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Noah let Luke into the dorm. "Lucinda seemed a lot better when she stopped by Java."

Luke walked in and threw his jacket on the chair. "Yeah she did. I think she finally got some closure. Hearing Brian say he was gay makes her not blame herself for what happened so much."

Noah put his keys on the desk. "You think she blamed herself for what happened?"

Luke nodded as he sat on the bed. "I do. She brought Brian here. Jade accused her of being in denial and I think she was right. Grandma wanted to have someone in her life. Her and my mom were having troubles because of Dusty and she was facing the cancer, so she closed her eyes to what she probably knew was true. Brian admitting that he was gay makes it not her fault that he couldn't love her. It was his."

Noah sat next to his boyfriend. "I guess your right. I'm glad Brian is going to be okay too. Even after the trouble he caused. I still felt for him. I guess I understood what he was going through. It's good your Grandmoher was able to forgive him. I remember talking to Maddie after I came out. Her acceptance of who I was helped a lot and I have you to thank for that."

Luke smiled. "You don't have to thank me."

Noah moved in and wrapped his arm around Luke's waist. "I don't. Well, didn't you say you were going to thank me later?"

Luke wrapped his arm around Noah's neck as he leaned back on the bed. "What would I have to thank you for?"

Noah leaned in and kissed Luke on the lips as he ran his hand under his shirt. "I don't know. Maybe for how good I'm about to make you feel."

Luke moaned as Noah pushed up his shirt and began to kiss over his stomach. "Oh. You did that earlier."

Noah began to undo Luke's pants. "I know, but since I've had you. I can't seem to get enough."

Luke ran his hand through Noah's hair as he closed his eye. "I hope you never do."



Noah goes to caress Luke's erection, while Luke started to moan with more intensity and he kisses Luke on the neck, the blonde goes with his hands under Noah’s shirt caressing him on his back, then the dark haired return to his lips kissing him more deeper, pushing his tongue profoundly inside his mouth finding him. Luke starts to remove Noah’s shirt forcing him to break the touch with his groin, Luke goes to caress Noah’s chest lightly, he loves every bend of his body, then suddenly pushes Noah on his back and Luke goes on the top, Noah has his eyes full of desire, and his ajar lips, and Luke goes to kiss him again, with hardness, then from the lips Luke goes to his neck, then the liking arrive to his right nipple, now he knows how to really turn on his man, Noah takes his breath while Luke was close to his nipple, and when the blonde starts to lick and suck, Noah’s moan became higher, Luke licks and sucks until Noah pushes him away and remove, like he cannot wait anymore, Luke’s shirt, pants and underwear, then Luke, with Noah’s help remove his jeans and boxer.



After both boys had removed their clothes, Noah pushes Luke down on the bed and begins to kiss him once again. Their passion just kept on getting hotter and hotter as they had their hands all over each other. Noah breaks the kiss, and starts to lick, then bite Luke's sensitive spot on his neck. Luke moans as Noah bites the spot, and he claws into Noah's back. They both are panting and sweating at this point, as Noah moves downward. He kisses Luke once again, and then proceeds to his chest, licking and biting his nipples. Luke at this point is moaning louder than Noah had done, and is grabbing on to Noah. Noah looks up at Luke, and proceeds to head down to his very erect and twitching cock. He squeezes Luke's balls, as he takes Luke's cock in his mouth and sucks on it. Luke looks down at Noah, and closes his eyes once again, grabbing the sheets very hard and lifting up his hips a little bit. Oh my god Noah, Luke says, I can't take it anymore, cause I'm about to come!!!! Luke shot right into Noah's mouth as Noah swallowed it all down.


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