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Summary: continuation of the July 21st ep
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Noah looked longingly into Luke's eyes.

"Now I believe we came here for a nice relaxing time, so how about a dance?" Noah asked. Luke smiled at Noah and nodded. Noah grabbed Luke's hand and led him to the dance floor, pulling him into a warm embrace and swaying with the music.

"Noah?" Luke asked, his face pressed against Noah's neck.

"Whats up sweety?"

"Are you sure we won't end up like Mason and George? I mean George came from a wealthy family, it wasn't necessary for him to work and Mason is just like you a filmmaker that definetly is going to suceed. I'm worried that----I just don't want to loose you because I'm such a spoiled brat." Noah pulled back and looked Luke in the beutiful brown eyes.

"Luke, you're not a spoiled brat and your not going to loose me. I promise you won't. I know you, you won't just sit around and wait for me to come home. Your just to damn persistant. I know that you are going to make a name for yourself with your writing, which by the way is fantastic. I always was your biggest fan."

"You have to say that you like my work, your my boyfriend." Luke said, grouchly.

"Well I could be a lying asshole and tell you your work sucks, but I perfer to tell you the truth and praise it. And no I'm not saying that because of how crazy I am about you, I mean it Snyder." Noah finshed, wrapping his arms more firmly around Luke's wait .

"I love you Noah Mayer." Luke said smiling up at his perfect, wonderful, supportive, gorgeous boyfriend.

"I love you to Luke Snyder." Noah whispered before pulling Luke in for a wonderful, loving, soft kiss.


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so enjoy!

remember to add your name on the page if you want to write and wait your turn.

sooo who wants to start us off?
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