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Title: In Love With The Proper Stranger
Chapter: Twenty-two of Twenty-three
Rating: R
Summary: AU - Their's is a love story which happens quite by accident, in the midst of a dangerous whirlwind of mystery and deceit sparked by the death of Luke's mother-in-law
Characters: Luke, Noah, Reid
Genre: AU, Action, Adventure, Romance, Angst
Warnings: Abuse
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

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In Love With The Proper Stranger - Chapter 1 - Luke and Noah Wiki"Mmmph!" Noah desperately tried to scream.

His uncle lay stabbed before him.

"Thank you so much, Reid." Greg was quite pleased with himself. He was rich! He could pay off his gambling debts and head for Mexico.

Reid panted as he tried to compose himself. He lifted up onto his left elbow to decrease painful pressure on his wound.

The sight of Reid in pain and Noah gagged and bound gave Greg such an euphoric high, better than anything he ever gotten out of a bottle or from a needle.

"Now all I do is dump you both in the river; and the cops will think it was you," he smiled at Reid,
"who killed Noah and stole the dough."

Reid actually let out a laugh at that.

Greg was surprised by the laugh but simply smiled back at him.

"But first…" he ambled over to Noah, who immediately pulled back as far as he could get. "There's something I want."

He squatted down beside the kid; and ran his hand up between Noah's legs. He loved the look of sheer horror on Noah's face. It served to fuel his desire even further.

The kid had certainly grown into one fine-looking man. Greg rubbed at him. He was so horny with thoughts of what he would do that he failed to see Noah's quick flash of temper.

He was caught completely off-guard, when Noah lifted one leg and kicked him hard with a loud grunt. The force of the kick to his chest sent Greg reeling back into the side of the bed.

Greg laughed then; an uncontrollable, belly-rocking laugh. His hysterics went on until the moment he noticed that another laugh had joined his. He stopped and peered over at Reid.

The man had himself up on both elbows now and he was laughing, tears running down his cheeks. It was a deep uproarious laugh, so unlike Reid that Greg felt suddenly uneasy.

It was clear that Noah also found his uncle's laugh extremely disturbing.

"What the f*ck do you think is so funny?" Greg asked. "You're dying man!"

Reid took a few minutes to catch his breath from the pain and the laughter.

"Maybe so." he said. "But not before I see you go down."

Greg stood and approached him, his entire bulk looming over the injured doctor.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Reid lifted the hem of his shirt to reveal the electronic bug taped to his ribs. The knife had missed hitting it by less than a millimeter.

Greg's mouth dropped open.

"That's right, Babe." Reid smirked. "The cops are right outside and have been listening in to every word."

"You're bluffing." Greg prayed.

Just then the wailing sound of police sirens swirled about the building and an unmistakable blue light flashed through the room's grubby curtain.

Taking care to stand clear of the windows, Greg flattened himself to the wall and peered outside. The motel's parking lot was swarming with SWAT team members taking up positions on the ground, fire escapes and nearby rooftops.

"Gregory Chilton! This is the NYPD," a voice bellowed through a bull horn. "There is no escape. Release the hostages and come out with your hands on your head."

"SH*T!" Greg screeched! "How could you? How could you do this to me?"

"Says the guy who just stuck me with a knife." Reid snorted even as he grimaced in pain.

Greg looked around frantically. There was no way! There was absolutely no f*cking way that he was going to prison.

His eyes fell back on Noah and he hurried over; unlocking the chain that held the young man to the radiator and lifting him roughly to his feet.

Noah stumbled, still weak from being drugged.

Greg gripped an arm around his throat and steered him toward the door, opening it and cautiously moving to stand in the doorway.


"Noah!" yelled Luke as he stood up behind the open door of a police cruiser.

With Noah serving as a human shield, Greg started to approach. Luke instinctively moved forward only to be yanked back by a cop.

A torturous three minutes of listening in on Reid and Greg's exchange had led to the parking lot showdown.

