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Title: Metro Surprise
Chapter: 1 of 2
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As the title implies, there is a surprise at Metro!
Characters: Luke, Noah, Casey, Alison, Hunter, Jade, Emily, Kevin, Mark, Lily, Holden, Damian, Henry, Kim
Genre: Angst, Drama, Mystery
Warnings: Character Death
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

“No peeking.”

“I’m not, I’m not!” Noah had his hands over Luke’s eyes, stopping him from seeing his birthday surprise.
“Are we there yet?”

“You don’t even know where ‘there’ is.”
“I can take a guess...Al’s?”

“The Pond?”
“No, stop guessing!”
“It’s the pond!”
“No it’s not. God I wish I had brought some tape to put over your mouth.”
“You wouldn’t?!”

“Try me.” Noah laughed.

Noah guided Luke into Metro, and waved at Casey, Alison, Jade and Hunter. Noah took his hand off Luke’s eyes.
Luke stood speechless.
“Wow…What you doing here?”

“Yeah, nice to see you too.” Hunter joked.
There were foil balloons with ‘Happy 20th Birthday Luke!’ food and drinks.
“This isn’t everyone Luke. Your family is coming down in a minute.”
“We invited nearly everyone!”

“But Noah was the brains behind this.”
Luke turned to look Noah.
“This was all your idea?”
Noah sheepishly nodded. “The last time it was your birthday…I wasn’t…I couldn’t-“

Luke put his arms around Noah’s middle. "Noah, it's OK. I understand."

"I just wanted to do something to make you feel special on your birthday."
Luke put his forehead against Noah's. "You make me feel special."
Noah leaned his mouth, placing his lips on Luke's.

"WOO!" Jade and Alison giggled.

"Come you lot. Everyone else is arriving. Let's get this party started!"


Lily, Holden and the other Snyder's were joining Luke's friends at Metro later on. Holden was giving Damian a piece of his mind. *rolls eyes*
Emily and Kevin were at Metro on business, organizing something for Oakdale U. Noah could tell by looking at Luke, that Kevin being there, on student government business, was ruining his party mood.
Luke turned his head to Noah. "Yeah. What's wrong?"
"I should be asking you that." Noah made Luke look him in the eyes, "Don't let him spoil your birthday." Noah kissed him to emphasize his sentence.
"Mm...nice." Luke sighed. "I guess your right."
"You don't guess, you know I am!" Both chuckled. The song changed.

Play this for a little while until I say to stop it.

"NOAH! THIS IS YOUR SONG! DANCE!" Alison shouted at Noah.

...A tall man walked into Metro and sat down. He stuck a small black box under the table, before leaving the club. Nobody noticed the man, people were too busy dancing and having fun.

"Jeez I'm beat. I'm going to use the restroom."
"Don't be too long Luke, It's your party!" Casey said, going to the bar to get more drinks. Luke patted Noah ass before heading towards the restrooms. Noah watched Luke strut away.
"Admiring my cousin are we?" Jade raised her eyebrows.
"I'm a very lucky man to have him."
Jade put a hand on Noah's back.
"You deserve to be in a relationship with someone like Luke. He is just a great guy."
"Yeah. I know."
"NOAH! Want another beer?"
"YEAH, thanks Case!" Casey gave Noah another bottle. Alison checked her watch.
"Luke's parents should be here by now."
"Give them a few minutes. They'll be here. Come on, it's Luke's birthday!"

Luke exited from the cubicle. (stop music)
He washed his hand and dried them. He opened the door...and stopped dead in his tracks.
"Hello Luke."
"Mark....what..." Luke noticed a button...a detonator.
"Happy Birthday Surprise."

Lily, Holden and Damian took shelter behind a trash bin, as glass and debris scattered everywhere.
Henry ran out of Al's
"WHAT THE!....Oh my god!"
Kim and all the interns ran out.
"...Everyone get back to the studio quick."
Damian dialled 911.
"...YES! I need a fire engine....there has been explosion at Metro."
"LUKE! LUKE!....LUKE!" Holden held Lily as she screamed out.

...To Be Continued...

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