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Title: Issues
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Luke and Noah
Genre: smutt, porn, eh..
Warning: language, explicit stuff
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A/N: This story is based on the sneak peek, have fun reading ;)
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I sat on the couch when the door flew open with a pissed as hell Noah storming in.

''What the hell?'' I said and jumped off the couch.

''Luke, would you mind calling your cousin off?'' Noah said angrily.

''What did Jade do?''

''She got your grandmother track me down at work and practically grilled my ass about our break-up. Or was that your idea?''

Noah couldn't possibly be more angry and I tried to stay cool. Wasn't really working.

''No, no it wasn't my idea. Trust me, I've been telling anyone that will listen that you want nothing to do with me. Cause it's the truth, right?''

''So, what, you think I'm making this up?''

''I don't know, but it's kinda hard for me to believe that. My grandmother wouldn't even cross the street for me right now.''

''Well, guess what, she did. She practically blamed the whole break-up on me. She said I was being stubborn, unforgiving, just like her!''

''You know what, Noah, she has a point. You guys are kinda alike.''

''Oh, yeah, like you're Mr. Perfect all of a sudden? You can't stop drinking, you're throwing yourself at men twice your age who happen to be married to a person you say you respect?!''

''At least I apologize! I'm not too stubborn or too selfish!''


''Yes, you're selfish with your feelings,'' I said a little more calm. ''You push me away over and over again, you have all these stupid excuses, like your father or your military upbringing or whatever! But the truth is you're just too scared to let anyone get close to you. Why are you so scared, Noah?''

''I'm not,'' he managed to say.

''Yes, you are! You can't let someone love you and just love them back? Why not? Why can't you just go with your feelings and just do it? To feel what you're feeling and just let it go--''

That's when I felt two hands at the back of my neck pulling me forward. Next thing I know, Noah is kissing me, lets out a moan and it turns me on so bad that I can hardly describe it. Thanks to him, I kiss him back hungrily, letting out a moan myself. My hands are wrapped around his body and his hands are still being possessive. To tell you the truth, I have never seen this side of Noah before. This is the first time that our argument turned into a kiss, full of forcefulness and aggressiveness.

He kisses me so roughly that I can't help the sounds that come out of my mouth. One hand went down to my jeans and a few seconds later Noah managed to unbutton my jeans and his hands slipped inside my jeans. I moan loudly into his mouth as I feel his hand stroking my rock hard dick through my boxers with the same forcefulness as he continued to attack my lips. Noah forced his tongue deeply into my mouth and pulled his hand out of my jeans. We sort of went upstairs, undressing each other as quickly as possible and not caring where our clothes went.

We were inside my bedroom in no time and Noah was so smart to lock the bedroom door-- you never know who walks in your bedroom in this house! Noah was really getting into it as he pinned me to the matres and just kept being all possessive that my brain could barely register what was happening. Here we were, in my bedroom, Noah on top of me, half naked. He pulled my jeans down and pulled back a little to undo his own jeans. We didn't care what was happening, as long as it happened.

I have been waiting so long to be with Noah and every time there was another issue coming between us. But now all there was need and want. I reached for something-- oh yeah a condom and lube but Noah kind of made that impossible.

By the time I finally grabbed what I needed, Noah had somehow managed to get rid of our boxers. And how that had happened, no idea. It didn't even came into mind that the man I loved was about to have sex with me, the only thing I thought was 'I need you'. Next thing I know I a finger entering me and soon I wanted more. I wanted so badly that I didn't care that it hurt. Noah added another finger and I had forgotten all about the pain and was moaning and almost begging him to fuck me. And so he did.

Noah positioned himself and slowly entered me. A wave of pain went through my entire body as I gasped for air.

''Fuck, you're so tight,'' he grunted.

I tried to relax as much as possible as Noah began to move slowly. He leaned down to claim my lips once again. I moaned as he stuck his tongue into my mouth. Seconds later, I didn't feel the pain anymore and wanted him to fuck me harder. He happily agreed as he picked up a different speed and began slamming into me with much force. I also tried to warn him that I was on the verge of losing it. I moaned his name loudly as I came. That probably triggered Noah's orgasm, he came with a grunt and collapsed on top of me-- still inside me.

I had my eyes closed and tried to get my breathing under control. There was one thing I needed to do before I would fall asleep.



''Look at me,'' I said. Noah looked at me in the eyes and what I saw was pure love. ''I really am so, so sorry.''

Noah leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. ''Me too.''

The end

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