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Title: Christmas 1867
Chapter VIII
NC 17
Summary: The continuation of Luke and Noah's relationship in the Victorian World.

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Chapter VIII
***This story is rated NC-17***
Luke and Noah got up early, dressed hurriedly, and had a quick breakfast. In order to save time, Noah passed on the usual lavish meal that Emma usually provided and ate the same quite Spartan breakfast that Luke had eaten every day since they met over four years ago, a hardboiled egg, two pieces of rye bread, and tea. They were taken to the station by the coachman in a sleigh and were, as one always was when one was with Luke, twenty minutes early for the train to Chicago. Both Luke and Noah were very excited; they were going to be alone together for two wonderful days, something which had not occurred since they were at Yale. Even more importantly, a trip of many months to Europe was only a bit more than a month away. The changes that had happened in the last few days were truly enormous, and what was most unbelievable was that all of them were for the better. As they discussed this, Noah looked at his lover with immense pride, since it was Luke alone who had come up with the scenario that was changing their lives. “You are incredible, Luke, you are not only the most beautiful boy in the world, but you are also the smartest.” Luke just smiled up at his lover. “Of course, I am the most beautiful and smartest boy in the world, that is obvious, but more importantly I know that the only thing that I want in the world is you, and I will do anything at all so that we can be together. If this plan had not worked, I would have tried anything, even if I had to kidnap you and keep you a prisoner forever.” At that point, the train pulled noisily into the station; Luke and Noah got on the train and found their places in the first class carriage. They sat very closely; their legs pressed closely together, their hands intertwined for the duration of their journey. The three hour train trip passed incredibly quickly, as they spoke of Europe and all that had been going on with Luke’s family in the past few days. It was wonderful to be alone together, just to be able to talk without any fear of being overheard or interrupted, and both boys enjoyed their time together immensely.

Upon arriving in Chicago, they first drove to the Hotel Sherman where Emma had advised them to stay. The desk clerk was at first less much than attentive to the very young looking blond boy who was requesting a suite, but presenting Emma’s card changed everything quickly, and though it was long before the time when rooms were supposedly ready for check in, they were ushered to a most attractive suite with a large bedroom containing two double beds and a rather small but attractive sitting room. Noah patted the bed, as he told Luke to come to him now. Luke laughingly shook his head informing Noah that they would have to save that for later, but that now they would go and buy the tickets for the sea voyage to Germany. As much as he was excited by the thought of having sex with Noah, Luke was even more excited about having their steamship tickets; it was only when he held them in his hands that he could believe that they were really going. This, of course, did not stop them from utilizing their privacy by hugging and kissing for at least fifteen minutes before they were able to force themselves to leave the room.

They took a carriage through the traffic clogged streets of the city which presented a great contrast to quiet Oakdale. They soon arrived at a large and bustling building that contained the offices of all of the major steamship companies which left from any American port. After some searching, they found the offices of Nord Deutscher Lloyd, the major company that provided passenger service between America and Hamburg and Bremen. Since he had been staying with Luke and his family, it was hard for Noah to remember that America was an English speaking country, since here too all business was conducted in German. Luke told the agent that they were looking for first class accommodations with a sitting room for as early as possible in February to either Hamburg or Bremen. Here again the presentation of Emma’s card meant a great deal, and the agent who had suddenly become overly solicitous told them that they could leave New York on February 1 on the Hermann, one of the line’s newest and finest ships, bound for Bremen. The agent was somewhat surprised and even a bit perplexed when both Luke and Noah smiled broadly when he told them that winter crossings often took several days longer than crossings did later in the year; the trip might take as long as fourteen or fifteen days dependent upon weather conditions in the north Atlantic. Luke told him that that most certainly would not be a problem as they were especially looking forward to being on the sea for a nice long voyage. Luke was beaming broadly as he was handed the tickets for Cabin 17 on the Hermann from New York to Bremen on February 1. They stopped for lunch at a small German restaurant where Luke’s family often ate when they were in Chicago, where Noah had to do all of the ordering in German as practice for their upcoming trip, and they found themselves enjoying a delicious and leisurely meal, since for once there was no pressure of time or of other people; they had two whole days to be alone together.

