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Title: Missing Moments
Chapter: 1/1
Rating: PG
Summary: 4 moments that are missing from the nuke story
Characters: Luke, Noah
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“Hey, what are you doing? I told you, no working on your script tonight, we’re going to relax and have some fun.” Luke said as he walked into the living room of his and Noah’s apartment and saw his boyfriend typing on his laptop.

“I’m not working. I’m just checking my email. Checking up with civilisation.” Noah replied and enjoyed the view of a half naked Luke who’d just stepped out of the shower.

“Checking your email huh? Is that what they call it these days?” Luke said jokingly and walked over to the sofa and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck while reading the screen over his shoulder.

As soon as Noah felt Luke’s arms on his body he quickly closed his laptop and turned slightly so he could kiss him.

“What were you typing?”

“Hmm? What? Oh..uh.. nothing, nothing important.” Noah said dismissively.

“If it’s nothing why aren’t I allowed to see it? If you’re planning something for my birthday.. you know that was three months ago right?”

Noah chuckled.

“I know, I remember, we had fun that day. And no I’m not planning anything for next year or our anniversary or Christmas or anything like that either. I wasn’t doing any planning.”

“You were working on your project weren’t you?”

“No, no I swear I wasn’t. I was just typing an email.”

“To who? To Mason? To your other boyfriend?” Luke said annoyed.

“Other boyfriend? What are you talking about? You are the only guy I want. I love you.” Noah said sweetly and tried to kiss Luke again.

“Oh no. I’m not letting you distract me like that.” Luke said taking a step back and crossing his arms in front of his chest. “What is it that is so top secret that I’m not allowed to see it? No secrets
remember? We would tell each other everything remember? Talk about things.”

Noah sighed. He loved Luke more than anything or anyone in the world but when he made such a big deal out of something that small he could very easily give someone a very big head ache.

“I was sending an email to Ameera.” He confessed and avoided Luke’s gaze.

“Ameera?” Luke asked surprised.

Noah nodded and opened his laptop again.

“I didn’t know you kept in touch with her.” Luke said apologetic and sat down on the sofa next to his boyfriend.

“When she left I told her to keep in touch, let me know how she was doing. We email from time to time.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me?” Luke asked softly, running his fingers through Noah’s hair.

“I don’t know..” Noah trailed off and looked his boyfriend in the eye giving him his best I’m sorry, please forgive me look.

Luke smiled and placed a kiss on his boyfriend’s knuckles.

“Did you think I’d get mad or something?” he asked.

“No.. I just didn’t want to upset you. I mean it wasn’t exactly the best time in our relationship. I didn’t want to bring back those memories.” Noah explained. “I didn’t want to hurt you.. again”

“It’s ok, really.” Luke said softly. “I don’t hate her or anything. It was a bad time for all three of us.. So how is she?”

“Uh.. she’s alright I guess.” Noah said, scanning the email. “She’s enjoying her free time now she doesn’t have any classes for the summer. She’s job hunting and looking for an apartment with her friend..”

“Have you told her we moved into our own place?”

Noah chuckled.

“Yeah I told her in my last email and I got two replies. This one and this.” he said as he opened a different email saying nothing but: FINALLY!! ABOUT DAMN TIME!!

Luke laughed.

“I always knew she was a smart girl.”


“Hello boys. It’s so good to see you again. I don’t see you two anywhere near enough these days.” Emma said, hugging first Luke and then Noah as they walked into the farm house kitchen.

“Hey grandma.” Luke greeted her as he hugged her back

“Hello Mrs Snyder” Noah said politely as Emma kissed his cheek.

“Oh come on sweetheart, call me Emma or grandma. I’m only Mrs. Snyder to people I don’t know. You are part of the family.”

“Just call her grandma, you know that’s what she wants. She has a new favourite grandson.” Luke teased.

“We brought you a little something.” Noah said ignoring his boyfriend’s teasing as he handed Emma the flowers they’d bought for her.

“Oh they’re beautiful. I’ll go put them in a vase right now. Can you boys set the table for me? Dinner will be ready soon. I made your favourite.”

“Are you talking to your new grandson now grandma or will I do too?” Luke asked jokingly.

“You haven’t changed one bit. Still that big mouth like your father. I don’t know how many times I’ve threatened to wash that mouth out with soap. I don’t know how I ever put up with you around here.” Emma said in the same joking manner as she handed Luke three plates and some knives and forks.

“Is it just the three of us tonight?” Noah asked.

“Yes, yes it is sweetie. I hope you boys don’t mind having dinner with this silly old woman.”

“Of course not.” Noah said quickly.

“Yeah Noah’s been dreaming about your cooking grandma, he misses your oatmeal cookies.” Luke teased.

“How do you put up with him and that mouth of his?” Emma asked Noah.

Noah laughed. He loved how Luke turned into this teasing, joking 15 year old boy around his grandmother.

“Oh I have my ways to get him to behave.” Noah said and pulled Luke close and kissed his cheek.

“I’m so glad everything is going so well for you boys. I miss having you around here, the farm is so quiet without you.”

“Well as much as I loved living here.. I’m glad we have our own place now.” Noah admitted, his arm still around Luke’s waist.

“Me too. But I do miss your cooking too grandma. Henry doesn’t cook quite as good.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve been living off food from Al’s?” Emma said shocked

“No not just from Al’s.. but it’s just easier when we’re tired from work and don’t feel like cooking to just pick something up on the way home.” Luke explained.

“But we do cook.” Noah said quickly when he saw the horrified look on Emma’s face.

“No wonder you boys look so thin and so pale.” Emma said worried.

“We’re fine grandma, really.” Luke said as his grandma made him sit down at the dinner table.

