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Characters-Luke,Noah,Holden,Lily,Winston,Aaron,Emma yeah pretty much everyone
Gene-Fluff,Romance, Alternate Universe
Style-One shot
Disclaimer-Yeah as you ALL know, I own nothing, zip, zero,nadda
Warnings-Nice Winston, Doesn't follow the shows history or storyline
Note-Starts out with Luke as a kid and goes from there, yeah a little hard to understand so I hope you can bear with me.Some places are MADE UP
Thanks to Bijou as always for your input.

1995, Oakdale
Luke, son why don't you go play with the other kids at the park?" Holden asked his 7 year old son who was playing in the dirt with a Tonka truck all by himself.

"Daddy Luke said he would play with me!" Cried 3 year old Faith

"No he said he would play with me!" Exclaimed 7 year old Casey

"I don't wanna play with anyone!" Screamed Luke as he ran off.

Holden sighed as Faith started to cry, Lily picking her up and rocking her as Casey became enthralled with a few ants that were running up and down a hill, which he proudly stepped on, cheering triumphantly as Adam rolled his eyes. "Mum Casey's stepping on ant's again!" He tattled like any typical ten year old.

Margo rolled her eyes. "Just let him be Adam!"

Adam frowned and went back to playing with his basket ball.

"Baby I'm going to go find Luke" Holden said to his wife

Lily was busy playing with Faith as her pregnant belly bulged. "Sure honey"

Holden went through the trees of Oakdale Park to go find his younger son, as he walked a familiar head of brown hair confronted him and he recognized the pre-teens gait.

"Aaron son wait up!" He called. The 10 year old looked at his father.

"Dad why is Luke crying in a bush?" He asked

Holden felt his face drop. "Oh great is he ok?"

Aaron shrugged. "Dunno I was playing basket ball with Adam when he arrived and ran to the bush, crying"

Holden sighed. "Alright thanks for that I'll go get him"

Luke wasn't to hard to find, since he was sitting on a rock with his knees drawn up to his chest, tears falling down his face and dirt in his blonde hair.

"Hey son what's the matter?" Holden asked as he sat down beside him.

"I don't wanna play with anyone, I wanna be alone" Luke cried as he moved his precious truck back and forth.

"Why do you want to be alone?" Holden asked, rubbing his back.

"I dunno I just do" Luke replied

"Well you don't have to play with anyone if you don't want to" Holden reassured him


"Yeah, of course" Holden replied

Luke gave him a weak smile and jumped up. "Ok daddy thanks"

Holden nodded as his son ran back to the playground, as he followed him he couldn't help but wonder, "What kind of 7 year old wants to play by themselves?"


1995,Fort Markham, Nebraska
"Noah come on son, it's time to go" Winston waited for his 7 year old to stop playing around and to come back to the field so they could go in for dinner.

"Aww daddy can't I play a lil longer?- Major Johns is showing me howta shoot!" Noah whined as he proudly lifted his toy gun high into the air.

Winston smiled as he reached his hand out. "Some other time ok?" Were going to go get ice cream after dinner, hows that sound?"

Noah's frown instantly faded into a full blown grin."Cherry chestnut ice cream?" Noah asked with a hopeful look

Winston laughed at his son's bizzar favourite flavour. "Of course now lets go ok?"

Noah nodded and saluted the Major. "Thanks for the lesson sir"

Major Johns smiled and saluted back. "Your welcome now go eat grasshopper."

Noah skipped off and ran to grab his daddy's hand, holding his toy gun in the other. "I can shoot real far daddy!" He exclaimed proudly

Winston smiled happily. "Really now?"

"Yep" Noah said, grinning from ear to ear

Winston smiled back and secretly marveled at how well Noah was turning out. After Charlene's death in 1991, he had been worried that he wouldn't be able to raise his son alone, but so far he seemed to be doing ok, he just hoped it could stay that way.

Later that evening, as Noah was polishing off the last spoon fulls of Cherry Chestnut Delight, there was a knock on their door.

"Can I get it daddy?" Noah asked, excitedly.

"Sure but make sure to look in the peep-hole first ok?" Winston reminded his son as he sprung down from his chair

"I will!" Noah ran to the door, eager to answer it.

Winston waited as he heard Noah answer the door.

"Hi Gabe!" Noah cried happily as the door opened to reveal his bestest friend in the whole wide world. Gabe's father was a Sergeant in Winston's regiment and they always managed to get moved around to the same bases.

