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Title: Luke and Noah- Home For Thanksgiving
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: G
Summary: Luke and Noah share Thanksgiving Day together at home for a little while, before everyone came from the farm.
Characters: Luke, Noah, Lily, Damian, Ethan, Natalie, Faith (mentions)
Genre: romance, cuteness
Warnings: none
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" Luke?", Noah asked, as he just finished his food.

" Yeah, I'm right here!", Luke said , as he ran back into the room to see what his boyfriend wanted.

" Is it possible for you to get me seconds?", Noah said with a smile on his face.

Luke laughed, as he sat on the bed with Noah. They needed this time together, after the accident, after the adoption. Noah just couldn't deal with the family

right now. All he wanted is the one person he loved the most by his side Luke put an arm around Noah's shoulders, expecting him to pull away. But Noah

didn't. He needed comfort right now, and as much as he was frustrated and upset, Noah really needed Luke right now. He laid his head on Luke's shoulder,

and cried. Luke took him into his arms, as Noah cried uncontrollably.

"'s alright baby....I'm right here with you.", Luke said, as he whispered these words into his ears.

" I can't deal with this Luke, Noah said, holding onto his love, it's just so hard being blind and helpless. Especially on Thanksgiving."

" I know, Luke said, but this is gonna take one step at a time, and you need to cooperate with me. Now, are you in the mood for some pumpkin pie?"

" Mmmmmmmm.....pumpkin pie...I want some!!!!", Noah said, as his stomach growled very loud.

" Looks like my hungry bear is ready for some pie, right?", Luke asked.

" GROWL!, Noah's stomach said, as Luke and Noah laughed very hard, Luke I think it wants some pie. I'm hungry!!"

" Alright bossy, Luke said, as he kissed Noah's cheek, you stay here. I'll be right back with 2 slices."

As Luke took Noah's plate and cup, and left the room, Noah was once again alone in silence. He knew that he just had to do this for not only himself, but for

his family. And that included Luke as well. Noah was able to find his cane, and stand up. He was scared to make the 1st move on his own, but Noah knew he

just had to do it. So as he started walking towards the door, Luke came back with two pieces. He put them on the table, and was stunned by what he was

seeing. Noah was actually trying to get better, and this was the 1st step. Noah must have had radar, cause he walked straight over to Luke. He felt for him,

touching his chest. Luke grabbed onto his hand, and helped him downstairs. At this point, the others came home, stuffed and exhausted by an evening at

the farm. They were stunned, when Luke and Noah came into the room together. Noah knew everyone was home, so he started to walk over. He walked right

to Damian, the one man he despised as his 2nd father. When he came right up to the man, he almost tripped, but Damian caught his other son right away.

This time, Noah didn't let go, and he embraced his dad with a big hug. Damian hugged his son very hard, as Lily and Luke had their arms around each other.

" I say we all sit down at the table, and have dessert, Damian says as he looks at Noah, ok son?"

" Luke, the pieces are still...", Noah started to say.

" I'll go get them. We can save these two pieces for later.", Luke said, as he ran back upstairs.

5 minutes later, everyone was at the table. Noah sat in between Faith and Luke. Damian got up, and started to speak.

" Today is the 1st Thanksgiving that I get to spend with my family. I'm so honored that you all accepted me into your lives. I know you would want your father

here, and I respect that, but I am married to your mother now. And I'm happy to be your stepdad, Natalie, Faith, and Ethan. And I have my 2 boys right here

with me as well. Noah, Luciano, to see the both of you sitting here together, after a horrible ordeal, makes me so proud to be your father. I am so thankful for

my family....the ones I love, and the newest member of this family. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!"

" I've got to say something here too, Noah started to say, because I have given everyone here a hard time lately. I'm still struggling, but I am gonna stay

positive, and move forward. Mom, Dad, and of course my baby, you three have given me some tough love, and it has helped out some. But I will say this, I

am very thankful for family, friends, and the fact that if it wasn't for you all, I would have never lived to see this. Luke, you have been there since I woke up

from the surgery, and you never gave up on me. I'm sorry if I pushed you away, but I'm still trying to cope with the fact that I cannot see. So thank you, from

the bottom of my heart."

" And I love you too Noah", Luke said, as he kissed his boyfriend in front of his family.

All of a sudden they heard a loud growl. It wasn't Noah this was Damian. Luke and Noah busted up laughing again, because they knew what it meant.

" Come on, Damian, Ethan said, I want some pie!!!"

" You and Noah are definitely brothers!!, Luke said, laughing, Now let's eat!"

As everyone digged into the pie, Noah grabbed onto Luke's hand, intertwining their fingers. They may be family, but they loved each other so much. So

on Thanksgiving Day, Luke and Noah spent the day at home with their family.

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