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Title: love at first bark
Chapter: 1/?
Rating: PG
Summary: a different way of how Luke and Noah meet
Characters: Luke, Noah, Jeff, Faith, Aaron, Lily, Holden,Frank, Linda
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“Damn it!” Noah swore as he crumpled the piece of paper he held in his hand up to a ball and threw it at his dorm room’s door.

At that same moment his roommate and best (and only) friend Jeff opened the door to their room and the little paper ball hit him in the chest.

“Hello to you too.” Jeff said as he picked up the paper ball and started to unfold it.

“Sorry.. That wasn’t meant for you.. Just bad timing.” Noah said apologetic.

“It’s ok.” Jeff said as he walked over to his bed, eyes on the paper ball. “What’s this?”


“Doesn’t look like nothing to me. Is it a love letter or something? Did you finally get yourself a guy Mayer?” Jeff teased.

“If only” Noah mumbled.

“Oh you finally got a letter from WOAK. That’s great!” Jeff said when he saw the WOAK logo on the creased paper.

Noah didn’t say anything but just waited until his friend had read the letter.

“Dear Mister Mayer. We -” Jeff started reading but Noah interrupted him.

“You don’t have to read it out loud. I already know what it says.”

Jeff rolled his eyes but continued to read the letter in silence.


“Yes, oh.”

“I’m sorry man, I really thought you would get it. It does say you’re number one on the list if someone drops out of the program.”

“That means nothing. I’m sure they put that in every letter.” Noah sighed. “I’m so screwed. I really needed that internship to help pay for school.”

“I thought you had a scholarship?”

“Nope, only partial. Because my sweet and loving and caring father is a military man and can support me financially.”

“But he won’t..”

“Give his gay son money for film school? That’ll never happen.” Noah sighed and let himself fall back on his bed and closed his eyes.

“You don’t know unless you try. He might come around and give you that money anyway.”

“Jeff, I told you about my father. There is no way in hell he will give me anything other than a good beating to make a man out of me.”

Noah had moved from Branson to Oakdale about a month and a half ago, hoping he would get the internship at the local TV station he had applied for. Getting away from his father and the endless army bases, making a fresh start in a little town called Oakdale in Illinois. It had almost seemed too good to be true.. and it turned out that it was.

His roommate Jeff had become a good friend over the past 6 weeks and he liked his classes so far. His only problem was that his savings were almost gone and he still had to pay half of his tuition money.

“I need a job, NOW.” He said more to himself than to Jeff.

“How about that place where you always go get coffee? Java? You said you liked that guy that works there.” Jeff suggested.

“Casey? Yeah I guess he’s not bad looking. But I’m not looking for a boyfriend, I’m looking for a job. And that guy is straight anyway, I saw him kiss a girl the other day. AND I don’t want to pour coffee all day.”

“Ok.. no coffee then.. How about.. Al’s? Maddie told me Henry is hiring.”

“Flipping burgers at your father in law’s diner? No thanks.”

“Good thing you’re not picky” Jeff said sarcastically. “And Henry is not my father in law. Maddie and I have only been together for 7 months.”

“I know.. I know.. it’s just that I’d sort of hoped I would get that internship at WOAK.”

“But you didn’t. So now you need to figure out what else you want to do. You don’t want serve coffee or flip burgers..”

“I don’t really care.. as long as it pays well.”

“Dance in a red thong in a cage in a gay bar?” Jeff suggested, only half joking.

Noah raised his eyebrow and laughed.

“You’ve seen me dance, haven’t you? No-one would pay to see that. And I doubt this place has a gay bar anyway.”

“Look I can probably get you a job at Al’s..” Jeff said, changing the subject.

“Alright then.” Noah sighed, not too thrilled about the prospect of flipping burgers after school for the next four years.

“Ok I’ll call Maddie and ask her to set up a job interview for you.” Jeff said while digging through his pockets and backpack to find his phone.

“Seriously Jeff.. I’ve seen girls with less junk in their handbags.” Noah teased his friend.

Jeff ignored him and kept looking.