"Hi Noah" Gabe replied, equally happy. I came to get my book, I think I left it here yesterday"

Noah nodded. "Yeah you did, I'll go get it" Noah's eyes were dancing with glee as he let Gabe into the house.

"Daddy Gabe left his book here, I'm a gonna go get it with him."

Winston nodded, "Sure son, hello Gabe"

"Hello sir" Gabe replied quickly as he charged up the stairs with Noah.

"Where do you think your book might be?" Noah asked, looking at Gabe

"Maybe on the dresser or wherever we was reading yesterday" Gabe replied looking back at Noah

"Yeah, maybe"

The two boys just looked at each other, a little hard and stared at each other.

"Do you know where that was?" Noah asked again, not taking his eyes off Gabe

Gabe shook his head, keeping his eyes on Noah.

Noah frowned. "We must find it!"

"We must!" Gabe agreed.

But where to start? That was the question both boys couldn't seem to answer.

Noah was ready to get looking, but he didn't want to stop looking at Gabe, he liked looking at Gabe, and from the looks of it Gabe felt the same.


If there were ever a better definition of chaos, the Snyder farm could definitely be it. Holden thought as he looked around the family home. The farm was an eruption of noise and people, and Holden thought that his head would surely explode.

15 year old Aaron was trying to study for a biology test, and couldn't because his sisters, 8 year old Faith and 5 year old Natalie were having a contest to see who could shriek the loudest.

Newborn Ethan was trying to nap and screaming his head off every ten seconds

12 year old Luke was moping and trying to play checkers with Casey

Lucinda and Lily were arguing about something that happened at the Lakeview

Meg and Paul were having another fight, again.

Jack was breaking up a cat fight between Janet and Carly.

Parker had just knocked over a vase and was being scolded by Liberty

And Holden was ready to go jump off a cliff.

"I'm outta here, this is bull ****!" Aaron cried as he slammed his books shut and left the farm, shaking his head when he was barely noticed.

"But Aaron dinner will be ready in 30 minutes!" Emma shouted over the noise.

"I'll be back later grandmother!" Aaron screamed as he left

Luke balled his hands into fists, pressing them against his temple and groaning. "I say we take Aaron's lead and get out of here" He said, looking at Casey.

"Good idea,you can't play checkers in this racket anyway" Casey exclaimed as he left the farm with Luke, who was, once again, moping

"Hey dude, why the long face?" Casey asked, as he tried to blow bubbles with his spit.

Luke looked at him in disgust. "That's gross, you know that right?"

Casey laughed and jumped over a few cracks in the sidewalk. "Who cares if it's gross it's FUN" Casey said. "But seriously dude you look as though somebody told you that Magic died." Casey was being serious now as he sat on the large oak tree with Luke. "What's up?"

Luke just sighed. "I dunno, I just feel as though, I dunno, sometimes I get this feeling as though, I'm like, weird or something"

Casey tried not to laugh. "Yeah they call those hormones dude"

Luke shook his head. "It doesn't feel like that"

"You know what hormones feel like?" Casey asked him, looking at him strangely.

Luke sighed. "No I guess not, I really don't"

Casey was about to answer when he saw Alison walk by, arguing loudly with her sister who was pulling her along by the hand.

"I can walk perfectly fine by myself!" Allison groaned. Allison was two years older than Luke and Casey and Casey noticed she looked much better than the girls at Oakdale Middle School.

"There's Allison Stewart" Casey unnecessarily reminded Luke

"Yeah I know Case" Luke said as they watched her argue with Emily.

Emily let go of Allison's hand, and as soon as she did, she stumbled, causing Emily to catch her."Yeah I'm sure you can Miss Hungover"

Allison groaned. "I am NOT hungover!" She slurred, rubbing her eyes

"She's pretty" Casey said, looking at her

"She's weird" Luke replied.

"Holden will you go get Luke?, dinners ready" Emma told her son, who had finally managed to get his other children quiet. "Sure thing mama" He walked out the door heading to the tree where Casey and Luke were. As he heard them talking though, he stopped, curious. He knew Luke was miserable lately and he was hoping that maybe Casey had got to the bottom of it.

"Why do you think she's weird?" Casey asked, looking at Luke

Luke just shrugged. "All girls are weird, they make no sense"

"There not supposed to" Casey laughed. "That's part of being girl!"

Luke just shrugged again. "It's a weirdness I can do without"

Casey looked at Luke with the same expression Holden has on his face as well, both of them thinking the same thing without knowing it. "What's that supposed to mean?"

