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Title: Love heals all wounds

Chapter: Prologue

Characters: Luke, Rachel, Reg

Rating: PG

Word Count: ~ 1,600

Beta: geezlouise

Disclaimer: This is just for fun. I don’t own, characters (except Rachel) belong to ATWT, CBS, P&G, etc.

Summary: Um, I don't know ... I guess you'll just have to read it to find out this time lol

Luke Snyder sat in a heap on the floor in the living room of his Old Towne apartment. Desperate to make sense out of what had just happened, Luke's eyes remained fixed on the apartment's front door. Less than 30 minutes ago, his boyfriend, Reg Addington, had broken up with him, after admitting to still have feelings for his ex-boyfriend from high school.

The confession had taken the 26-year-old Luke completely by surprised. He thought that he and Reg were in a happily-ever-after relationship. Luke had loved and lived with him for nearly two years.

How could a seemingly picture perfect relationship go sour so fast? Did Reg actually break up with Luke? Had their time together over the last several months been a complete waste of time, effort. . . and mostly importantly, love?

Such thoughts were flooding Luke's brain to where regular breathing was no longer automatic. He was operating on short, shallow breaths. Luke wanted so much to scream and to cry. But his eyes had another way of coping; attempting to bore a hole in the front door.

The light went out of Luke's whole life when Reg walked out.

"This. . . " Reg's gestured with his index finger between himself and Luke. ". . . isn't working. I can't be with you any longer, Luke."

The crushing words that changed everything rang out in Luke's head over and over again.

Releasing his fixed gaze on the door, Luke began to look around the living room. His glistening eyes stopped cold on a framed photograph sitting on a nearby bookcase. Luke crossed over to it and picked up the picture.

Faith had taken the close-up of Luke and Reg last year at the annual Snyder Family's 4th of July picnic beside the pond. Reg's strong arms were wrapped around Luke from behind with both of them wearing broad smiles for the camera. Clutching the frame against his chest, Luke closed his eyes and longed to return to that day when everything seemed so right with the couple.

He had no idea how long he had been standing there like that when a knock interrupted Luke's rehash of memories. God who could that be? There was no way Reg was coming back. His departure had been truly final.

The knocking became grew louder and more rapid as Luke slowly scuffed across the floor to the door. His feet felt like they were wearing cement boots. He knew of only one person with such an impatient knock. His best friend and neighbor, Rachel Anderson.

"Luke! Finally! Are you OK, honey?" The tall women with long straight black hair barreled into the apartment before pulling Luke into a bear hug.

"Pfffftt.What--" Luke stammered as he struggled to clear his face from underneath a curtain of his friend's long tresses. "What are you doing here, Rachel?"

"I heard you yelling at Reg all the way down the hall in my apartment. What happened?" Rachel stroked Luke's cheek and brushed away the remaining strands of her hair away from his face. "You look like hell, sweetie. C'mon, let's sit down."

She dragged Luke over to the couch and pushed him down on the cushions before dashing into the kitchen and returning with two bottles of water. Everything Rachel did was in dash mode.

Rachel rubbed Luke's back during a long, awkward silence. Luke finally looked up at his friend's green eyes and started to explain.

"He. . . um broke up with me," Luke said in a shaky voice, unable to even say the name of the now ex-boyfriend.

Rachel gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. She considered Luke like a brother ever since they had met seven years earlier as freshman pre-med students at Oakdale University. They were so close that if someone attacked him, she considered it an attack against her.

"He did what?" Rachel's voice bounced off the apartment walls. "Why?"

"Maybe I should have. . . He couldn't have fallen. . ." Luke wasn't speaking in complete sentences. Nothing he said was making much sense.

"Shhh. Luke. Honey." Rachel slipped her arm around her depressed friend. "Take a deep breath and tell me what happened. Start at the beginning and don't leave out anything."

Luke took a sip of water and then began his tale of woe. "Well," he blew out a heavy sigh. "The day started off like any other day."