“Hey what’s this?” Noah asked picking up a flyer that had fallen from Jeff’s coat pocket.

“What? Oh uh.. I don’t know. Some guy gave it to me on the way to class this morning.”

“I think I just found myself a job.” Noah said grinning.

“Ok, hold out your hands and close your eyes. No peeking!” Luke said laughingly as he backed out of the room and ran to the garage to get his little sister’s birthday present.

“Hey there little guy.” He said and bent down to pet the excited little puppy he brought home from the local animal shelter that morning.

“I’m sorry I had to keep you in here for the morning but I couldn’t risk Faith seeing you.” he said while putting the puppy’s lead on.

“You want to go meet your new family now?” Luke asked the puppy that was playing with its lead.

“Luuukkee! What’s taking you so long? Can I open my eyes yet?” Faith called out to her brother.

“I’m here, keep those eyes closed.” He answered and gestured to his other sister to keep quiet while his older brother Aaron put a hand over his little brother Ethan’s mouth.

Luke walked up to his sister and placed the lead on her outstretched hands and closed her hand around it.

“You can look now”

The girl opened her eyes and for a second her face fell when she realised her brother hadn’t gotten her the new iPod she wanted. That changed when she looked at what was attached to the other end of the lead she was holding.

“Oh my god! A puppy! You got me a puppy! He’s so cute!!” she said as she fell to her knees and started cuddling the puppy.

“He is about 3 months old, and he was rescued with his mother and brothers and sisters when he was only a few weeks old because his owner just left them without food. So he needs a lot of love
from you now.” Luke told his sister.

“What’s his name?” Faith asked.

“Dos. That means two in Spanish. Because he was the second puppy they found that day.” Luke said shrugging his shoulders.

“Two? That’s no name for a dog. I’m sure you can think of a better name for him.” Lily told her daughter.

“Bella! That’s a nice name.”

“It’s a boy Faith. You can’t call him Bella. Call him Billy instead.” Luke suggested.

“Billy is boring.” Faith replied.

After an hour of both Luke and Aaron suggesting names and Faith rejecting them all they had decided on Eddie as in short for Edward.

“Edward needs a Bella though.” Faith informed her brothers.

“It’s a dog, Faith, not a guy from a film. I’m sure Eddie will love his new life even without a Bella.” Aaron told his sister.

Luke sighed and got up from the sofa and walked to the kitchen, trying to block out his siblings arguing.

“She really loves her present Luke. I think you’ll be her favourite brother until Christmas.” Holden said jokingly.

“Yeah she wants another one though. Because Edward needs his Bella.” Luke said rolling his eyes at his little sister’s Twilight obsession.

Holden laughed.

“We’ll get her another puppy for Christmas.”

Luke raised his eyebrow at his father.

“Just like that? Since when are you that easy? Why weren’t you that easy when I was 14?”

Holden grinned at his son.

“I never said we’d get her a real puppy.”

Both men started laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh nothing, we were just discussing Faith’s Christmas present.” Holden told his wife and gave her a small peck on the cheek.

“Do I even want to know?” Lily asked smiling.

“Hey Luke is Eddie house-trained? Or trained at all?” Holden asked, changing the subject.

“Uhm..” Luke trailed off looking at his shoes.

“Luciano Eduardo Snyder” Lily said in a warning tone of voice.

Luke knew he was in trouble whenever his mother used his full name. He took a deep breath and gave his mother his sweetest smile.

“He can walk on a lead..”

Holden sighed and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Look, dad it’s just a puppy. He still has a lot to learn.”

“I thought we agreed that we would get Faith a dog that was house-trained at least?”

“Yeah but this little guy was just put up for adoption today and there were these other people also interested in him.. so I had to act fast.”

“He is healthy though isn’t he? Or will we end up with a huge vet bill before he’s a year old?” Lily asked.

“No, no he is completely healthy and the best thing is I signed up for obedience classes with him this morning. I saw some flyers at the animal shelter of some new dog training school that has just opened near the sports fields at the other side of town. The owner is some former military guy, he used to train dogs for the army. It looked good so I gave that guy a call and he said I was more than welcome.” Luke said quickly.