2000, Branson, Fort Redmond

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" Noah called out to the dark house. It was his favourite game, hide and seek in the dark.

"I wonder if your in here!" Noah cried out as he threw open a closet. "FOUND RITA!" He cried triumphantly as the girl in the closet groaned and went to home base. "You wouldn't have found me if I hadn't coughed. She whined.

Noah stuck his tongue out at her in the dark room and carefully made his way about the house, using the wall for leverage as he crawled under a bed. "FOUND MARY!" He cheered as a head of red hair covered in dust came out and went to join Rita on the home base couch.

"No one is safe from Noah Winston Mayer in the dark of hide and seek!" He yelled out as he made his way to the bathroom, threw open the curtain and found Gabe, lying there with his shirt off. "FOUND GABE!" He cried out happily.

But as Gabe sat up and Noah saw him, he swallowed, feeling a lump form in the back of his throat.

"Umm Gabe, why is your shirt off?" Noah asked, finding it was suddenly hard to breath.

"Got hot" He replied, looking at Noah.

"Oh, umm ok" Noah replied, looking at him again.

"It's a hot day out there" Gabe said, your sweating to."

Noah blushed, ashamed that Gabe could notice it in the semi-dark, since the bathroom had a window with no curtain, it wasn't as dark as the other rooms.

"Why don't you take yours off then you would be cool" Gabe suggested. "The girls are wearing those funny tank tops"

Noah hesitated, then shrugging, pulled his shirt off of his head,fighting the urge to run and cover up. Noah was modest, very very modest. He even wore a shirt while swimming.

Noah looked up and saw that Gabe's eyes had gone semi-dark and that his mouth was hanging open a bit.

Noah frowned, thinking Gabe might be sick. "Are you ok Gabe?" Noah asked, looking at his friend

Gabe shook his head and cleared his throat. "Oh yeah I'm ok"

Noah was about to respond when the bathroom suddenly lit up

"How many times have I told you not to play hide and seek in the.......dark" Winston finished, stalling when he saw Noah standing in front of the bathtub shirtless and Gabe sitting IN the tub, also shirtless.

"Oh sorry dad, it's just more fun this way" Noah said, looking at his father who had an unreadable expression on his face.

"Boys, what's going on?" Winston asked, looking at them

"It's hot out sir" Gabe replied, with the worlds most innocent expression on his face

Winston couldn't argue that point, it WAS at least 98 degrees out today. "Alright then, well no more hide and seek in the dark you could get hurt"

Noah nodded, "Ok dad" He replied

Winston shook his head and left, walking down the hall with his head spinning and his stomach flipping, he could understand them being hot, but he couldn't quite wrap his head around why both of them looked so dazed when he turned the lights on.


"No!" Luke screamed

"Yes!" Casey and Will cried back

"NO!" Luke said, louder now

"YES YES!" Casey and Will chanted, pushing Luke from behind, urging him out of the room

Luke dug his heels into the carpet of his bedroom, whipping his body around, "NO NO NO!" He was screaming so loudly that Casey was surprised the glass on the window hadn't cracked yet.

"Oh come on Luke!" Will said, half whining, half irritated. "She's cute and you need a date!"

Luke was red as a tomato and looked like he either wanted to die or cry. "I'm not GOING to the freshman dance and that's FINAL!"

"Why not?" Casey asked. "I'm going with Jade and Will's going with Gwen, it would be fun!"

Luke shook his head. "I don't like dances, I don't want to go!"

"It's a chance to get out, meet girls, and have fun, what guy WOULDN'T want to go?" Will asked, looking at his friend

"THIS GUY!" Luke cried as he got ready to storm out of the room, walking smack into Holden

"What on earth is going on up here?" Holden asked, looking at the trio

"Were trying to convince Luke to come to the freshman dance" Casey said, looking up at Holden

"Yeah easier said than done" Will offered, looking back at Luke

Holden looked at the boys. "I appreciate the good intentions boys, but if he doesn't want to go you shouldn't force him"

Casey nodded and went to leave. "Yeah your right, see ya later Luke"

Luke nodded and watched Casey leave

"If you change your mind just let us know" Said Will, following Casey

"What was that all about?" Holden asked, sitting on the bed beside Luke

Luke frowned. "I don't like dances and I don't like people"

Holden frowned. "Since when?"

"Since forever" Luke sighed again, putting his head in his hands.

Holden looked at him again. "You love hanging out with your friends Luke, you always have....."

Luke stood up, irritated. "People change dad!"

