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hi all,
My name is Julia, i come from the netherlands and i am just taking my first little steps in to writing FF. I also write a blog for the intranet at work and a blog on hyves (dutch site ala facebook). I have written some short stories in the past. Enjoy, thanks for your time and please let me know what you think.
lots of love

FF challenges entry

home, entry for the feb FF challenge
a double espresso, the return of Damian
purple spoons and gossip guy
Fantasy NC17!!!!
little Einsteins

you and me against the world, finished
you and me against the world, chapter 1
you and me against the world chpt 2
you and me against the world chapter 3
you and me against the world chpt 4

the pack, finished 20 chapters *
the pack, chapter 1 I like you
the pack chapter 2, i really, really like you
the pack, chapter 3 Smile at me
the pack chapter 4 when disaster strikes
the pack, chapter 5, awareness
the pack chapter 6, the letter
the pack chapter 7, cute
the pack chapter 8a, noah and bridget
the pack chapter 8b, Luke and Maddie
the pack, chapter 9
the pack chapter 10
the pack chapter 11

loosing love, sequel to the pack finished *
chapter 1, noah
chapter 2, Luke
chapter 3, Noah lost
chapter 4 Luke, terrified
loosing love chapter 5
loosing love chapter 6
loosing love chapter 7
loosing love chapter 8
loosing love chapter 9
loosing love, the end

She, sequel to the pack and loosing love, WIP
chapter 1
she, chapter 2
she, chapter 3
she, chapter 4
she, chapter 5
she, chapter 6

the foodfest saga's

a double espresso (FF contest march)
a double espresso part 1
a double espresso part 2

sexy one shot, threesome Canuke, gevogld door the Luke and Noah academy of sexual education. Finished
how curiosity killed the case
sex ed chapter 1
sex ed, chapter 2

zij maakt het verschil (difference)

purple spoons and gossip guy WIP
purple spoons, chapter 1
gossip guy part 2
gossip guy part 3

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