“How much is that going to cost me?” Holden asked.

“Nothing. I will pay for it all. It’s part of my present. And the first class is free anyway.”

“Ok but you take your sister with you so she learns how to work with that dog too.” Holden said and Luke nodded.

“Hi. My name is Noah Mayer, I called earlier.. I have an appointment with Major Johnson.” Noah told the woman sitting on the other side of the desk he was nervously drumming his fingers on.

“Major Johnson? I haven’t heard that one in a long time.” The woman said friendly. “I’ll go get Frank. Just take a seat, I’ll be right back.”

Noah did as he was told and sat down on one of the chairs in the canteen like office/waiting room/entrance hall/ whatever it was.

He felt something on his leg and when he looked down he saw an excited Jack Russell looking for someone to play with. Noah took the chew toy from the dog and threw it across the room. The Jack Russell happily chased it and brought it back to his new found friend, ready for round two.

“Oh I see you met Bullet already.” A friendly and somewhat familiar voice said and made Noah jump a little.

“Sorry kid, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“I- it’s ok” Noah stammered.

He expected the man to invite him into his office but instead he grabbed a chair from a nearby table and sat down.

“I’m Frank.” The man said and held out his hand for Noah to shake.

“Noah Mayer” Noah said and shook Frank’s hand.

“Mayer? Are you Winston’s boy?” Frank asked and Noah nodded.

“Wow. I haven’t seen you since you were 12 or 13 and played with my Dylan. How old are you now? 19? 20?”

“I’m 19, sir” Noah answered politely.

“Enough with the sir. We’re not in the army anymore.” Frank said friendly and patted Noah’s shoulder.

“Does uhm.. Dylan work here too?” Noah asked, hoping the answer would be no because he wasn’t looking forward to seeing the guy that gave him his first real kiss again.

“No.. Dylan enlisted. He wanted to serve his country and help people instead of playing with dogs all day.” Frank explained and rolled his eyes. “So how is Win doing these days? Is he in Oakdale too?”

“Uh.. no he is in Branson. I moved here alone. I go to OU.” Noah answered not wanting to tell the whole story again.

“And you need a job to pay for that?” Frank guessed and Noah nodded.

“Well we don’t have that many clients yet. But I start a puppy class tomorrow evening and we have *Flyball and **Agility every afternoon and night from 2 till 9.30. You’ll mostly be lugging Flyball machines and other materials around but you can be my assistant for the puppy class.”

“So.. I got the job?”

“Sure kid. I can’t say no to Win’s boy. Leave your name and phone number with my wife Linda at the front desk and be here at noon tomorrow so I can show you around the place a little.”

Noah thanked his new boss and felt happier than he had in a long time. Things were finally starting to look the way they should.


“Why do I have to be here too? You can train Edward and just tell me what they said and I can do it too.” Faith whined, hoping her brother would see her point and take her home.

“It’s your dog Faith. And dad wanted me to take you with me.” Luke replied. “Now stop whining. If you don’t want to go you can wait in the car because I’m not taking you home.”

Faith pouted but followed her brother to the field where their class was about to start.

“Good evening everyone. My name is Frank and over the next few weeks I will be teaching you and your dogs to understand each other and work together as a team. I hope I will see as many of you in the next class when you actually will be paying me.” Frank said and a few people laughed.

About half way through the class Luke had given up. He was convinced he looked like an idiot and Eddie was never going to learn any of the things he wanted him to do.

“Can I have everyone’s attention for one second please?” Frank asked. “I want to introduce my assistant to you. He’s the man with the dog treats so I’m sure your dogs will like him.”

Luke looked over to where Frank’s voice was coming from and saw him put an arm around a tall dark haired guy of about his age.

He’s cute. Luke thought and let his eyes travel down the guy’s body, checking out his chest and ass.

And then blue eyes met brown and Luke turned bright red.

He squatted down and started playing with Eddie and tried to convince himself he had not just been caught staring.

All of a sudden another hand appeared on the dog and someone squatted down in front of him.

“Hi, I’m Noah. Did you like what you saw?”



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