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"I'd like to report a fugitive....It's my father, Col. Winston Mayer.", Noah said, as he was about to turn his father into the police.
He knew his father needed professional help, and he couldn't stand by to see Winston Mayer get away. Besides, he had a gunshot wound, and he needed to get medical care as well. Damian held onto a defenseless Winston, while Luke had his hand on Noah's shoulder, intertwining the fingers with Noah's. After Noah ended the call, he looked at his dad, who looked like he lost his best friend. Winston was in tears, cause he knew his son wouldn't help him out of the country. Noah started to take one look at his father, and got tears in his eyes as well. Luke took him into his arms, and held him, as he comforted his boyfriend. Damian could see how much Noah was hurting, as the police arrived to take Col. Mayer into custody. As Winston was being led out, he took one look at his son and Luke. He could see how much in love they were in, and it's as if he realized his son will never change.

"Son, I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid of being in prison again.", Winston said, with a scared look on his face.
"Dad, It'll be alright, Noah answered, but I promise you this...you will get all the professional help you need."
"I just wish you would have listened to me, and let me go.", Winston said, in tears once again.

The cops took him away, as Noah buried his face in Luke's neck, crying once again. Luke rubbed his back, as he whispered sweet things into his ears. After a few minutes, Noah felt a lot better, and was ready to go home.

"You gonna be alright Noah?", Damian asked, as he looked at them both.
"I don't know how to thank you for finding us....so thank you Damian.", Noah answered, as he hugged Luke's father tight.
"Damian, thank you again...if it hadn't been for you, I would have lost Noah again.", Luke said, as he got tears into his eyes.

Damian left, as Luke and Noah were alone. They held each other tight, and looked into each others eyes...the eyes of love. Luke caressed his boyfriend's cheek, and smiled at him. Noah rubbed Luke's back, as he looked at those brown eyes. Noah leaned in, and kissed those luscious lips he loved so much. Luke had his arms around Noah's neck, as he responded back very passionately. They kissed for about 5 minutes, and then left in each others arms from home.


Luke and Noah soon made it to the car, to make it home. Both were emotionally drained from this experience that they just went through. Luke was trying his best to be by Noah's side, but Noah was not taking Luke in.

"Noah, we have already been through this, when you pushed me away because of your father, don't do it again."

"I'm not trying to push you away Luke. It's just..........I hate what he did to me. But yet, I almost didn't turn him in. I hate him, I hate him, I HATE HIM." Noah then dropped his head on the window of the car and started to cry uncontrollably.

Luke put his hand on Noah's back and tried to get him to stop the crying. Noah looked from Luke's arm to Luke's mouth. He couldn't control his feelings any more. He wanted Luke in him. He wanted to forget the pain that his father keeps causing him. The pain that his father will try to continue to cause if he does not realize the hurt and the pain that he has deep down. He needed to get Luke undressed and in that back seat of this car, now!

Without even thinking twice, Noah jumps on Luke. He was not even playing around and immediately took off Luke's shirt. Luke looked at Noah with pure love in his eyes, and said one thing.

'Backseat, NOW!"

Both boys didn't waste any time, and ended up in the backseat of the car, ready to forget the pain that the Col. has yet again caused them.
This doesn't completely make sense now, but it's what I wrote.


Luke opened the door to the house and Noah walked inside. "I probably should go to the hospital and check on my dad."

Luke put down Noah's bag that he had been carrying. "We can do that later. I think you need some time to absorb everything that has happened."

Noah walked over and sat down on the sofa. "I'm fine Luke. I was shocked when I saw him, but after talking and stuff, I was able to calm down. I understand why you thought I should call the police. He's a fugitive. I felt the same way at first, but once again I let him get to me and I fell into his trap. I won't let that happen again."

Luke sat down next to Noah and put his hand on his back, rubbing it gently. "I know it was hard for you, turning in your father that way, but there's something that you don't know."

Noah interrupted Luke. "I know that Lt Hasbro was working for him, He told me. He had gotten papers for my dad, so that he could get out of the country. He actually expected me to go with him."

Luke wasn't shocked, since Damian had already told him about the papers. "...and how do you feel about that?'

Noah shook his head. "I would never go with him. I couldn't leave you. He kept telling me that he wanted to start over. I really wanted that though."

Luke put his hand on the side of Noah's face. "Did starting over include accepting that you're gay?"

Noah looked into Luke's eyes, as he thought about the question. "He never mentioned that. I never thought to bring it up. I guess I was taken off guard by the idea that he would want to be with me after what he said before he hit the water."

Luke nodded. "I'm sure he hoped for that. Noah I know you want to believe that your father wanted to have a relationship with you, but did he tell you how he go shot?"

