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Title-Mirror Mirror On The Wall,Who's Not The Fairest Of Them All
Disclaimer-I do not own Luke and Noah,or any characters related to ATWT, I do own any characters that I create

For my fanfic

They say,in stories about crimes,whether that crime be murder,rape,robbery,ext,it is always the person you least expect
The cherub who cares for her grandmother killed the hier
The angel who works with children raped the mistress
It's never the obvious person
It's never the drunk who lives in a hovel
Or the creeper from down the street
It's the quiet un-obvious ones you have to watch for,
Because in the end,its them that make the most noise


"Mr Snyder,we would just love to hear you tell us another story about your life" Basil said,staring at the handsome writer

Luke blushed politely and smiled

"I'm afraid that my life is but a bore to speak about" He said smiling kindly

"Oh Luke that's ridiculous,we've led a very interesting life don't you think?" His husband Noah piped up from beside him,smiling kindly

Luke snorted

"Most of said interest comes from your end of the table Mr Oscar Winning Director"

Now it was Noah's turn to snort

"Please,you flatter me far to much dear"

Luke chuckled

"But that's my favorite past time"

Basil pushed back his chair with a grin

"Well,it is getting rather late,and I think I'm ready to head home"

Everyone at the table nodded in agreement

As they walked out of the office,Luke let out a sigh

"Those dinner party meetings are SO boring' He grumbled loudly to his dark haired husband

Noah lifted there joined hands and kissed the gold band on his husband's knuckle,always loving the way the ring encircled the flesh,a sealing promise of love and devotion

"I know they are,but since were in this industry we are expected to attend these affiars"

Luke chuckled bitterly

"Were out of the party Noah,you can stop talking like were in a 1950's theater"

Noah grinned as they made there way to the limo

"Yes sir" He jokingly said,bowing to his husband

Luke was about to bop him over the head when a flash temporarily blinded them

"Ahh Mr and Mr Snyder, pleased to have bumped into you gents"

Luke groaned at the papparazis fake cordiality

"What the hell do you want?" He said rudely, the bite in his voice aggravated by his fatigue

"Oh feeling testy tonight are we?"

"I've had a long day and just suffered the longest and dullest dinner of my life,I'm entitled to be irritable"

"Come on baby ignore him and lets just go home" Noah said,attempting to drive his husband away from the annoying shrimp

Luke glared at the camera as the photos were snapped,allowing himself to be forced into the limo

"Really those people have no lives" Luke whined as they pulled away from the curb

"I know honey I know" Noah said,patting his knee comfortingly

Luke leaned his head back and groaned loudly

'All I want to do is get out of this ******* monkey suit and take a nice hot bath"

Noah leaned forward and kissed a tense cheek

"I'll be happy to draw one for you,I'll even put bubbles in it"

Luke smiled,relaxing a tiny bit

"That sounds wonderful"

As the limo pulled into the gated driveway, Noah tapped the seperation panel

The driver lowered it obediantly

"Yes sir?"

Noah sighed

"Jerry,how many times have I said call me Noah? And I wanted to tell you that I won't be needing you tomorrow,were staying in"

Jerry smiled

"Yes Noah,understood"

"Thank you"


Luke tossed his red dinner jacket off with a careless flick of his wrist,not caring where the expensive garment ended up

"Ahhhhhh that feels so much better" He announced,stretching his arms high above his head and sinking down into one of the huge overstuffed couch cushions

Despite all the money the couple had,they both absolutely refused to employ any staff members of there house,the only person they had working for them was there driver Jerry,but that was only because he had been out of work and they felt sorry for him

"Baby the bath is ready" Noah called out

Luke sighed happily as he shuffled to the bathroom,the sight of the bubbling bath very very inviting

And the sight of his gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous that is,husband standing near the bath ledge holding a bottle of lavender massage oil was even MORE inviting

Luke divested himself of his clothing in about ten seconds flat and allowed himself to sink deep into the water,groaning happily at the satisfying heat and froth of it

Noah spread some oil onto his hands and warmed it up,then braced a hand on each of his husbands shoulders, spreading it as he began to kneed the incredibly tense muscles,feeling them shudder under his hands

Noah frowned as he began unknotting every kink, knowing how stressed Luke got during these outings,something about them always unnerved Luke,and Noah still wasn't sure what it was

Luke was silent now,completely zoned out as Noah brought life back into his muscles

Neither man noticed anything strange

Neither man noticed that they were not alone

But they weren't being watched either

Later on,they would wish that it would've been that simple.

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