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Title: loosing love chapter 3
Chapter: noah-lost
Rating: nc17 to be sure
Summary: Noah is taken somewhere
Characters: luke, noah, others
Genre: angst
Warnings: i didnt mean to offend anyone by this story, if you feel offended, i apologize
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Noah- Lost

When Noah opened his eyes, he didn’t see anything but he felt he was on the road. Panic flushed right in to him as he felt he was tied down, and folded in a small place. The muscles in his legs were cramping and it was pinch black. He had a terrible pain in his head.
Noah tried to be calm, tried to breathe even but the first flashes of an hyperventilation attack rushed through him until he felt light headed. Then there was only darkness.

A splash of water woke him again and when he opened his eyes he immediately closed them again, pain rushed through his head by the sudden brightness of daylight.

Someone reached for him, grabbed him by the arms and lifted him out of the trunk of the car he had been moved in.
He was set on his feet but sank to the ground instantly, his legs numb now blood could rush through them again. Noah tried to open one eye first, then the other and looked around.
There were cabins and a lake but it didn’t seem like a vacation resort because there also was a big fence, with barbed wire and man in uniforms.

Noah turned to look at the man who had hurt him and brought him here. He expected to see Damian or some other Italian piece of trash but the familiar face in front of him took his breath away. A sting of pain went through him.
“Jeff, what the fuck?” Noah wanted to scream, yell, but his dry and sore mouth could only produce an hoarse whisper.
He suddenly remembered meeting Jeff earlier and how he had held a piece of wood in his arm, lifting it, hitting him.
“I am sorry Noah, but what you and Luke got going is all wrong, god doesn’t approve. You are here to get cured. You will be better and you’re going to forget about Luke. Damian has arranged everything to get you cured.”
Noah couldn’t believe his ears. His friend, their friend thought he needed to be cured.
“Damian set you up to do this?” he asked
“He didn’t set me up to do shit, he just came and talked to me and I was glad there was someone who feels the same. He will find a way to save Luke and I have saved you. We wont be seeing each other any more but if you get out of here and start your new life, you can thank me by email. I would like to hear from the new you.” Noah almost laughed by the ridiculous words his friend said.
“you know this is kidnapping right? You know Luke will look for me and when he finds me, you are going to jail.”
“Luke wont come looking, Damian is taking care of him. Take care Noah, good luck, find yourself a nice lady and get married. Choose to do the right thing.”

Jeff waved at someone, got in his car and drove off, through the gate. Leaving Noah stunned.

Noah saw three man approaching him. They were wearing army green uniforms and all there were wearing belts with batons, a can of what seems to be pepperspray and stun guns. One of them picked Noah from the ground, put him on his feet and dragged him towards a cabin. He got shoved through a door into a cabin and through another door into an office.
The men left without saying a word. Behind the desk sat an older man, grey hair, a slick smile, and the coldest eyes Noah had ever seen.

“Noah Mayer, welcome to camp James, my name is Jonah James and I am head of this facility. I am going to tell you the rules of this camp and than you will be taken to our health care department for a check up and to the clothing department for your uniform and other clothes before you get to your cabin. From this day forward your name is no longer Noah Mayer, you will be known as Cham James. You don’t speak unless you’re spoken to, you obey any orders given to you immediately. You don’t talk back, you don’t question anything that is going to happen to you. You just obey. You are not allowed to have any contact except for the ones we approve you to, you are not allowed to have any contact with someone of your sinned life. Do you have any questions so far?”
“yes, why am I here, isn’t this kidnapping? And what is with this name change? I am Noah Mayer.”
“we only act in name of god here, and the law’s as you know them don’t apply in the land of James. Here, we go by the law of god and that law is the jameslaw. You will find a copy in your cabin as well as a copy of the punishments that go by breaking the law. You are here because you live a life of sin. And we are going to cure that. Do you know your bible story’s?”
“yes I do.”
“then tell me, who is Cham in the bible?”
“he was the son of Noah that exposed his naked body and made fun of him. He was the bad son.” Noah stated
“that is why you are called Cham from now on. today, two of are students will visit you. You will have five minutes alone time with them. They will tell you about our camp and you can ask some questions. That will be your only private conversations. After that you will always wear a belt with a listening device. You will have to write 1000 words in your journal every night and we will read the journals at groupsessions every morning. The rest of the day you will follow your schedule. Do you have any questions?”
Noah shook his head, it was too much to wrap his brain around. All he could think about was Luke and what he must be going through now. He was sure Luke would come and find him, they belong together, it was faith. It had to be faith, he had to believe it.

The doors opened again and Noah was led out the first cabin and into another one. There was a waiting area with some young boys in there. They all wore the same uniform and they all had the same haircut. They all looked sad. There was no sound but the sound of their breathing.
Noah saw some of the boys didn’t look to good, some had black eyes, some had bruises in their face and they all had the same expression in their eyes. They looked dead, no emotion, no spark.

Noah felt fear rush through his body, his legs were trembling and he was not sure they would support his weight. One of his guards catched him before he could fall to the ground. He saw the world go black and gave in to the safety of his body.

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