Holden put his hands up. "Yes I know but I thought"

"You thought wrong!" Luke cried again, sitting at his desk chair, looking at his desk as if though he would like nothing more than to bang his head through it's surface.

"I just, I don't FEEL right anymore, and I don't want to go to the dance"

Holden was confused. "You don't feel right?"

Luke sighed, exhaling. "Yeah I don't feel like my friends and I can connect anymore"

"What do you mean by that?" Holden asked, truly confused.

"Well, Will and Casey talk about Jade and Maddie and Gwen and so on and to me it's just boring, I would rather read or something"

"So your saying that the girl talk doesn't interest you?" Holden was being weary not sure where he was going with this.

"Yeah I guess so" Luke said, half-heartedly

"Do you know why?" Holden asked carefully

"No I don'" Luke replied, flatly

"Maybe your just a late bloomer" Holden asked, though he had a much better reason, though he didn't feel like sharing it just yet, he didn't want to start a fight

"Or maybe I'm just weird" Luke said sadly

2003,Branson,Fort Redmond

"I love this movie" Gabe said, helping himself to another swig of coke as he watched a house get blown up in front of him

"Yeah I know" Noah wasn't really watching the movie, he was watching Gabe, and having a lot more fun with it at that

Gabe looked at him. "Oh yeah I forgot, if it's in colour, you don't like it" Gabe teased.

"I beg to differ." Noah scoffed. "I just think that the classics are a much better form of entertainment!"

Gabe rolled his eyes. "Yes I know Mr Artsy Fartsy"

Noah slapped him, not that hard, feeling tingles under his palm.

"Don't call me that!"

Gabe laughed and grabbed the offending hand. "Oh no?"

Noah wanted to wrench his hand away, but he didn't instead his just stared into Gabe's bright eyes. "No you know I hate it"

Gabe giggled, still holding the hand. "Yes that's what makes it so fun"

Noah gulped, feeling his body get hot as Gabe's eyes met his and refused to move away. "Yeah but I hate it"

Gabe also swallowed, eyes growning as he felt a hot rush hit him, pulling Noah closer without thinking

Noah didn't move, he didn't try to fight as Gabe's lips tickled his ear.

"So what do you like then Noah?" He whispered softly

Noah gulped again

"I don't know,do you?"

Gabe grinned, breathing becoming a little uneven.

"I can find out"

"How can----" Noah's words were cut off as Gabe's lips found his and pressed, gently, foreign and new

Gabe pressed forward a bit, feeling Noah recover his shock and press back, gently opening his mouth, enjoying the strange new feeling.

Gabe seemed to be on the same page as he also parted his lips, meeting Noah's open groan of surprise and delight.

Neither boy heard the door to the living room open and then close again, both of them much to distracted by the newness of each other.

As Winston walked down the hall, he felt the suspicions he had held for three years get confirmed, and he wasn't sure what to do about them.

"I HATE school!" Luke screamed, throwing his books on the table and startling Holden so badly he nearly fell out of his chair

"Well hello son, how was your--"

"Don't ask!" Luke screamed as he grabbed his car keys.

"I'm going to Casey's" and before Holden could even respond he was out the door.

Holden sighed and rubbed his temples. 17-year old boys were a pain in the ass to handle at the best of times, but when the spent every single day of their life down right miserable they were impossible.

And that's how it had been for the past year. Since the end of grade 11 and the start of grade 12, Luke had one mood and one mood only, miserable with a capital M. Nothing made him happy anymore, and his once cheerful demeanor had vanished into this crazy warped thing.

Holden also noticed that Luke's friends stopped coming over. Will, Casey, Maddie, Gwen, they were nowhere to be seen. The only one that came around was Jade, and that was only because she was family.

As Holden picked up Luke's books he saw a piece of paper fall out of one of them, frowning he picked it up and read it, feeling his eyes get wide at the words.

"Hey ***, when your finished blowing everyone on the basketball team,wanna come try the football squad? I'm sure you'll find lots of neglected dicks just begging for attention!"

Holden frowned. Luke had abruptly quit the team almost two months ago, he wondered if this was why.

Crunching the awful note in his fist, Holden wondered how many more of these there were lying around, and he wondered how much his son was being tormented at school.

As Holden entered Luke's room, he put the books on the desk and frowned again when he saw a copy of "Playgirl" Sticking out from under his laptop.

Holden felt his heart plummet even further into his stomach and walked out of Luke's room, closing the door behind him softly. He felt all these strange facts about his son piecing themselves together in his brain without his consent. He decided he wasn't going to fight them.

