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Noah left the cold roof top with Allison right behind him.
Allison said “Casey and I were only trying to help Noah we love you both”
Noah said “ I told you we were never going to come back from this.”
Allison asked “ What exactly did happen on New Years Eve?”
Noah said “ I really don’t know, the night started out good. We went to Metro with Jade and we danced, Luke was so happy and relaxed. Brian came in alone and now that I think of it I saw Brian watching us.”
Allison said “ Watching You??”
Noah said “And now that I think about he didn’t look too happy about it.”
Allison said“Noah slow down, I can’t keep up with you.”
They were almost to Java, Noah went in and got his keys and gloves and outer Jacket out of the backroom. By then he had a ravenous appetite.
Noah said “ You want to go with me to Al’s, I want to get a Big Al Burger and fries.”
Allison said “okay.”
Jade saw Allison and Noah going into Al’s. She saw his red eyes and strained expression and decided to see what was up. She went in and asked if she could join them.
Jade said to Allison “ what have you been talking about?”
Allison “ New Years Eve.”
Jade said” That was a disaster, the night started out good between them u
ntil Maddie came in crying like a Drama Queen and Noah left with her.”
Allison said “ That must have been after she heard Casey and me in my room.”
Jade said” anyway Luke went to see where Noah went. He couldn’t find him. When he cane back to Metro he bolted two glasses of Champagne strait”
Noah nearly choked on his fries and said “He did??”
Yeah and after that he left and Brian got up and started staking him and I followed them.
Allison said “go on.”
“Brian followed Luke and when he started staggering he ran into the Bench, Brian conveniently was there to help him set down. He never refused Luke’s advances. I saw what happened Noah and I know why he did it . He felt like you didn’t really love him and all that was important to you was Maddie feeling and needs. Noah I tried to stop you from seeing it, but you went past me and then it was too late. “
What did you do Noah.”
Noah said “I hit him hard and told him to leave Luke alone.”
Jade said “ Allison he packs a wallop, Brian bled allover and then Lucinda found him. She wanted to call the cops, Brian wouldn’t let her because he didn’t want her to know what really happen and expose himself as a closet case.. Noah took the the last swallow of his coke and said “ I’m going back to the Dorm.”
Noah left went back to his room and wept.


Half an hour later there was a knock on Noah's door. His roomate who had since returned answered it for him.

"Noah, Jade is here to see you." Johnathon said. Jade peeked past him and waved at Noah. "I'll leave you guys alone."

"Thanks John."Jade said,then she sat on the bed and spoke to Noah. "You didn't know he was drunk?" Noah shook his head.

"He said something about having a couple of drinks, but I was so angry I didn't listen to him." Noah squeezed out a tear. "Why would he drink? Why would he hurt himself like that? Then to kiss Brian! What the hell was that?" Noah was still lying down, scurled up on himself, so his tsh was sticking out quite a bit. That is why Jade slapped it so hard he bolted up.

"OW! What was that for?" He screamed.

"Noah, think. You are the love of Luke's life. For months you two were fighting, finally days before christmas, you make up. Then, literally before the kiss breaks your ex-girlfriend shows up and you get all buddy buddy with her, even inviting her to a fancy party on new years. You know Luke was insecure about that. Then at said party when your suppost to be romancing your boyfriend, she sheds a few tears and your out the door with out an explination. Plus he's a recovoring alcohalic, and he was in a bar, but your right this reaction came totally out of the blue."

Noah sat back like he had been slapped in the face. Jade was right, she was so right. Noah was such a damn moron. Luke and he were finally good and on teir special night he runs off, he can;t blame Luke for being upset. But cheating was another thing.

"That still doesn;t explain whyhe ran to Brian." Noah said. Jade rolled her eyes.

"Noah he was crushed and drunk, Brian, someone who had been making passes and showing interest in him recently was following him. He just wanted to feel wanted."

"Well what now then?" Noah asked.

"Noah, do you love him?" Jade asked. Noah nodded, tears filling his eyes.

"Yes, I do. You know I do, I love Luke Snyder more than anything else in the world." Jade slapped his knee and got up pointing to the door.

"Then get off your ass, tell him you still love him and forgive him for being jealous and confused."

""What if he doesn't listen to me? What if we don't make up?"

"Noah you dumbass as far as Luke's conerned if you'll have him, he's yours." Noah got up off his bed, gave Jade a hug, and headed off to make up with the love of his life.