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Title: Love At First Sight- A Nuke Story
Chapter: 1
Rating: G
Summary: Noah and Luke meet in NYC for the 1st time, and falls in love.(If they had never met in Oakdale)
Characters: Luke, Noah
Genre: romance
Warnings: none
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Noah was spending a week vacation away from everyone in NYC. He was looking out the window at his hotel room in Manhattan, enjoying the sights of this beautiful city. He needed to get away from home, since his recent breakup with his ex-boyfriend of 3 years, and a vacation to NY was just the perfect thing to do. About an hour later, he left his room, and headed out to look around the city. He was looking at the people walking around, whether heading to work, to a play, or just somewhere. He saw a gay couple walking, their fingers intertwined, and totally in love, so he was saddened when he saw this. He wound up not thinking where he was going, and he bumped into another man by accident. They both fell on their asses at the same time, and Noah's head started to hurt.

"I'm sorry sir, are you alright?", Luke asked.
"Yeah, I'll manage..., Noah answered, as he looked up, and saw the most beautiful man he ever saw, but can you help me up, please?"
"Oh sorry, the blond man said, as he pulled Noah up, let me pull you up."

They just stared at one another, still holding onto one another and having a smile on their faces. Noah thought: "Gee he really is cute...wonder if he's available..I want to kiss those luscious lips." Luke was also thinking too..."What a hottie...he would be good for me..I have to kiss him soon or I'll explode!!"

They started walking together, still holding hands, fingers intertwined. They caught the next bus to the Statue of Liberty, and sat down together. Luke managed to put his arm around Noah's shoulders, as he laid his head on Luke. Minutes later, they arrived at their destination. They got off the bus, and walked to the monument. They stared out at the river, and saw how beautiful the city was. They had been so quiet since their encounter in Manhattan, and they were beginning to really like each other. After a few minutes, they headed to the Statue of Liberty. They took the long climb up, until they reached the top. They looked out at the city together, and then looked back at each other.

"This is so beautiful, don't you think Luke?", Noah asked as he stared at this gorgeous man he was falling in love with.
"Absolutely perfect, Luke answered, it's just the thing I needed to distract myself from everything, but you."

Noah smiled, almost ready to cry, as Luke took him into an embrace, holding him tight. Luke comforted him, as Noah had tears in his eyes, happy for the first time in a couple of months. After a few minutes, they still were holding each other tight. They looked at each other with love in their eyes.

"You know what Snyder, Oliver said, as he caressed his hair gently, I think I'm falling for you."
"Same here, Mayer, Christian answered, I think I could...I think I love you already."
"You love me?", Noah asked, about to cry again.
"Yes, from the moment I saw you, I thought..can I really like him and fall for him...and it looks like I did.", Luke answered.

The next thing they both knew, they leaned into each other, and kissed very sweetly at first, before responding even more. They kissed like they were the only ones around, and held each other even more tighter than ever. After kissing for a while, they broke it, and held each other, looking out at the city. An hour later, they headed back to Manhattan. Luke walked Noah back to his room, as they went inside together. The next morning, they laid in bed, happier than ever, after a night of making sweet and passionate love. Noah woke up first.... staring at this man he fell in love with, and caressed his hair very gently. Luke finally stirred, smiled at his man, and kissed his hand. Luke got right back on top of Noah, and kissed him very passionately. Within a matter of minutes, Luke was inside his lover... once again making love to him, and kissing him even more. After they did it once again, Noah had his head on Luke's chest, fast asleep. Luke stared at his lover, and thought to himself..."Should I ask him to be my boyfriend?"

Later that morning, they were at a cafe, enjoying a late breakfast, and each other. They were still holding hands at times, playing with each other's fingers. The night before was about love, lust, and passion, and they enjoyed it so much, that Luke knew Noah was right for him.

"Mayer, Luke asked, I fell in love with you in the past 24 hours..... I think we could be together..will you be my boyfriend??"
Noah nearly cried again, as he squeezed Luke's hand, answering back, "I would love to!!"

They cried for a bit, as Noah pulled Luke onto his lap. He kissed those luscious lips he loved so much, caressing his boyfriend's hair at the same time. Their kisses got so much better, shoving their tongues into each other's mouth at the same time. After they kissed, the two boyfriends and lovers walked back to Luke's apartment for a day of passionate love and just spending time together. Months later, Noah moved in with Luke, as they both worked at a club they co-owned with a friend. Their relationship got even stronger, as they spent more time with each other. Ever since that day in Manhattan, it truly was love at first sight.

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TBC: Someone dies at Luke and Noah's club.

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