Noah nodded. "He said it was part of being a fugitive. I figured someone must have spotted him."

Luke shook his head. "No. That's not what happened. He wasn't only working with Hasbro. He was also working with Riley. Margo walked in on him and Riley when she went to arrest him."

Noah was shocked. "Oh my God. Is she alright?"

Luke nodded. "I think so. Casey said that they were taking her to surgery. He shot her and I guess either her or Riley shot him before he got away. I didn't get the details. After I found out your father was alive. I was so worried. All I could think of was finding you. I'm glad Damian was there."

Noah nodded, and then lowered his head in shame. "I can't believe that. I fell for his lies again. That's what you meant, when you said he would hurt people in the name of what he thought he was right. He made it seem like he had changed and that he wanted to change for me."

Luke put his hand on Noah's chin and raised it to face him. "Don't feel bad. Winston is a master manipulator. He's been pushing your buttons all your life, so he's gotten good at it."

Tears filled Noah's eyes. "He was the one that took the DVD. He thought that I had forgiven him. I can't forgive him. I don't even know him."

Luke pulled Noah into his arms. "I think you do. You just don't want to believe that it's true, because that might mean that you will finally have to let him go."

Noah began to cry on Luke's shoulder. "Thank you for being here for me."

Luke held Noah tight. "There's no place else I would rather be."



Luke looked up into Noah's eyes. "Besides bubby, where else would I go?" Noah smiled. Luke cocked an eyebrow. "What?" Luke saw the look in Noah's eyes. "I can think of a place." Luke smiled. "Really? You sure you're up for it?" Noah nodded. "Yeah I'm pretty sure." "Well in that case..." Luke grabbed Noah's hand and lead him to his bedroom.

Luke kissed Noah and turned around to close the door. Luke felt Noah's arm snake around his waist. Noah reached in front of Luke and locked the door. Noah turned Luke towards him and pinned him up against the door. Luke smiled. "I guess we're going for fast and rough, instead of slow and passionate?" Noah didn't say anything. He pushed his lips to Luke's. Noah heard a moan escape from Luke's mouth. Noah smiled and pulled away to take Luke's shirt off. Luke grabbed Noah's shirt and took it off. They threw them aside. Luke ran his hands up and down Noah's chest. Noah felt his body shiver. "Oh Luke...God that feels amazing." Luke smiled and dropped his head to place a kiss to Noah's chest.

Noah lifted Luke's chin and kissed him. Noah pushed his tongue into Luke's mouth. Their tongues mingled. Noah picked Luke up and Luke wrapped his legs around Noah's waist. Noah carried Luke to the bed. Noah laid Luke on the bed. Noah reached down and unbuttoned Luke's pants. Luke lifted his hips and Noah pulled Luke's pants off. Luke grabbed Noah's belt and pulled Noah to him. Luke unbuckled Noah's belt and unbuttoned Noah's pants. Luke slid Noah's pants down his tan slender hips. Luke kissed his way up Noah's body. "Bubby, I would do the whole foreplay thing, but if you don't enter me soon I'm gonna explode." Noah smiled.

He reached over Luke to grab the lube off the side table. Noah opened the bottle and squirted a generous amount onto his hand. Noah rubbed the lube onto his fingers. Noah took one of his fingers and pressed it to Luke's entrance. He heard Luke gasp. Noah entered the finger. Noah moved it around and hit Luke's spot a couple times. "Noah, for the love of god, just enter me already. I'm gonna come without you." Noah smiled and lubed himself up. Noah positioned himself between Luke's legs. Luke took a deep breath in and felt himself being invaded.



"Stop giving me that look,Mayer, and just do it!!", Luke said, as he grabbed onto Noah's shoulders. Noah pushed very slowly inside Luke at first, making sure that Luke was relaxing. Luke felt a burning sensation, but it wouldn't stop him from enjoying this. He needed this, and he needed Noah right now, before he came all over them. Once Noah was fully inside Luke, he pulled him up, and looked into those brown eyes he loved so much. He needed to forget his father, and all the bad memories, and being with Luke was the one thing he needed right now. He thrusted in and out of Luke very quickly, as Luke was enjoying it even more.

"Damn it Mayer, pleaseeeeeee, before I burst.....faster baby!!", Luke demanded, as he slapped Noah's ass hard. Noah jumped, as he thrusted right up him so fast, that Luke almost came right there on the spot. The sex and passion got hotter and hotter, as Noah got faster and faster, and Luke was screaming like a madman. Noah completely forgot all about Winston Mayer, and had his focus on his lover, as he fucked Luke even harder and faster than before. The bed squeaked so much, that even anyone who passed by could know what was going on. Noah must have hit Luke's prostrate several times, cause every time he hit it, Luke squeaked like a mouse, and grabbed onto Noah's back, digging his fingers into him, nearly drawing a little bit of blood. Luke finally got to the point of being in so much pleasure, that he needed to let go, but the problem was that Noah was ready to let go. Noah bit Luke's shoulder, and let out a low growl, coming very deep inside Luke. But as he did this, Luke finally let go, and also bit Noah's shoulder, but he dug his fingers into Noah's back. Luke came out all over both of them and the bed, as Noah collapsed on Luke, exhausted.

