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Nuke Clips From May 5, 2009

Nuke Episode Summary:
Lily and Holden talk about Noah staying with them. Holden suggests taking Noah and Luke to a baseball game and Lily asks if Holden wants to prove himself to Luke over Damien. Luke and Noah are out on the porch and Luke tells Noah that he's going to take care of him. Holden comes outside just before Luke and Noah kiss and asks if they want to go to a baseball game. Noah tells Luke he has two great dads. Lily walks into Worldwide to see Damien already there. Holden tells Luke and Noah that the Cubs are play in New York and suggests that they take Lucinda's jet to the game. Damien and Lily talk about joining forces with a foundation that deals with children and invites Lily to go to New York with him. Luke, Noah and Holden talk about the baseball game and Holden tells them he's going to find a restuarant that he and Lily liked. After the meeting, Damien asks Lily to lunch and they run into Holden, who's not happy that Lily is with Damien. Luke and Noah take a walk through the park, and Noah suggests they move to New York. Luke tells him that he would move to NYC with Noah later and they joke about how their roles have been reversed. Lily, Damien and Holden are at the restuarant when Luke and Noah walk up. Luke is upset that Damien is there with Lily until they explain why they were in New York together. Luke apologizes to Damien and thanks him for his help. Lily says it's time for Damien and her to leave when Holden suggests they fly home on Lucinda's jet together. Damien declines. Luke thanks Holden for what he did for him and Noah. He also assures Holden that he hasn't let his guard down completely with Damien. Luke goes back to Noah in the waiting room and Lily and Holden talk about communicating better and Lily promises that Holden has nothing to worry about. They kiss. Noah comments that Luke's parents have the right idea and they cuddle on the couch. Damien is at the restuarant on his cell phone and warns the person on the other end that he needs to keep his business private.

Memorable Nuke Lines:

Luke: Well the shoe is on the other foot now Mayer.
Noah: I like the sound of that.
Luke: (laughs) Down boy. I was talking about changing your bandages and stuff.
Noah: Oh, I was thinking more along the lines of physical therapy.
Luke: Not on my parents porch, but don't worry. Soon we are going to have a place of our own.
Noah: Wow.
Luke: Yeah, wow.

Nuke Interacted With:

Lily, Holden and Damien

Steamy Nuke Moments:

Important Nuke Moments:

They talk about their future.

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