Over the years, Luke had always complained of not fitting in. He never had a girlfriend and either rolled his eyes and stomped away whenever the subject was brought up. He was always either writing in his diary or on his laptop. He was happiest with Casey and Will and showed zero interest in dating.

Holden closed his eyes again. "I should have seen it coming it's so obvious!"

"What's obvious?" Luke asked

Holden jumped, unaware that he had spoken aloud.

Luke was looking at him funny. "Why are you sitting in front of my bedroom door?"

Holden stood up and couldn't decide where to start, he didn't know if he should ask or if he should drop it and let Luke be. He voted for the first choice.

"I wanted to know what you were hiding, Luke"

Luke looked like a deer in headlights. "What are you talking about?"

"I think you know" Holden looked at him and waited patiently.

Luke's lower lip had begun to tremble and he was cringing a little

"You don't have to be scared, I know why you don't have a girlfriend and I know why you hate school"

Luke looked ready to run, he was holding back tears with as much force as he could, Holden knew he was losing

"Luke, it's ok" Holden gently reached out and pulled Luke into his arms, feeling Luke lose the battle as his tears spilled out at an impossible rate.

"Yeah" Luke just said as he cried.

Holden sighed as he rubbed Luke's back, stroking his hair with his hand as he held his shaking son close.

"Maybe there are times in life where knowing isn't such a great thing" Holden though, Luke may not have admitted it aloud but he didn't need to.

He knew. They both did.


Noah returned home from Gabe's house, looking like he had been run over by a speeding truck. His eyes were red-rimmed and his cheeks were stroked with tears, he was sweaty and appeared to have spent hours crying.

Winston wished he could go back in time and change the rules but he couldn't it was just life.

Gabe's father was transferred to another regiment last year. But since he wasn't moving Gabe and Noah weren't scared.

Then last night, Winston was told he was being transferred to Illinois, and for the first time ever, Noah would be moving away, without Gabe.

"I'm sorry son, I really, really am, I wish you could believe me"

Noah was curled up on the couch, looking like the most vulnerable 18 year old he had ever seen. "I know I'm just going to miss him so much."

Winston felt his innards contracting. Ever since he saw that kiss in 2003, he had known that any hope of Noah getting a girlfriend was long shattered, but he had kept it to himself, not wanting his son to think he was misinterpreting something.

But when Noah came through that door he had looked more crushed than he had ever seen, and Winston's confirmation had been sealed.

"I know he means a lot to you Noah"

Noah shook his head.

"You have no idea"

Winston looked him in the eye. "I think I do"

Noah stared at him "How could you?"

Winston hesistated, "Sometimes, I get the feeling that Gabe is...more than a friend to you, am I right?" He wasn't sure what answer he wanted to hear.

Noah just about flew out of his chair.

"Y-our wrong dad, he's just a friend! A really good friend!"

Winston shook his head," I find that hard to believe Noah"

Noah was shaking, "Why?"

Winston sighed. "I saw you, three years ago, I saw what happened"

Noah went white. "Oh god-----"

Winston just sat there, feeling everything he had known fall right into place. "So I was right"

Noah let out an exasperated, defeated sigh. "yes" He said quietly

Winston just sat there. Finally, when he was sure that he could speak without making a moron out of himself he replied.

"Your my son, I love you, no matter who you love"

Noah smiled at him, surprised and full of disbelief.

"You mean that?"

Winston nodded.

"I do"

"Hi Noah Mayer" Noah said, holding his hand out to his new classmate and project partner

Luke smiled and took it. "Luke Snyder" He replied, feeling his fingers jump as their hands met.

"He's so cute" Noah thought as he looked at the honey suckle locks, hazel eyes and cupids bow lips.

"Holy hell he's hot!" Luke thought, taking in the Greek God body, midnight hair and electric blue eyes.

"So I guess this is my seat?" Noah asked, pointing to the desk beside Luke.

"Yeah that would be it" Luke said, looking down on him again

"Great" Noah took it and sat down.

"So this your first day at Oakdale University?" Luke asked, willing himself not to get lost in those wonderful, captivating eyes.

Noah nodded. "Moved here last week"

"That's cool" Luke said.

"Not always, we move around a lot, my dad's an army colonel"

"Oh wow, that's....intense" Luke cursed himself at becoming speechless

"Yeah it is" Noah answered, looking at his hands

Luke felt that he should change the subject.

"So what do you want learn here?" He asked

Noah looked up, brightening with his new friends idea to change the subject.