After a few minutes, Noah pulled out of Luke very slowly, as he pulled the covers up on them both halfway. They both looked at each other, with love in their eyes, and knew this was so right. "Thank you Luke.", Noah said, as he caressed his lover's cheek. "For what?", Luke asked, as he rubbed Noah's arm lightly. "For being there for me, and helping me realize that my father doesn't exist to me anymore, and that I may never forgive him.", Noah answered. "You may be right on that bubby, but he is your father, and whatever you choose to do is alright with me, cause I love you so much, and I am so proud of you.", Luke said, as he kissed those lips he loved so much once again.


After making love Luke and Noah lay, entangled in each other. Noah let out a deep breath and caressed Luke's golden locks that were resting on his chest.

"Luke I love you so much.If it weren't for you I'd probably be in the hospital right now." Luke raised his head and stared, wide eyed at his boyfriend.

"Noah did he threaten you?" Noah shook his head.

"No. But he knew I wasn't going with him willingly. I told him I wouldn't leave you. But I have a feeling that he wouldn't have let me just walk away." Luke nodded and brushed his hands through Noah's beautiful locks.

"I do not know what I would do if you had been hurt again. I'm still getting over the shock of you being shot. If he had laid a hand on you I would have fallen apart." Luke squeezed out a tear, which Noah wiped away.

"As weird as this sounds, the fact that you worry about me so much makes me feel really good. Having somebody who gives a damn about whether I'm dead or alive...*sniffle* I don't know it feels good." Luke raised himself on one arm and wiped Noah's tears.

"Hey hey hey. Noah you need to know something. I am not all you have, The second they saw how well you treat me, my family adopted you. My parents have another son, my sisters have another brother. You are not alone." Noah smiled and pulled Luke in for a soul searing, loving wonderful kiss. Just then there was the sound of a door closing downstairs. Noah pulled back and looked Luke in the eyes.

"Speaking of not being alone." He said. Luke smiled at him.

"I guess we should tell my parents about what happened." Noah nodded. So Luke and him, git up, got dressed, and shared one more kiss before going and explaining the madness to the Snyder clan.



Luke and Noah had expected to see SOMEONE downstairs, but instead, they didn't see a sou;. They started to search the house in hopes to find someone. Soon they ran into someone.

"Hey little man, Ethan. Where is mom and dad?" Luke asked his little brother.

"They are around somewhere."

"So, who is watching you then?" Noah asked.

"Me!" Said a little voice from behind us.

We turn around to see Natalie reading a book, and not paying much attention to her brother.

"Please, pay closer attention to Ethan will you Nat!" Noah said.

"Yeah, sure, whatever."

Noah looked at me with huge eyes, then leaned down and whispers in my ear.

"With a sister like that, it makes me happy to be an only child."

I giggled at that and slapped him on the arm.

"NOAH, that's my little sister that you are talking about."

"I know that! So, Nat, where are your parents?"

"They are in the house, somewhere."

"Boy, aren't you just a bucket of help today. Okay, back in the house Noah."

Noah and I both walked back into the house, still on the search for my parents. There was only one room in the house that we hadn't searched. My parents bedroom. I told this information to Noah, and he started to laugh.

"What is so funny?"

"Just that the noises that I heard, that I thought you were making, was more than likely your parents in the next room going at it. Boy, your mom sure can scream loud."

Luke hits Noah on the shoulder, and they go knock on the door of Holden and Lily's bedroom.



Holden opened the door and looked tired. "What is going on?" He asked groggy.

Luke smiled. "Well me and Noah have to talk to you and mom about something." Luke looked over at Noah, who was looking in the room.

"Where's Lily?" Noah asked Holden.

"She's not here, why? What did you two think?" Holden raised his eyebrows.

"NOTHING!!" Luke and Noah said in a unison.
"Alright, what is it you two need to talk about." Holden asked once they got downstairs.

Luke sighed. "Noah do you want to talk aout it, or me."

Noah nodded.

"The Col. came back and tried to take Noah out of the country."

Holden stared at Luke and Noah for what seemed like hours. "What? Is that it?"

Noah sighed. "That's the short version, and I'd like to keep it at that."

"Where is he now?"

"At the police station, Noah turned him in." Luke told Holden.

