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As Luke and Noah walked down the hall toward Noah's dorm room, many of the other students turned to gawk and stare. The couple was openly flirting, bumping hips, holding hands, kissing necks, and finally fumbling through the door into Noah's room.

"Whoa, I'm out," said Noah's roommate as he jumped off his bed, textbook in hand.

"Oh, my God," Noah said, giggling and pulling Luke to him. They laughed and kissed as they locked the door, Luke pulling his own shirt off.

"Don't you have to put a tie on the door or something?" Luke asked, pulling Noah's shirt off and letting out a quiet moan as his man's flesh was revealed.

"We never did before," Noah said, but nevertheless, he walked over to his closet and pulled out the tie he had received from Luke for Christmas.

Unlocking and opening the door, Noah quickly wrapped the tie around the doorknob as the man across the hall from him--Jared or something--quirked an eyebrow and laughed.

"I'm going to fuck my boyfriend," Noah explained, and then slammed the door shut.

Luke reached around Noah from behind, rubbing his palms against Noah's chest. "I like when you say 'fuck'."

"I'm going to fuck you," Noah said, turning around fast and kissing Luke hard. Luke pressed himself as close to Noah's body as he could, wanting Noah's warm skin against him and in him.


A small moan escapes his lips when he finally feels Noah's naked chest against his own.

Noah licks and bites his way from his mouth to his ear and whispers:
“seeing you stand up for what you believe in turns me into a little pool of hot wantness. I am going to fuck your brains out and when we are all sweaty, sticky and contempt I am gonna do it again.”

Luke just whines, his mouth crashing on Noah’s again, all teeth and tongue.

Noah pushes Luke towards the bed, unbuttoning his jeans in the meanwhile. He manages to push Luke on the bed and pulls of his jeans at the same time. Luke is not wearing any underwear and that makes Noah even more aroused.

He looks at the blonde god on his bed, his eyes dwell from those gorgeous blond straws to the intense brown eyes, down the pleasure trail, ending on his lovers incredible hard on.

His mouth waters and he decides to get a little taste, he needs to taste Luke. When he kneels down and let his tongue circle the top, Luke’s hands grab on to his hair, pulling him closer.
“fuck… Nooo-ah” Luke moans.

“I will soon” Noah grins before he opens his mouth to suck on Luke erection. Just softly but Luke is done being soft.

He moves his hips and pulls Noah’s head closer till Noahs mouth covers him completely. He is not able to stop moving and he fucks Noah’s mouth,

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