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Title: I like this one!
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: PG
Summary: Luke and Noah pick out a bed for their apartment.
Characters: Luke, Noah, Department store workers
Genre: Comedy, Fluff
Warnings: none
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Noah parked the truck in the parking lot. Luke was tired from working late last night on his laptop. The money that Gia, Zoe what ever her name was, had been successfully put back into the foundation accounts. Luke had spent most of the night awake, making sure that all the causes the foundation supported were getting their money. Noah had tried to persuade him to leave it till the morning but Luke was set on doing it that night till 2am. Noah arrived the next morning, and had to wait an hour until Holden managed to get Luke out of bed. They were now in the car park of a Furniture store in town, picking a bed for their new apartment. Luke had insisted they get a new one, the one already there was ghastly and didn't tick all of Mr Snyder's boxes for a decent bed. Noah didn't really care. As long as he could sleep in the bed, he was fine, besides he had slept on worse. Cold concrete floors and itchy hammocks. Eventually, Noah agreed with Luke to get a new one.

"Luke, are you sure?"
"Noah, stop being so...so..."
"So what?" Noah teased him.
"...Forget it. Lets just see if they have a nicer, reasonably priced bed we could have for our place."
"We're only staying there for the summer."
"...Noah?...Could we...No, forget it."
"Luke, what is it?" As Noah finished his sentence, Luke was walking away towards the entrance of the store. "Luke!"
"Come on Noah, I saw one in the catalogue that I liked." Noah logged Luke's question in his head to ask him later, before running after Luke to catch him up. Both walked through the automatic doors.

"Now, I was thinking old wood frame, you know with dark red wash over the wood. Memory foam mattress, king size of course."
"Luke babe, I don't if we can afford that."
"Ooh I like this one! Noah, I'm loaded. "
"By the end of today you won't be."
"Hello, can I help you gentleman?" A woman walked over to the boys,
"Er yes, I'm looking for the dark wood king size bed that I saw in your catalogue."
"With the red wash finish?"
The woman laughed. "We've had lots of orders for that frame, would you like to take a look at it?"
"Yes please." Luke lead the way, followed by Noah, shaking his head.

"I'll leave you in the capable hands of Kevin here."BED Nuke
Kevin turned round. "...Oh, hi Luke. Noah."
"You know each other?"
Luke crossed his arms, and took a step back, Noah putting his arm around Luke's waist. "Yes. I do know him. We go way back."
"OK. Any questions about our deals on frames and mattress, ask Kevin." The woman went back to the main desk at the front.
"You work here?" Noah asked.
"Just for the summer. I'm staying at the dorms while I work here."
Luke nodded and just looked around at the beds.
"So, your interested in the dark wood frame?"
"Yes. Well, Luke is."
"Well, it's a good choice. Four-poster bed frame, Solid pine, Dark Red Stain, Clear polyester lacquer. Its solid wood which is a hard-wearing natural material, so it should last for quite sometime. What sort of mattress would you like?" Luke had sat on the bed, trying it out. He sat on the edge and bounced a little, testing it.
"Foam." Noah took a quick glance at Luke, before turning back to Kevin.
"There is a deal with this frame, are you buying King, Queen or Full size?"
"King." Luke said bluntly, lying on the bed.
"...Right, well with Queen, Foam mattress come half price with the bed."
"OK, Luke?"
No response, Luke had his eyes closed.
"Oh Jesus, please say he hasn't fallen asleep, Luke!"
"Huh, yes, sorry, what?"
"Do you still want a foam mattress?"
"Er...No, what is the mattress I'm laying on?"
"Spring. Made of cotton from Greece." Kevin explained.
"I don't care were the cotton is from. How much with the bed?"
"$1295" Noah whistled. Luke took out a credit card.
"Pay now or later."


Noah wandered out the bed store, stunned. Luke was rolling up the receipt, putting it in his pocket. He turned back to Noah, who was muttering over and over, "One thousand...one thousand three hundred dollars..."
"You feeling OK Noah?"
Noah came back with a grunt.
"What is that? Yes or No?"
Noah put a hand on the truck and the other on his hip. His eyes were wide. He looked at Luke. "We just spent over $1000 on a bed we will use for five and a half weeks."
Luke face turned sad. "Why can't we just keep the bed afterwards."
"Luke we,...what?"
"Forget it. I want to go home."
Luke went to get into the car, but Noah stopped him, holding his hands.
"Luke, the apartment thing. Didn't we agree on just the summer? I mean, we did...Luke?"
Luke started to get emotional. "Noah...Noah, I don't think I could live with you for a few weeks and then just go back to living with my parents. Now could we just stop talking about this. I want to go home!" Luke shouted at Noah and once again tried to get in the car, failing as Noah pulled him back and hugged him tenderly. Luke tried not to cry but he felt a few tears run down his face.
"Hey babe. Your tired, cause you didn't get much sleep last night, which is why your getting all upset and as for the apartment...we'll see. I'm not promising anything, but I think we could make it permanent." Luke broke out of their embrace, wiped his eyes and looked into Noah's hypnotising stare.
"Yeah. If you behave." Noah brushed his fingers over Luke's cheek.
Luke laughed and put his hand over Noah's. "You have my word."
They kissed before getting into the truck.

"Do you know what, why don't we just make it official and move in together. I mean, why wait any longer than we already have?! Luke?...Luke?" He turned to his boyfriend on his right. Luke was asleep, his head tilted towards Noah and was slowly falling towards him. Noah cuddled Luke against his side, so Luke's sleep head was resting on Noah's strong shoulder.
I tell you when you wake up. Night baby." Noah kissed his beautiful head of hair, before starting the engine and reversing out the parking lot, and take off towards home.

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