale after high school? You had so many great scholarships. Not to mention that you said that you hated Oakdale."

" Do you really have to ask that? You know that I never excepted any of those scholarships."

" Yeah, I know all that, but my question is why?"

" You should really know the answer to that."

" I do, but I want to hear it come out of your mouth."

" Oh, okay, fine. I will play this little game of yours. I stayed in Oakdale, and never excepted the scholarships because I fell madly in love with a pom pom."

" Now, was that so hard to say?"

" No, not really. Mostly because it is the truth. Now, I played your little game, now it is your turn to play mine. Go put that outfit on for me."

" Noah! Our daughter is still home."

" Yeah, but she is about to leave. She is going to meet her own Mr. Quarterback. Like father, like daughter. Only, in her tale, it is actually a quarterback."

" Just as long as she is not loose like her father."

" I don not think we need to worry about our daughter. We have to trust that we did the right thing while we raised her."

" You do know that we are not done raising her."

" She is a senior in high school. I say that our job in raising her is just about finished."

" Gee thanks for making me fill old."

" You are not old. And to prove that to you, go slip into that outfit, and do a cheer for me."

" Well,....................okay. For you I will do this.............Mr. Quarterback."

" How many............"

" Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You are a kicker. No matter what you are, I love you any way."


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