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As Casey, Luke and Noah were waiting for Margo to bring in the fake Riley, all Casey could think about is Alison, and the fact that he missed her so much. Luke and Noah knew their best friend was hurting, but the boys knew that their love for each other was stronger than ever. Noah grabbed onto Luke's hand, intertwining their fingers. Casey noticed this, cause now he was very happy for his best friends.

"What is taking Mom so long to bring in that jerk?", Casey said, as he wanted so bad to kick this guy's ass, and get the truth.
"Patience Case, Luke said, as he tightened his grip on Noah's hand, nearly squeezing hard, she'll bring him here, and we will all find out the truth about who he is, and why he did it."
'Uh Luke, you're gripping it too tight...OUCHIE!", Noah said, as Luke removed his hand quickly.
"Sowwie bubby, guess this whole thing about this guy is making me more worried about you.", Luke said, as he laid his head on Noah's shoulder.

All of a sudden, Casey's phone rings. It's the fake Riley.

"What the hell do you want, you faker?", Casey screamed into the phone.
"Casey...your mom....shot...hurry home please!!!", Riley answered, with a worried voice.
"Wha...WHAT HAPPENED????? Is Mom?", Casey said, as he got tears in his eyes.
"She's still alive, but unconscious, but please hurry home!!", Riley said, as he closed the phone.

Casey shut the phone, and was in shock. Luke and Noah realized that something was wrong, and Noah went over to his best friend.

"Case?, Noah asked, what happened?"
"It was him....he said Mom was shot...I gotta get over there NOW!!", Casey said as he ran out of the police station.

Luke and Noah were scared for their best friend, and held each other for a few minutes. After a few minutes, they shared a kiss, to make each other feel better, and left the station quickly in each others arms.


It did not take long for the three to make it to the Hughes household. Once they got to the door, they were in shock to see the sight that laid before them. Margo was laying in Rileys lap, while he was holding the gun shot wound. Blood was everywhere and the three started to panic. Casey ran to his mom pushing Riley out of the way.

" What the fuck did you do to my mom, you jackass?" Casey asked Riley almost screaming at him.

" It wasn't me that did this to her, Casey. You have to believe me on this!" Riley said in a panic.

" Oh! Well, if it is not you that shot her, then tell me, smarty pants, who did?" Casey said in a last ditch attempt to get Riley to admit that he did this.

" Please, just believe me when I say that it wasn't me that shot Margo. I love her as if she is my own mother. I would never do her any harm."

" Well, what do you want us to believe Riley? By the way who are you really?" Casey asked.

" Case, your mom was just shot. This guy true identity should be the last thing on your mind!" Noah said to Casey.

" Noah's right,Casey. We'll worry about the identity of this impostor later. Right now we need to get your mom to the hospital!" Luke said

" I already called the ambulance. They are on the way." Riley added in in this conversation.

Just then they heard the sirens of the ambulance outside. Luke went to the door, and opened it to let the paramedics in. Noah stayed out the way while they loaded Margo in the ambulance. Luke stood by Casey's side until the paramedics asked him questions. Soon, they had Margo loaded in the ambulance, with Casey in ready to go with her. In the ambulance, Casey looks back telling Luke and Noah one thing.

" Stay here with that........that........that whatever that is. And if you can, get it out of him, ask him who shot my mom like this. I mean that is, if it's not him."

Then the ambulance doors were closed and took off to the hospital to get Margo the help that she needed. Noah and Luke looked at each other for a moment, than went to Riley to get the answers that they wanted.

" So, tell me, Mr. I am pretending to be a solider in the US army, who was it that shot Margo?" Noah asked Riley grabbing a hold of his arm.

" Um.............trust me, Noah, you wouldn't believe me if I were to tell you. I think that the best thing that I could do is show you who it was that shot Margo."

" How and the hell do you think that you are going to do that?" Noah asked.

Riley looked like he had just saw something that he did not want to see, and ignoring the question that Noah just asked. Which pissed Noah off to no end to be ignored in that manner.

" I just asked you a question! How are you going to show me who shot Margo?"

" Just,............um................just turn around slowly, and you will get the answer that you are looking for." Riley said.

" WHAT?" Noah screamed at Riley.

" Just DO IT, Noah!"

Noah didn't want to do it, but felt like he had no other choice, but to do that. So, he slowly turned around and came face to face with his worst nightmare.


"Hello son." Col Winston Mayer said leaning against the Hughes' door jam. He was bleeding profusely from his side, but Noah hardly noticed.

"What the fuck? This isn't possible! You died!" Noah said, backing away from his so called 'father'

"Well obviously I didn't, and now I am back to help you."

"I think you have done enough." Luke said from behind Noah.

"You shut up you damn pervert!!!!" The Col shouted as he pointed at Luke.

"Fuck you dad, my boyfriend can say what ever he wants when ever he wants!" Luke smiled at Noah's protective nature. He took a step forward and hit something with his foot. A gun. He picked it up and held it behind his back incase the Col. tried anything funny.

"Your what? Your calling him your boyfriend now?" The Col asked, disguisted.

"Oh what would you perfer dad? How about the love of my life? My reason for living? The man I want to grow old with? Take your pick I've got more." Luke stepped up next to Noah and the brunette slipped a protective arm around his Luke's shoulder.

"What have your done to my boy?" The Col growled at Luke. "I'll kill you you PERVERT!" Mayer lunged at Luke who stepped back and pulled out the gun while the col fell to the floor.

"Don't fuck with me Mayer or I'll turn you into a sprinkler system. Looks like your getting rusty, you dropped your gun." Winston pounded his fist to the floor in defeat. "Riley or whoever you are, call 911 tell them you can hand over a murderer." Luke said calmly. Riley took a step into the kitchen, towards the phone and did as he was told. Noah stepped around his father, next to Luke.

"Baby where did you get this?" Noah asked, shocked at Luke's behavior.

"Like I said, your dear ole dad left it on the floor, but looks like after he shot Margo, Riley got him." Riley hung up and stepped next to Noah.

"Thats true, but Luke how did you know?"

"Gun was warm, and I'm guessing you didn't shoot Margo?" Riley shook his head.

"Ok then." Noah said. "Are the cops on the way?" Riley nodded again and Noah looked at Luke.

"Honey why don't you let me have the gun now?" But Luke wouldn't budge.

"Oh no no no, I'm enjoying this to much." Just then there were sirens outside.

"Oh this will be fun to explain." Noah said smirking.


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