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Noah took the card from Luke. "So you still want to get an apartment together?"

Luke looked up from his computer. "Hell yeah I do. I'm not going to let some homophobe keep me from doing something that I have been dreaming of for months."

Noah reached over and took Luke's hand. "I know I acted like I didn't want to, but actually I have been thinking about it a lot since you brought up the subject."

Luke frowned at his boyfriend. "Then why didn't you say anything?"

Noah rubbed the back of Luke's hand with his thumb. "I didn't want to seem wishy washy. I'm usually the one that thinks things out remember?"

Luke smiled. "How could I forget? We are going to get a great apartment, in spite of this guy and are going to have a wonderful summer together."

Noah looked at Luke. The sureness that he had fallen in love with was definitely back and he loved it. He wanted nothing more than to take him in his arms and have his way with him. "...and what are we suppose to do in the mean time."

Luke caught the look in his boyfriend's eye, knowing exactly what he was referring to."After the other day, I don't think we should go back to your dorm and my parents are at my house...I guess spontaneity is out for a while."

Noah let out a sigh. "I was afraid you would say that. I guess I should start working on that apartment."

Luke nodded and went back to his computer. "I guess you should."



Luke went back to his research while Noah wento on with his assignment.

Hours rolled on, but to Luke it felt like time stood still. The only thing that got him out of his daze was a set of keys that flew on the keyboard.

Luke looked up to see Noah standing there with a goofy looking smile on his face.

" Can I take it from those keys on my keyboard and that smile on your face that you found an apartment?"

" Is it that obvious?" Noah said while bending down to meet Luke eye to eye.

" Is it all ours yet?" Luke asked.

" Yep. I just signed the lease." Noah said.

" Well, on that note I only have one question?" Luke asked his boyfriend.

" How much is the rent?" Noah asked his boyfriend thinking that he was answering his question, with the correct question.

" No! Rent is the last thing on my mind." Luke said to Noah while giving him that crooked smile that Noah loves so much.

" Uh......why don't you say we go check out our new apartment." Noah said.

" That sounds great! I'm especially looking forward to checking out the bedroom." Luke said to Noah while they walk out of Java.

" I don't think that we are going to make it to the bedroom." Noah said, while the front door to Java come to a close.


Luke and Noah began to walk across Old Towne, arm and arm. "Noah I just can't wait for out first night together in our new apartment." Luke said emphatically. Noah smiled and pulled Luke against his car.

"I know, it is going to be so amazing. No roomates bursting in, um interrupting us." They both chuckled and climbed into the truck, barely closing the door before they were all over each other.

"Luke if we don't stop right now we are going to be really late meeting Barbera at the apartment." This statement made Luke stop kissing his boyfriend's neck and looking up at him suprised.

"Who is Barbera?" Noah smiled.

"Did you even look at that business card?" Luke swiped him upside the head and gave him one last peck on the lips before buckiling up for the ride to their new apartment. when they got there, there was a woman with curly red hair waiting for them.

"Hello," she said extending her hand to shake Luke's. "I am Barbera Evanovich, realator."

"Hi, I'm Luke Snyder, foundationer. Is that a word?" He asked chuckling and snuggling into Noah's side.

"So Noah has told me all about what that landlord did to you two and I want you to know that this one will NOT be the same way. Ah here she is now." As she spoke a blond haired, tall skinny woman emerged from the building, clad in tight jeans and a vintage 'Grease' t-shirt.

"Hi I'm Amanda Evanovich. Barb here is my mother. She told me what happenned with you guys an I want to assure you I am NOTHING like him."

Noah smiled. "Thank you Amanda we appreciate that."

"Yeah" Barb spoke up. "She even has connections with some gay activests. She could help you with your case against him if you want."

"Really?" Luke asked. "That would be amazing thank you now I don't mean to sound to ancious but..." Before the question was even finished Amanda whipped out a packet of papers.

"We just need you to sign the lease to then we'll get out of you hair so you can um, christen the apartment." Luke blushed and took the packet and pen from Amanda before leaning on the truck and signing them.

"Thank you again Amanda."

"Your welcome, call us if you need anything. Now go have fun with your boyfriend." Luke and Noah nodded and ran upstairs to do exactly that.


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