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Summary: continuation of the July 24th ep
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Luke pulled back from Noah and looked into his pretty blue eyes. Noah just kept on smilng at Luke.

"You're adorable when you ramble." He said,tightening his grip on Luke's waist. Luke blushed and looked at the bag Noah had given him.

"You really got me neck ties?" He asked sheepishly. Noah reached into the bag and pulled one out, he stared at it as he spoke.

"I figured their kind of our thing. Besides, do you know how hot you look when your all dressed up?" He finished shifting his gaze back to Luke. The blond looked up at him, love clear in his eyes.

"I am really sorry I didn't talk to you about this. I know it hurt your feelings and the last thing I want to do is fight with you about something like this, infact I hate fighting with you. I-" Noah silenced a rambling Luke with another kiss.

"See there you go being adorable again. And for the record, I hate fighting with you too.....but making up, now that is the fun part."

Noah pulled Luke in for another kiss before taking his hand and leading him out of Java.



Noah led Luke into their apartment. "I thought you were suppose to go and meet Mason for the screening of your friend's movie."

Noah pulled Luke towards the bed. "We talked for a while, then I decided exchanging your gift was more important. I have to admit, he's the one that knocked some sense into my head."

Luke frowned up at his boyfriend. "Really?"

Noah placed his hand on the side of Luke's face. "You're the most important thing in my life and we've both been through a lot. I've always told you that I wanted you to get excited about something and here you were and I get upset. You were worried about me running off to film festivals. I guess I was worried about you running off to business meetings. I was excited that we would be doing the same thing again, but you have to do what's right for you."

Luke started to undo the buttons on Noah's shirt. "You're what's right for me."

Noah allowed Luke to remove his shirt and then pulled his over his head. He looked into Luke's eyes before pulling him into a soft, but firm kiss. Luke sunk into his arms. Happy that they had made it through the difference of opinion and were stronger than before, then Noah pulled back. "What is it?"

Noah sucked his lip. "Promise me one thing."

Luke looked up at Noah concern in his face. "Anything."

Noah smiled. "No matter how busy we are, we will always find time for each other."

Luke pushed Noah back towards the bed. "Oh, I will always find time for you."


Hours later Luke and Noah lay exausted in eachothers arms. Luke with his head on Noah's chest and arms wrapped arond his waist let out a content sigh.

"Noah have I mentioned in the last five minutes how much I love you?" Noah smirked at his boyfriend and kissed the top of his blond head.

"Babe I think everyone within a ten block raius heard how much you love me." Luke slapped Noah's side and looked up at him smiling.

"I am NOT that loud!"

"Um, yeah you are..but I like it, alot!" Noah said pulling Luke in for another kiss. When they broke Luke pulled back and looked into Noah's eyes remembering all that went on that day.

"You are quite the romantic you know that Noah Mayer?" Luke said still gazing into those beautiful blue eyes. "The cute text message and the present? Thats enough to make a guy blush." Noah smirked.

"Well when you love someone romance comes easy." He explaimed dreamily. Luke smiled and gave him another long, slow kiss.

"Are you hungry? I know I am." Luke said.

"We did work up quite an appetite." Noah responded. "Lets go make something in OUR kitchen." He finished getting up and pulling on a pair of boxers.

"You have NO idea how good that sounds." Luke said, quickly pulling on boxers and taking Noah's hand.


Luke said " I've got a surprise for you, I"m going to cook dinner for us tonight. Nothing fancy but it will be good and I won't have to keep it warm for you!

Noah chuckled and said, " I remember the first time you tried to make pancakes for me, blueberrys were everywhere, the pancake mix got all over you and the counter and Emma had a fit!! Do you want me to help you? he said raising his right eyebtow.

Luke said "No I can do this.. He turned around almost knocking Noah over and turned on the Oven setting it to 375 degrees and set it on bake. He got out 2 large baker Potatoes and washed them clean and patted them dry. He made small slits in them in various places then lightly buttered and wrapped them in foil and set them aside.

Noah looked at him amazed and said " Have you been taking classes ???"

Luke said" I have and I learned how to make meat loaf." He got out all of the following ingredients:
2lbs of Ground Chuck
1 Small Red Onion
1 8oz can of Mushrooms (drained)
1 4 oz Jar of Diced Pimentos
1 Packet of Meat Loaf Seasoning
2/3 Cup of Italian Bread Crumbs
2 Large Eggs
1/2 Cup Whole Milk

He got a 9 x 13 pan out of the Cabinet and crumbled the Chuck into it. He Chopped the red Onion medium after peeling and removing the ends putting in a small mixing bowl. He added the drained pimentos and lighly tossed them then chopped the Mushrooms medium added them to the bowl and lightly tossed the mixture again. Luke opened the Packet of Seasoning sprinkled it over the meat and lightly blended with his fingers. Noah had moved around behind him and whispered in his ear " You did all this for me?? Luke smiled and said "Sure did!!

Noah started lightly kissing Luke across the shoulders and Luke said " if you start that we'll never get to eat" and broke out into giggles . Noah said "Okay, I'll behave with a mischievous grin as he brushed his semi-hard on across Luke butt. Luke gasped. He nearly missed the pan as he added the Bread Crumbs and mix them into the meat. He emptied the bowl with the Mushrooms, Pimentoes and Onion and mixed it well with his fingers. He cracked the 2 eggs into the measuring cup with the Milk and beat them up. He poured them into the Meat mixture. He kneaded the Mixture until it was well blended.

Noah asked " What's that your doing?" Luke was squeezing the Mixture with both hands between his fingers.

Luke said " I'm kneading it so the Milk and Egg goes all through it " Luke patted the mixture smooth in the Pan.

Noah reached around Luke as he was putting the Pan in the oven and said "This is how I knead meat " grasping Lukes hard Cock . Ohhhhhhhh Noah Luke moaned.

Noah picked Luke up set him down on the counter and said " Now for the Appetizer and Brought Luke to 2 earth moving climaxes!

Luke said breathlessly" I need the put the Pototoes in!! He got down, knees wobbly from those intense orgasms Put the Potatoes in and set the timer for 1 hour. Noah said" I'm ready for some more appetizer. He carried Luke to the Bed and they made love of the next 45 minutes. Noah made Luke cum twice more Luke made Noah cum 3 times. Luke got up a little sore went to the kitchen and got the meatloaf out drained off the fat and covered the the top with some Noah's favorite Thick and Spicy Barbeque Sauce and popped back in the Oven to carmelize opened a can of Green Beans put them in a small saucepan with 1/2 stick of butter 2 dashes of Pepper and a dash of salt and heated them up. By then the aroma filled the apartment and Noah had a ravenous appetite worked up The timer rang.

Noah said " Is it Dinner yet ???" Luke said " Yep" and got the Meatloaf out of the Oven, the potatoes, . Noah sliced 2 thick slices and put them on the Plates while Luke cut the Potatoes and put them on the plates and spooned out the Green Beans. They said Grace and Noah took the first bite of the Meatloaf. It was delicious. He said "Boy this taste good." and chowed down. Luke was radiant.

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