Marco yanked out his ear bud in disgust when Reid revealed the wire.

"Sh*t!" he exclaimed. "What the hell is Oliver doing? Now Chilton's gonna get desperate!"

Shortly after that Greg and Noah appeared in the open doorway of the motel room.

"Hold fire." Marco bellowed.

A trembling Noah continued to stumble, forcing Greg to keep both of them upright.

"Get me a damn car now or else I'll kill him," a desperate Greg screamed. "I can snap his neck faster than you can shoot and you know it!"

Marco and the other cops were well aware of the Herculean strength in Greg's arms.

All the while, Luke's eyes remained fixed on Noah, trying to impart as much love and reassurance as he could to the petrified hostage.

"Give it up Chilton. There is nowhere for you to go."

"I mean it!" Greg insisted bringing a bent arm to rest against the side of Noah's head. "Get me a car right now or the kid dies!"

While Greg was making the threat, a police sharpshooter lying on a nearby roof trained his gun scope on the suspect.

"I can't get a clear shot off without hitting the hostage," he radioed to Marco, who tried again to get Greg to surrender.

"Look around Chilton," he gestured. "It's over. We know about the pill switch and the hit man you hired."

The strangest look crossed over Greg's features. It was as though his face had previously been covered by a thin veil and this now lifted as the reality of the predicament he was in became clear.

"Even if we did let you out of here," Marco continued through the bullhorn. "You'll never see one dime of the money. You can be sure of that!"

Greg nodded then, a look of serious contemplation on his brow.

"I'd rather die than spend the rest of my life in prison and…" he said, shaking Noah, "if I have to die, then I'm taking him with me."

"NO!" Luke yelled out as he watched Greg's hands came to rest on either side of Noah's head.

But before Greg could make good on his threat, his eyes bulged with shock and he suddenly slacked.

He swayed in place for a moment before dropping like a rag doll to the ground

An exhausted Noah fell to the side to reveal Reid with one hand pressed against a profusely bleeding wound and the other holding fast to a blood-spattered knife.

Absolute chaos seemed to rain down on them all.

Marco and the other cops moved forward to secure Greg.

An emergency services team carried Reid back into the motel room and laid him flat on the floor while they examined him.

Luke scrambled to Noah's side.


As he came too, Noah's first reaction to Luke's touch was to flinch and fly backward from him. He made small noises in the back of his throat and his breathing was incredibly labored through his nose.

His blue eyes searched the world in front of him with desperation until finally they came to rest on Luke.

"It's okay, bubby. It's over."

Luke knelt before Noah and leaned around to untie the gag covering his mouth. Noah coughed and sputtered the moment it was removed, gasping for air.

Once recovered, his eyes returned to Luke's and Luke smiled at him, nodding. "It's me."



Luke took a shoulder in each hand and spent a moment just staring at him, waiting for him to calm. When he felt Noah was ready he moved forward and hugged him in close.

At first Noah was rigid; his body alert in readiness to defend itself. But after just a few moments he slackened into Luke, Luke's chest holding him up as they kneeled together.

Luke smoothed his hands down Noah's arms until he felt where they'd been tied. He fumbled at the knot but it wouldn't break free.

Using a pair of surgical scissors, a nearby paramedic quickly cut the bindings lose.

Luke drew back and Noah's hands lifted to find Luke's face, making sure he was there. Luke held Noah's wrists, gently rubbing the deep red marks with his thumbs.

"It's all over." Luke told him.

Noah breathed and closed his eyes for a second.

"Sh*t, Noah!" Luke exclaimed at seeing blood trickling from the gunshot wound. "You're bleeding!"

"It's okay." Noah said with a swallow. "I'm okay."

He wrapped himself around Luke, finally succumbing to exhaustion and flopping loose into Luke's arms.


"Yeah, baby?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

At that moment Luke turned his head just in time to see the paramedic working on Greg drape a sheet over his lifeless body.

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