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Title: midnight make up
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: G
Summary: The make up scene missing from the oct 30th ep
Characters: Luke,Noah
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“I have a paper to write” The words were still ringing in Luke’s ears. He really screwed up this time. Noah was really angry. He hadn’t even said good night when Luke had knocked on his door when he went to bed. It had only been a few hours since Noah had said those words but to Luke it felt like days. Noah was right, this whole election thing was getting out of hand. But he couldn’t do what Noah wanted him to. He couldn’t quit. He couldn’t just give up and let Kevin win. But he definitely didn’t want to lose Noah over this. He sighed and looked at the alarm clock on his night stand. 2.15AM. Noah is probably asleep, he thought and went back to staring at his ceiling. Another 30 minutes passed and Luke was starting to feel more and more guilty by the minute. He decided to get up and go talk to Noah. He already hates me anyway so I’ve got nothing to lose.

“Noah” Luke whispered as he softly knocked on Noah’s bedroom door.“Noah are you awake?”

After the third try he still hadn’t gotten an answer and slowly opened the door and quickly but carefully stepped inside his boyfriends room.

“Did I say come in?” Noah said annoyed.

“I couldn’t sleep. I need to talk to you.” Luke said remorseful.

“Talk to me about what? That you’re not dropping out of the election? That you’re going to do everything you can and more to win this thing? And that you only do it to get back at Kevin? Well in that case I say we’re done talking. Good night Luke.” Noah said switching the lamp on his nightstand off and pretending to go back to sleep, hoping Luke would get the message and leave him alone.

“No Noah we’re not done talking. And I know you’re not asleep. I’ve watched you sleeping enough times to know what you look like when you’re asleep, Noah.” Luke said with new found confidence.

“How do you know what I look like now? The lights are off and its dark, so you can’t see me.” said an annoyed voice from under the covers.

“Look, Noah I know you hate me right now and I know I’m probably the last person on this earth you want to see but please listen to me ok?” Luke pleaded.

He heard a sigh and the light on Noah’s nightstand was switched on again and he looked at an extremely annoyed Noah sitting up in his bed.

“Well? You said you wanted to talk but so far you’re not saying anything.” Noah said daringly.

Luke took a deep breath and walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it, hoping Noah wouldn’t kick him off.

“So uh did you finish that paper you had to write?” He asked jokingly trying to lighten the mood.

“Is that what you wanted to talk to me about? My paper? Is this all a joke to you Luke?” Noah said angry.

“No, no it’s not. I was just trying to lighten the mood a bit I guess..” Luke said fumbling with the sheets on Noah’s bed.

A small smile formed on Noah’s face which gave Luke the courage to carry on.

“I know you don’t like where this election thing is going. And to be honest I don’t know if I like it anymore myself. But I just can’t quit now.” Luke said avoiding Noah’s gaze.

“What do you mean you can’t quit? This is about Kevin isn’t it?” Noah said narrowing his eyes.

“Yes, It is actually.” Luke said finally looking his boyfriend in the eye.

“I honestly want to get back at him for what he did to me back then. I never thought I’d ever see him again and then when I saw him sitting there in Al’s.. everything just came back to me. The things he said and did when he found out I’m gay and the pain he caused me. He was my best friend, Noah.”

Noah raised his eyebrow and just looked at Luke for a while.

“As I recall he was a little more to you than just your best friend.”

“Ok yes, I had a crush on him. I had a crush on my straight best friend. Is that a crime?” Luke said defensively. “You still don’t trust me, do you? You really think I still have feelings for Kevin, don’t you?”

A few minutes passed and both boys just glared at each other.

“I didn’t come here to fight some more, Noah. I couldn’t sleep because I can’t stand the thought of you being angry at me. I don’t want to lose you over this.” Luke said eventually.

“I don’t want to lose you either Luke. But this whole election mess is turning you into someone I don’t know. I thought I knew you pretty well but I guess I didn’t.. What happened to the guy I met last year? The guy I fell in love with?” Noah said putting his hand on top of Luke’s to make him stop attacking the sheets. “I just want my boyfriend back”

Luke didn’t know what to say to that. Noah was right. He barely recognised himself anymore lately.

"I’m right here.. you never lost me.” Luke said sadly.

“I feel like I’m close to it though. You’re a writer, Luke, you are not some stone cold politician that will do everything it takes to win. That’s not you, but it’s who you’re slowly turning into.”Noah said pulling Luke a little closer.

“I know.. I really do know. I’ve thought of quitting more times than I can remember.. but every time I think of quitting I see Kevin’s smug face telling me the best man did win.” Luke said as he let Noah pull him further onto the bed.

“I really do understand you want to get back at Kevin for what he did to you in high school but I know you don’t want to sink to his level, do you? The mudslinging and name calling..” Noah trailed off.

Another 15 minutes passed without either boy saying a word. They were lying on Noah’s bed together just watching each other, listening to each other breathe.

“Noah?” Luke said softly.

“Yeah?” the other boy answered.

“I love you. And what I feel for you is so much more, so much stronger than anything I ever felt for Kevin. I.. I just want you to know that.” Luke said stroking the side of Noah’s face.

“I know it, and I love you too. And somehow we will make it through this campaign mess. I promise.” Noah said and pulled Luke close and kissed him.

"I need you Noah. I need you to help me with this election. I guess I need a running mate." Luke said jokingly.

“Running mate? Well I suppose I could do that.” Noah said grinning.

"Look at it this way; if I win you won’t have to be my first lady." Luke said and both boys laughed, their earlier argument forgotten.

“Luke?” Noah said trying to suppress another fit of laughter.

“Yeah?” Luke answered wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

“Why are you still wearing your Halloween costume?” Noah said pulling on the red scarf around Luke’s neck.

Luke looked down and realised Noah was right. He had been too wrapped up in his thoughts to take his costume off.

“I uh I guess I forgot to change when I went to bed..” Luke said feeling stupid.

“Well I think I just discovered I have a thing for pirates” Noah said and pulled his boyfriend closer by the scarf around his neck and kissed him.

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