"That's good. That's exactly where he," Holden looked over at Noah and noticed he was sobbing. "I didn't mean anything against you Noah."

Luke held Noah close to him. "No dad, it wasn't you. It was Noah, he's just so upset, that it's driving him near tears." Luke rubbed Noah's back. "Can he stay the night?"



Holden walked to the couch where Noah and Luke had sat down at. He looked at them kind of weird. "Stay the night? Doesn't he practically live here already? I mean I don't think he's ever stayed at the dorm. Well maybe twice." "Dad, right now is not the time. I asked you a question. Yes or No?" Holden started pacing. "Well like I said, since he practically lives here anyway..." "Dad!" Holden interrupted him with a finger. "Hey, wait. Since he is always here without your mother and I's permission, I guess it's ok." Luke and Noah started to get up. "But, if anything 'goes on,'" Noah turned beet red, "just keep it down, ok?" Luke and Noah nodded and walked upstairs.

"Oh my god! Why does my dad have to embarrass me every day of my life?" Noah walked up behind Luke and rubbed his shoulder. "Hey. He's just watching out for the rest of the family. Unfortunately, we're not the only ones who live here." Luke turned towards Noah and placed a hand onto Noah's cheek. "Yeah...unfortunately."

Luke was sitting in his computer chair typing away when he felt Noah standing behind him. Luke turned around in his chair. "What's up bubby? Are you ok?" Noah nodded. He knelt in front of Luke. "Yeah. I just wanted to apologize for all the crap that has happened. If it wasn't for that, you and I would be sleeping together in our summer sublet." Luke ran his hand through Noah's hair and shook his head. "No Noah, it's fine. None of this is your fault, ok? You know that right?" Noah let out a long sigh and nodded. "Yes. I know that, but..." "No stop it. It's not your fault. You and I will get our own place when the timing is right. We're both ready, but the timing sucks. Unfortunately we can only take things one day at a time. We will live together. I promise." Noah smiled and kissed Luke.

Noah and Luke had laid down to go to bed. They were under the covers. Both had a busy day tomorrow. Noah turned towards Luke. "Hey Luke." Luke turned his head towards Noah. "Yeah?" "Do you think they'll make me see my dad again?" Luke propped himself up on his elbow. He ran his fingers through Noah's hair. "I don't know bubby, why?" Noah shrugged and closed his eyes. "I just don't wanna see him again." Luke lifted Noah's chin and kissed him. "Hey baby, I know you don't. But if for some reason you have to, I'll be there with you. Every step of the way." Noah smiled. "You promise?" Luke nodded and smiled back. "I promise." They soon fell asleep together with their bodies intertwined.


The next morning Noah woke to an empty bed. It seamed Luke had gotten up before him, so he threw back the covers and went trotting downstairs in search of him. He found Luke, sitting at the table, staring at his coffee.

"Hey" Noah said, annouuncing his presence. Luke looked up and stared at his handsom boyfriend, distress clear in his eyes. Noah noticed this and slid in next to Luke.

"Honey whats wrong?" Luke continued staring at Noah, and snuggled close to him, in need of Noah's warmth.

"Before you woke up I got a call. We have to go into court and testify against your father." Luke kept a close eye on Noah, whose eyes popped open.

"B--but why? I mean we gave statements and don;t they have proof?" Noah was getting hysterical so Luke ran his hands through Noah;s hair, a thing that seamed to clam him.

"They said they need witnesses and in our case, victims to testify against him." Noah shook his head.

"No, no Luke I told you last night I can't face him." Luke nodded.

"I know and I tried really really hard to get you out of this. I did everything I can to get us out of this but they say that the evidence is so old and most of the case against him is our eye witness accounts that without us they have virtually nothing."

"Well, Dusty will have to be there right?" Luke nodded. "And Damian because of yesterday and your parents, espically your mom, it's not just going to be us right?" Noah asked, trying to get assurance that he would not be alone. Luke nodded in response and pulled Noah into a tight hug.

"All of them and I will be there for you. Like I said last night I will be with you every step of the way and I will never let you out of my site." Noah pulled bac and placed a kiss on Luke's cheek in gratitude, before he dropped his head.

"It's just, I don;t know if I can sit there and recount all of the horrible things he did to me, to us. It was bad enough I was gonna do it for the movie. But now I have to do it with him sitting there watching me?" Luke raised Noah's head to look him in the eye.

"Listen, you are a strong wonderful beautiful man who can get through anything, even this." Noah nodded.

"Can we at least film my testimony so I don't have to repeat everything for the movie?" Luke's eyes widned.

"You still want to finish it?" Noah nodded.

"As long as you are going to stand by me and keep being wonderful." Luke smirked and gave Noah a peck on the lips.

"You got it baby."


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