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holden. why cN'T YOU BE NY DAD?!
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As Luke left his boyfriend alone in the room, Noah's frustrations and emotions took over him. He cried so hard, that he just didn't know what to do. The fact

that he couldn't see anything, let alone be angry with Luke and Damian for it, made the frustrations even more worse than before. At this point, Holden arrived

to see Noah. As he opened the door, Noah thought either Luke or Damian was coming back. He sat up, ready to go off on his boyfriend and newly adopted

father. " I thought I told you to leave,. Noah said, getting more upset by the moment, cause I need some time to figure this out." "Noah?, Holden said, sitting

down in the chair, it's not Damian or Luke. it's me. Luke told me what happened." "Did he tell you that they're responsible for Mason's termination? Now here

I am sitting here, not able to see, and it's just not fair., Noah said, the fear settling in, Why me? Why is it that Damian just had to get Mason fired, and as for

Luke, well I don't know what to say to him right now." Holden looked at his son's boyfriend, understanding how he was feeling at this moment. He thought

back to when Luke was paralyzed, and how Noah got him through it. "Remember when Luke was going through the same thing? He couldn't walk, and the

frustrations and emotions just took over him. Now my son, you are going through the hardest thing in your life. And Luke needs you to let him help you. He

loves you so much, and he wants to do this whether you like it or not.", Holden said, as Noah was this close to crying. Noah's emotions took over him, and

Holden held him in his arms, as he sobbed uncontrollably.