The sound of the alarm had awaken Luke that morning at 6. With a widening yawn, he reached out to the other side of the double bed, searching for his boyfriend, Reg. But all his outstretched arm found were cold sheets.

At first, Luke didn't think anything of it. Reg would often get up early to make breakfast for the pair before Luke headed off to work at Oakdale Memorial. Luke headed out to the kitchen.

But he found neither Reg or breakfast. Thinking that something was wrong, Luke began to panic. Had his boyfriend ever come home last night?

Luke walked back into the living room. Finding his cell phone on the coffee table, he scanned through the display checking for any messages or missed calls. There were none.

Had Reg been in an accident? Luke was about to dial his boyfriend's cell phone number when he heard a key turning in the front door lock. To Luke's relief, his dark-haired boyfriend walked into the apartment.

"Well, good morning to you, too. Where were you all night?" Luke asked as he walked toward Reg. "I was starting to freak out here. I thought something bad had happened to you."

"I'm sorry. I wanted to be back before you wake up." Reg pressed a quick kiss against Luke's lips and started to walk past him.

So, he never came home last night, Luke thought. He grabbed his lover's arm and pulled Reg back to face him. "What's going on? If you weren't here, where were you? I think you owe me that much."

Luke then noticed how tired Reg looked. His eyes were bloodshot. Had he been crying?

"Yeah. You're right. You do deserve some kind of explanation," Reg said, looking down for a moment and then back to Luke's face.

"I just don't know how to tell you. So. . .I'm just going to say it." Reg took a step back. "Luke, do you remember me telling you about my first boyfriend? You know, Isaac?"

Luke nodded. "Sure. You told me that you met in high school and that you were a couple for three years. But then you broke up when he moved away from Oakdale." Luke tilted his head. "Did something happen to him?"

Reg shoved his hands in his pockets and shook his head.

"That's not it. Isaac's been back here in Oakdale for about a month now and. . . we've met several times." There was a moment of silence. "God, Luke. I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

What was happening here? Luke's heart rate quickened.

"What are you saying, Reg?" Luke's voice became more accusatory as he stepped closer to his boyfriend. "Have you been sleeping with him?"

"No! Reg vehemently shaking his head.

"Were you with him last night?"

Reg nodded. "But nothing happened, I swear it. I admit I still have feelings for Isaac. He wants to rebuild our relationship. But I told him that I needed to talk to your first." Reg began to tear up as he drew closer to Luke. "I came back this morning to tell you I can't be with you anymore, Luke."

"Shut up!" Luke spat and pushed Reg away.

"I am really sorry Luke. I tried to fight it but I--"

"I said 'shut up!'" Luke struggled to keep his emotions in check. "Two years, Reg." Luke shook two fingers in the other man's face. "We've been together for almost two years. Does that mean anything to you?"

"Of course it does, Luke! I loved you. I still do."

"Yeah. Right. You love me," Luke snorted. "That's enough. Get out." He hustled Reg to the door and opened it.



"… and then he left." Luke sniffled, his head now resting on Rachel's shoulder as tears began to roll down his cheeks.

"****, Luke. I can't believe he did that! What a prick!" Rachel said as she wiped away Luke's tears. Luke suddenly stood up.

"Honey. Where are you going?"

"It's getting late. I've got to get to work," Luke answered before heading back toward his bedroom. Rachel followed her friend.

"Luke, you're in no shape to work today." She gently turned Luke around from pulling a bath towel from a shelf in the hallway linen closet. "Take the day off. Call in and tell them you're taking a personal day. They'll get somebody to cover for you."

Luke used a corner edge of the folded towel to catch a falling tear. "I can't just take the day off," he sighed. "What about my patients? I can't abandon them because Reg broke up with me."

"Somebody else could take care of them," Rachel pulled out her cell phone from her pocket and flipped open the cover. " Please let me call in for you and say. . ."

"No!" Luke knocked down her hand. "Don't you understand? I'll go crazy if I stay home. I've got to get out of here!"

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