“Well then just do me a favour and eat your dinner. I want to make sure you boys eat right for at least one night this week.”


"So when do we get to see your apartment?" Lily asked her son.

“Soon, mum, I promise. As soon as we’re done unpacking.”

“You still haven’t done that? You moved out a month ago.”

“Yeah well we’ve been busy.. The place is still a mess.”

“Luke, I’ve been picking up your dirty clothes and comic books and god knows what else all your life, I can handle some unpacked boxes and dirty laundry.”

Luke sighed

“I’m sure you can mum but the place just isn’t ready yet. We have to find a way to fit Noah’s DVD collection in our apartment and still have room to actually walk and live.”

“Do you need some help? I’ll send your father over to put up some shelves.”

“No mum, we’re fine and sending dad over to spy at us is a bit desperate isn’t it? I promise you as soon as we’re settled we’ll show you every little corner.”

“I just want to help you. You two wouldn’t let us help you pack or move. I have your address but I’m not allowed to visit.. I miss you honey, I‘m used to having you, both of you around.”

You still have the girls and Ethan and Jade to mother over. And Noah and I are coming over for dinner tomorrow.” Luke said trying to lift his mother’s spirits.

“Jade might as well move out. I hardly see her anymore now her and Casey have started dating.” Lily complained.

“I know, call Margo and have coffee with her to talk about your crazy kids.”

“Ugh no, Casey is a sweetheart, he makes Jade happy and Margo is a very nice woman too, but I’ve seen a little too much of her the past few months.”

“Well wouldn’t it be nice to see her outside of the Oakdale police station?”

“That would make a nice change yes. To talk to her when she hasn’t arrested my son for breaking and entering.”

“See, I’m full of good ideas today. Why don’t you meet up with her on Thursday afternoon. You can have coffee in Java and see me and Noah. Noah works till 4 on Thursdays.”

“Maybe me and your sisters will stop by. And you can show us the apartment after Noah’s shift.”

“You’re never going to give up are you?”

“Is it so strange that I want to see where my son lives?”

“It’s not that special mum, not at all. It’s a bedroom with a bed in it and two nightstands, a big sofa and a TV and Noah’s 50.000 DVD’s in the living room. We have a dinner table with four chairs in a
corner of the living room but that’s still covered in boxes and a small kitchen. That’s it.”

“Well as your mother I have a right to see this nothing special apartment. It’s your home Luke. The home you share with your boyfriend.”

“Oh so that’s the guy that was lying next to me when I woke up this morning.”

“That’s not funny Luke.”

“Mum, I have to go, my battery is low and I’m almost home. We’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll come over after Noah’s shift.” Luke said as he walked up the stairs and dug his keys out of his pocket.

“Ok honey. We’ll finish this conversation tomorrow.” Lily said making it sound like threat more than a promise.

“Sure mum, I really have to charge my battery now. See you tomorrow, love you, bye” Luke said and hung up, took off his jacket and walked over to his boyfriend sitting on the sofa to give him a proper kiss hello.

“Shouldn’t you plug your phone in?”

“Hmm? Oh no, the battery isn’t dead, I just needed to get rid of my mum.”


“Who knew looking after a 5 year old for a few hours could be so exhausting.” Noah said as he let himself fall backwards on the sofa in his and Luke’s apartment.

Luke laughed and sat down next to Noah who put his head in his boyfriend’s lap.

“You say that every time. But you love spending time with Ethan and he adores you.”

“Hmm yeah I guess I have that effect on Snyder men.” Noah said jokingly and happily met Luke’s lips with his own for a quick kiss.

“Ethan definitely isn’t the only Snyder that has a soft spot for you... My dad and Aaron really like you too.. and I’ve seen the way Brad looks at you sometimes.” Luke said and both boys burst out laughing.

“Do you think we’ll ever have that?” Luke asked a little while later when they’d calmed down again.

“Have what?”

“Our own family.. You know 2 kids and a Golden Retriever and a house in the suburbs. That kind of thing.”

“Is that what you want?” Noah asked seriously.

“Not right now.. but someday.. yeah I think I’d like to have kids. Don’t you?”

“I don’t know.. the perfect little American family.. that isn’t really my thing.. but I guess we’ll never be like that anyway.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“When we start a family.. our kids will have two dads.”


“So.. That’s not exactly the way most people picture the perfect family.”

“Yeah well times change, things change, people change and those pictures people have in their heads should change too.” Luke said defensively.

“Hey no need to convince me, I agree with you.” Noah said, reaching up to stroke Luke’s cheek.

“But I think we should get married first before I get you pregnant.”

Luke laughed.

“Get me pregnant huh? How were you planning on doing that?”

“I don’t know yet. We’ll figure something out. We’ll just have to keep trying different things because I don’t want to lose this hot and tight body. Just imagine what pregnancy will do to my hips.” Noah said trying his best not to laugh.

“You, Noah Mayer, are a dork.” Luke said laughingly and leaned down to place a kiss on Noah’s lips.

“Maybe. Buy you’re in love with me. So that makes you a dork lover.”

“Yeah, dork lover and proud of it.”

“I think you’ll make a great dad someday.” Noah said a few minutes later.

“I don’t know... I think you’ll be the one that spoils the kids rotten though. Especially if we’ll have a daughter. She’ll be daddy’s little girl. I see the way you are with Faith and Nat, they have you wrapped around their little finger. You’ll be worse with our daughter.”

“Oh yeah and you’ll be the responsible parent, right? In your dreams Snyder. You are just as bad with your sisters. A little pouting and some please Luke’s and you’ll do anything for them. They already made you promise they would be flower girls at the wedding and we’re not even engaged yet.”

“There’s things we can do about that.”

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