"Film making, I want to be a director"

"That's so cool!" Luke exclaimed.

Noah chuckled. "Thanks I know I'm a total geek"

"Geeks are cute" Luke said, without thinking.

Noah looked at him strangely. "You think so?"

Luke was chastising himself.

"Well, yeah, I'm a bit of a geek myself"

Noah laughed. "And what do you want to be?"

Luke looked at his desk.

"A writer"

"Commendable" Noah replied.

Luke would have replied, but just then the professor walked in, and he had to shut up as the lesson began.

It was the longest lesson in the history of ever, only further prolonged by the fact that the boys seemed to be looking at each other more often than the teacher, and by the end of the lesson, all either one of them could think was.

"I like him already"

Early May,2007,Oakdale

"Thanks for the ride Noah" Said Luke, getting out of the car

"Any time, see ya tomorrow" Noah said, waiting for Luke to shut the door

"Yep" Luke waved as Noah drove off, smiling and walking back to the house, only to walk into Holden, again.

"Oof!" "Hello son, how was your day?" Holden asked, rubbing his stomach

"Oh sorry dad, it was good, Noah dropped me off"

Holden saw his eyes become dream like as Luke said his name, looking into the sky.

"You should ask him out"

That brought Luke back to earth. "What?"

"Ask him out" Holden responded, like it was the simplest thing ever.

"Why would I do that?" Luke asked, looking at his dad

Holden chuckled. "I'm not as blind as you would like me to be Luke, I know you like him

Luke blushed to the colour of the striped on his shirt.

"Well maybe...but"

"Is he safe?" Holden asked, knowing Luke could understand exactly what he meant

Luke nodded. "Yeah he said so last month"

"Then what have you got to lose?" Holden said, patting his back.
Mid-May, 2007,Oakdale

"He's nice, I don't understand why you just won't bloody ask him" Winston asked his son as Luke left the house, driving away.

Noah looked at his dad like he was crazy.

"Are you kidding?, guy that cute is probably already dating someone"

"Have you asked?" Winston asked his son.

"Well-no" Noah replied, looking at his feet"

"Then how do you know he's taken?"

"Well I don't know it's just a guess but"

"You'll never know until you ask son, I know you want him"

Noah blushed, "daddddddd"

Winston laughed. "How could I not?" He gave his son a loving hug.

"Every time he's in the room you look like your in heaven and when you say his name your eyes go all bright and......."

"Ok dad I get it" Noah cut him off

Winston chuckled. "I'll never stop till you get a date with him"

Noah groaned, it was hopeless.

End of May,2007,Oakdale

"Hey Noah wait up!" Luke called out to his new best friend as he walked out of the school.

Noah stopped and turned around.

"Hey there Luke I was looking for you"

"Late class, listen I have a question for you"

"Sure, but first I need to tell you something" Noah interrupted, only Luke was still talking

"See I was wondering"

"I know we've only been friends for a month"

"But, I like you"

"A lot"

"And I wanted to know if"


"Will you go out with me?"

They both shut up, bursting into shocked laughter as they realized they had spoken aloud and asked the exact same question at the same time.

Luke spoke first. "Is that a yes?"

Noah laughed and, without thinking, pulled Luke in for a kiss.

Luke almost jumped, but didn't, instead he kissed back, his first ever kiss, feeling sparks in his skin, movement in his blood, and hot waves everywhere else.

Noah was feeling the same, all the kisses(and it only ever was kisses)he and Gabe shared never amounted to this, they never felt as good or as right as this, Noah's lips felt like they were made for Luke's and he could easily agree with that.

Luke felt Noah's tongue against his lips and he opened them, moaning as he felt Noah's tongue caress his.

As they reluctantly parted for air, Noah stared into Luke's eyes, full of love and lust.

"You bet it is"

"Do you, Noah Winston Mayer, take Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi-Snyder, to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

Noah smiled a smile that would make any happy face green with envy.

"I do"

"And do you,
Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi-Snyder take Noah Winston Mayer, to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

Luke smiled right back at Noah, squeezing his hand a little tighter.

"I do"

Holden looked over at Winston, who to his utter shock, was rubbing his streaming eyes. Holden was crying as well, but he just let them flow.

As the new husbands met for a kiss, the church erupted in cheers and claps, Winston stood and met Holden's eyes, giving him a thumbs up, which Holden returned.

Sometimes knowing might be a bad thing, but at that moment Holden and Winston both knew that life didn't get much better than this.

And Luke and Noah, sealed at the mouth knew it to.


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