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Title: home
Chapter: 1
Rating: pg-13
Summary: its valentines day and Luke has got a special suprise for Noah
Characters: Luke, Noah, Lily, Holden, Brad, Lucinda, Ethan and the qirls
Genre: romantic
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I woke up from the sound of silence. The only light in my room was the shadow of the full moon running through my window. I could feel his warm breath on my shoulder, his arm on my waist. Slowly, not to wake him, I turned my head towards him so I could watch him sleep. His eyes were closed and he looked totally at ease. My heart dropped in an emotion as I had never felt before. I had no family and that sometimes made me sad but I had found a force so much stronger than a simple family bond. The feelings that rushed through me were not only pure in every possible way, it also made shivers run down my spine. Excitement rushed through me and by the changes that that made upon my body, I saw a smile coming on Luke's mouth. His hand touched me and his eyes opened slowly. “hey you, why aren’t you sleeping, it’s the middle of the night?” He asked. I didn’t answer but leaned forward so my lips could touch his and our tongues collided passionately.

Next time we spoke the sun was rising and we laid warm,sweaty and sticky in each others arms. “happy valentines day Noah”, Luke said as he turned around and gave me a package from underneath my bed. It was an envelope. “Open this at noon and follow the instructions. I’ll see you later.” His lips touched mine and he was off, into the shower. I thought about joining him but before I could make up my mind the shower was already turned off and Luke walked into my dormroom. He was naked and still a little wet. Just looking at him made my heart beat faster. He saw me watch him and laughed. “I got to go, I have that early appointment with the dean, I’m hoping I can get back into Oakdale U and finish my education. “I'm proud of you Luke, really proud.” I said as I stood from the bed and walked towards him. He stepped into my arms and we held each other for a while. Both naked and totally comfortable in each others presents. We came a long way, he and I.

He got dressed as I took a shower. Our lips touched one last time and than he was gone, off to his appointment, leaving me with his mysterious envelope. I had had the day off, no class and no Java so I stepped back into my bed and turned my head towards his pillow. I could still smell his presents as I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I had some time left before it was noon so I went to Java for a coffee and to the post office to pick up my gift for Luke .I ordered it online and it arrived just in time for me to give it to him on this special day. At noon I found myself in abandoned spot at Als and I opened the envelope and found a letter and a small package inside. I took the letter out and read it.

Dear Noah,
However I never run out of words, there are not enough words to describe my feelings for you. Thank you for being the one. I want you to know how much you mean to me, and how much you mean to a lot of other people. Meet me at WOAK at one o clock. Don’t open the package yet.
Always yours, Luke.

My heart was pounding in curiosity and I couldn’t imagine what we would be doing a the studio. I paid Vienna for my coffee and walked towards the studio. At Woak Brad gave me a tape and put me in an office with a vcr in front of me. I put the tape in the VCR and pressed play. First I saw the Snyder family. Lily, Holden, Ethan and the girls looked into the camera and Lily spoke. “Dear Noah, although we don’t have a bloodline we want you to know that you are and always will be part of our family. You gave Luke the courage to walk again, you are like a son to us. Thanks for being you, thanks for being part of our home.” They all waved at me and from that point there was an hour of people saying all kinds of sweet things to me. Showing me that although I had no real family I certainly was not alone in the world. I was cared for, I was taken care of and I had friends in this small community of Oakdale. Last to speak was Lucinda :”dear Noah, please come to my mansion, the next surprise for you will be here.”

With eyes red from being moved so much by the tape I left WOAK and walked towards my car. I got in and drove to Lucinda´s where the door was open. A note stood on a side table with my name on it. Meet me at the pool house, the note said.
I walked towards the house I once shared with my former wife and as I approached I noticed a lot of different things there. Different curtains, different colour, even the veranda didn’t look the same with new furniture and a new roof. The door was not locked and as I pushed it open I saw a totally different house. A brand new kitchen, a new living room and a table set for two with candles on top it. It smelled great.
The doors to the bedroom were closed and as I walked towards them I saw a shadow of candles through the window. I opened the door and saw a room with a beautiful wooden bed and lit candles every where. Luke stood in the middle of the room, al dressed up and he looked at me with his gorgeous eyes full of insecurity. “dear Noah,” he said. “now that we have been together I would hate it if we have to spend our nights separate. Will you come and live with me so this house can be our first home? A home is not just a house, a home is a place you can be yourself in and I found it to be that my home is not a house or a place. You are my home. “ “Luke”I said, “same here”. He pulled me towards him and we held each other, crying, laughing. Finally our lips touched each other. He buttoned down my shirt and I pulled his shirt over his head. We fell to the bed, still holding each other firmly, our lips still together.

That night we didn’t just do the deed, we made a home with each other and now, five years and a few rocky roads later we still celebrate valentines day in bed, together, in our home by the pool. And my gift, a photo of us at the Snyder pond in a wooden list hangs above the bed. His gift, matching key holders Ethan made for us with the keys to the pool house are on the table, together, touching each other as Luke and I always do, always will do. Home, not where your key fit the door but where our hearts fit in one and other.
He is my home as I am his, for eternity.

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