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Nuke Clips From January 14, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:

Luke and Noah are in Old Town after spending the night together in Noah's dorm room. Jade walks by and they thank her for helping them get back together. Luke is still worried about reconciling with Lucinda. Brian shows up at Worldwide where Lucinda is destroying his things. Brian tries to get Lucinda to try and make things work between them. At Java, Jade, Luke, and Noah discuss what Lucinda is going through. Brian keeps trying to talk to Lucinda, finally, she kicks him out with his shredded paperwork. Lucinda calls Luke to tell him Brian is back in town. Luke is worried about Lucinda, and Noah tells Luke to go talk to her. Brian goes to Java and asks for Noah's help with Luke. Luke arrives at Worldwide. He asks Lucinda to let him help her and he apologizes again for keeping everything from her. Noah refuses to help Brian. He asks Brian to stay away from him and Luke. Brian is happy to hear Luke and Noah are back together, and he says he can end things now that he knows everything worked out. At Worldwide, Luke thinks Lucinda needs to talk things out. Brian arrives back at his hotel room. Soon after, Noah shows up, Brian won't answer, so he calls Luke. He tells Luke that Brian is acting really weird and now he won't answer the door. Luke decides to go to the Lakeview and asks Lucinda to come, but she won't. When Luke shows up, Brian opens the door and Luke and Noah go in. Luke asks why Brian wanted to talk to him. Brian says he's fine. Luke sees pills and asks if this is how Brian is going to solve things. Brian says the pills are for his back. Luke says Brian doesn't want to admit who he is. Noah tries to get through to Brian, by saying that he grew up believing to be a certain way, but he learned to live his own life. Brian says that he can't do that. Luke and Noah keep pushing Brian to admit the truth. Brian finally screams that he's gay. Lucinda walks in just as he says it, and is happy that he finally admitted it. Luke and Noah leave Lucinda and Brian alone. Brian feels better now that he admitted the truth. Lucinda and Brian wish each other well.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Jade: <Seeing Luke and Noah on a bench together.> That's why you didn't come home last night.
Luke: Yeah, I spent the night in Noah's dorm room.
Noah: My roommate is on extended winter break.
Jade: Oh, and you're taking full advantage.
Luke: Yeah, yeah.
Jade: Well good for you guys.
Noah: Yeah, incredibly good.
Luke: Noah.
Noah: What, I'm just agreeing with her.

Luke: Yeah, you're right, I'll go talk to her.
Noah: You don't have to thank me.
Luke: Trust me, I will later. <Kiss>

Nuke Interacted With:

Jade, Lucinda, Brian

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:

Brian comes to smooth things out between Noah and Luke.
Noah calls Luke to make sure Brian doesn't kill himself.

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