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Author: Miracleboi (aka Alex)

Biography: Well where to start. I am 24, live in Sydney Australia and have been watching Nuke for well over a year now and i am fully addicted. I started writing FF after i was encouraged by a couple of members on here (thanks Bijou_, Tirpse, Bitrixbf you guys are awesome. if missed anyone sorry but yeah) and well as you can see working on various Fan fictions. hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as i enjoyed writing them. Nuke all the way. nuke 4 eva!

Stories: These are just some of the stories so far i have dona and that i am working on. Please note i do want to put a disclaimer here (cause well i love disclaimers hahahaha) ok well just a little thing, if you are going to read some of these fan fictions at work either point 1, make sure you have your browser minimised so only you can see and not your collegues around you (well duh there is some man on man action here, not everyone is in to that ya know!) and point two, if you happen to be any of my colleugues from work reading these at work, well what the hell are you thinking?? big brother is watching you know, so it aint my fault if you get busted!

with that said please enjoy!

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Just a quick note that i accidential put 2007 instead of 2008. my apologies

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