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Title: Luke and Noah
Chapter: 1 of 1
Rating: PG
Summary: Luke and Noah share ice cream.
Characters: Luke,Noah,Lily,Holden,Aaron
Genre: Romance,Humor
Warnings: None
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(Scene: Luke's bedroom. Noah walks in. Luke sleeps)

Noah: (walks over to Luke's room and sits on his bed. He wakes him up) Hey.
Luke: Hey.
Noah: Your mom made food for you. (Luke smiles)
Luke: Thanks.
Noah: How do you feel?
Luke: A bit better. A sleep really helps. (laughs)
Noah: Yeah. Do you wanna come downstairs?
Luke: Okay. (smiles. Takes his plate and walks downstairs, followed by Noah)
Lily: Hey, you didn't have to come downstairs.
Luke: I didn't want to eat by myself. (takes place at the table, Noah does too)
Holden: Well, that's okay, do you feel better now?
Luke: Yeah, a lot.
Holden: Do you have any special plans for today?
Luke: (looks at Noah) Eh, not really.
Noah: Nope, don't have any plans.
Holden: Okay, I thought, maybe you guys want to spent this day alone. We'll go to grandma, with Faith, Natalie and Ethan.
Luke: That's fine with me. (smiles)
Lily: I already thought you would say that. Holden, would get the girls? I'm going to pack our bags.
Luke: Pack your bags?Where are you guys going? Timbuktu?
Holden: No, we're not going to Timbuktu, but to the woods. We are going to take a hike.
Luke: I'll pray that you don't fall off the cliffs.
Holden: You do that. We're going. See ya. (Holden, Lily and the girls take off)
Luke: See ya.
Noah: Alone at last. Are you really feeling better?
Luke: Yes. I do. (flirts with Noah, puts his arms around him)
Noah: (flirts back, puts his hands on Luke's waist) Kind of your parents that they left us alone for the day.
Luke: Yeah, I know. (Kisses Noah) Why don't we make ourselves a dinner?
Noah: Only if you'll feed me.
Luke: (laughs) Sure, whatever you want. (gives Noah a quick kiss and walks over to the kitchen)
Noah: Why don't we skip the whole dinner, and go straight to dessert?
Luke: (smiles) Maybe we have some ice cream, and strawberries. (Noah smiles)
Noah: Oh, you like strawberries?
Luke: I love them! (grabs the ice cream and strawberries and two spoons)
Noah: Me too. (sits down on the couch, Luke walks over to him, and sits on Noah's lap)
Luke: That's good. Because your the first one to try these strawberries. (picks up a strawberry)
Noah: Ooh, yum.
Luke: Catch it if you can. (puts the strawberry between his teeth and kisses Noah)
Noah: These strawberries are really good.
Luke: I know, want another one? (does the same thing he did with the first strawberry)
Noah: Hmm, now it's your turn. (puts a strawberry between his teeth and kisses Luke)
Luke: These are really good. (opens the ice cream bucket) I hope that you like ice cream.
Noah: Sure do. And I like you too. (kisses Luke, as Aaron just comes in. Luke notices Aaron and immediately walks over to Aaron)
Luke: Aaron, what are you doing here?
Aaron: I just wanted to see my brother. Hi, Noah.
Noah: Hi.
Aaron: Did I interrupt something?
Luke: Not really. Mom and dad are gone with the girls and Ethan. Taking a hike.
Aaron: Taking a hike? (laughs) I already see your mom taking a hike.
Luke: I already told her that I'd pray that she didn't fell off a cliff.
Aaron: Way to go. Well, since it's completely extinct here, I'm gonna go. So, talk to you guys later? See ya. (leaves)
Noah: It's not completely extinct. (hugs Luke from behind)
Luke: No, we're still around. (turns around and stands in front of Noah) Still want to have that ice cream? (Noah smiles) Then we'll go watch a movie.
Noah: A movie? You know my style, it's that old kind of style, like stone age.
Luke: Did you thought that I wouldn't have old movies?
Noah: I thought you didn't like them?
Luke: There are some movies I like, like ''Casablanca.''
Noah: Do you have ''Casablanca''?
Luke: Yeah, my mom used to watch it when she was little. I guess she still has it somewhere.
Noah: Why bother to search, if we can do something else?
Luke: Like what? (smiles)
Noah: I can think of a few things. Like, (sees Luke laugh) are you laughing at me?
Luke: Just a little bit. Since when aren't you afraid of getting caught by one of my parents?
Noah: Still do, but I'm trying to get as much as comfortable as I can.
Luke: And that's great, just don't push things, if your not ready for it.
Noah: I'm not pushing things, but I just, I don't know. I guess I don't want to let you down.
Luke: Let me down? And why is that?
Noah: I don't know. (smiles) So, where's that ice cream? (Luke smiles)

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