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I am NOT mad at Luke

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I'm not mad at Luke
I'm not mad at Luke - Luke and Noah WikiI'm not mad at Luke - Luke and Noah Wiki
And neither is Noah!!

Fuck off I'm not mad at Luke - Luke and Noah Wiki
Dont we all love bitchy Luke?

Luke Snyder - What a man!

Tribute to Luke Snyder

Luke Thanksgiving

christmas '07

I love Luke because...
* Noah does too
* he is funny even when he is drunk
* he is so damn good at bitching around ;)
* he's got GREAT hair (and a hundered different hairstyles!)
* he has an awesome smile
* he has beautiful brown eyes
* he dresses nice
* he is always (sometimes brutally) honest
* he is so darn adorable
* he looks fantastic in stripes
* he's definitely the "girl" in the relationship, and we love him for it!!
* his smile could turn a homophobe gay
* we know, know KNOW his underwear is striped too... it just HAS to be.
* he stands up for what he believes in, and for who he loves.
* He has the most beautiful eyes.
* He makes straight girls wish they were born gay men

Favourite Quotes
* "I can see much clearlierer now"
* "because you're Noah and you're perfect"
* "I love you Noah, and I'm so in love with you"
* "Or were you looking for another make-out session?"
* " Will you stay with me?"
* " Just Breathe"
* " Dammit Noah! You can't walk out on me!!"
* I love you, and i really really wanna be together.
* Holden - "So what does that make you?" Luke - "The gay roommate? It's all very Will & Grace."
* One day we are going to get our own place, and its going to be all ours
* " Well time, time is what i have."
* " I'm the best and he' s married to her"
* Noah - "Be careful- we all have our secrets... Luciano..." Luke - "...not here.. :)"
* Noah--"Why do you always do that?"
Luke-- "Do what? Have coffee with guys? Oh, I don't know, maybe it's because I'm gay."

That smile!! That Body!!
Van sexy Luke

sleepy luke
wouldn't we all like to see Luke in our beds

I'm not mad at Luke - Luke and Noah Wiki
:( Sad puppy Luke.

I'm not mad at Luke - Luke and Noah Wiki
Even when he's bad, he's good!

You are not mad at Luke? Put your name on the list!
Not mad at Luke
  • Bijou
  • Jeb423
  • BombWarning! ..Never!!!! Could never be mad at my sweet Luke.
  • Tirpse
  • NukeRocksForever
  • ritalaura2000
  • stardiva
  • Chez_44
  • Maggie119...never mad at my Luke!!!
  • NukeWorldfan... I could never be mad at Luke I love him
  • CodeBlaze (Rich)
  • Matthewmjm
  • Asmaé
  • R1374
  • allaboutlove-not mad at both of them
  • CacklingPomegranate--just completely incapable of getting mad at my Lukey
  • gabryland
  • DramaQueen169 - could never be mad at Luke (Never!)
  • Writerindisguise - How can anyone ever be mad at either of them? Just gotta love them!
  • dingoe06 (aka Nat the Cat) - okay seriously. how could you be justifiably mad at my baby?
  • daifan - I love that he's a bitch, I really do. (yeah, I said it)
  • thefreakishloser--Anyone who hates Luke has to deal with me, and I got a whole army of fangirls behind me, lol
  • Dali5
  • DekkerFan08
  • joee18
    drunkyluke - i could never be mad at my luke! i LOVE him!!!!!

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