The streets were even more traffic clogged than they had been earlier, and they decided to walk back to the hotel easily retracing the route the carriage had taken. It was very cold about zero degrees, but the walk was considerably shorter than the carriage ride and much more interesting as they heard at least 20 languages being spoken by members of Chicago’s large and diverse immigrant community. Noah had also become much fonder of cold weather than he ever had been since he now associated the cold and snow with Luke who loved them both. After opening the door to their rooms, Noah picked Luke up and carried him across the sitting room then lay him down on one of the large double beds. “Of course, I had to carry my bride across the threshold,” said Noah with a wicked grin. Luke said nothing but blushed adorably and smiled happily at his lover. They both luxuriated on the large and comfortable bed as they kissed and embraced contentedly. Noah asked Luke as he held him tightly in his arms, “Are you happy, my wonderful perfect boy?” “Happier than I have ever been, happier than I ever thought I could be,” he answered as he looked adoringly at the man he loved so very much. Noah was, as always, totally intoxicated by the look of pure love shining from Luke’s beautiful eyes. Noah suddenly felt a surge of pity and a feeling of compassion for the whole human race, for all of the people of the world who had never had Luke look at them like that with that ravishing look of overwhelming, complete, and trusting love, and who therefore could never even begin to know what it meant to be really happy and what it felt like to be truly loved.

They watched each other undress; as always, Luke was very quick in everything he did, and he was already lying naked on his stomach watching intently as Noah took off the last of his clothing. He walked over to Luke and stood before him with his big cock only inches away from his lover’s angelic face. He felt breathless when he saw Luke’s naked body, with his perfect legs, and his incredible pretty little ass. His cock showed Luke how excited he truly was as it throbbed uncontrollably before him. Luke immediately began to kiss it and lick it, showing Noah how much he loved him and wanted him. He put his arms around Luke and pulled him up and kissed his firm but soft, warm, and trembling lips as Luke clung to him with passionate abandon. After ten minutes of hot, probing kisses, Noah told him that he should get back down on the bed in exactly the same position he had just been in since this afternoon he wanted to take him that way for a change, to take him with Luke lying on his stomach, legs spread, and that hot boy ass begging for everything that he had to give it. Noah knelt behind him tracing patterns on Luke’s ass with his hard cock; Luke responded by making soft small happy noises.

“What do you want, Luke, tell me?” Noah said in hot very sexually aroused voice. “I want you to fuck me, Noah, fuck me, please,” Luke responded in his soft shy boyish manner. Noah put his fingers, first two, then three, then four inside Luke who was soon squirming from the wonderful things that his lover was doing to his body. Noah maneuvered his cock into Luke’s tight ass, and began pushing it deeply into the boy he loved. He slammed his body into Luke again and again, forcing his cock deep inside his lover. Luke was wildly turned on as he moaned and squealed and begged Noah to keep fucking him. Noah after ten minutes of passionate love making felt an incredible pressure building up inside him and he was soon erupting flows of hot come which Luke’s ass hungrily devoured. Noah left his cock inside of Luke as he began kissing his neck and running his hands all over his lover’s perfect body. Luke kept provocatively squeezing Noah’s semi hard cock with his tight ass, and Noah’s cock was soon responding getting bigger and harder deep inside his lover. Loving the reaction he was eliciting from Noah, Luke began wiggling his ass on the bed as he kept tightening it, and soon Noah was back with a full erection which was soon fucking Luke’s beautiful ass for a second time. Of course, this time it took much longer. He could tell how much Luke loved the long slow fucking by all of the contented noises that his lover was making. Noah this time was able to make love to his lover for more than twenty minutes which caused Luke to keep on whimpering, moaning, and squealing with the words “fuck me, fuck me,” barely audible among all of the other supremely contented sounds that Luke was uttering. With a low loud groan and a shudder that affected his whole body, Noah came again inside his lover. Both boys completely exhausted from their prolonged love making were soon asleep; their bodies still pressed closely together, their legs and arms intertwined, and their faces and lips lightly touching each other.

Luke woke up and was surprised to see that it was already dark; looking at the clock, he saw that it was already almost seven thirty.He woke Noah and they dressed quickly before going down to dinner. Noah apologized for spending some of their precious time alone together sleeping, but Luke totally dismissed his apology since he reminded him they had spent the time as close as any two people could be sleeping in each other’s arms in the pleasant exhaustion following their very physical sexual encounter. The hotel dining room was most attractive with several violins playing in the background, and very polished and discrete service, perfect for a romantic dinner a deux. They both discovered to their surprise that they were indeed very hungry and very much enjoyed the hotel’s delicious food and excellent wine. They sat talking pleasantly for hours over the second bottle of wine, just as happy and contented over the dinner table as they had been in bed together a few hours before. After they called for the bill, Luke looked warmly across the table at Noah, saying, “this is what the rest of our lives will be, my darling; we will never have to be separated again.” Noah answered him in loving and tender tones, “Yes, I know, Luke, and we almost lost it all because of my stupidity and weakness, but you saved us, my angel boy, you saved us” As so often happened when they were together, Luke began blushing, as they briefly allowed their hands to touch on the table.

They returned to their rooms; Noah sat in the large comfortable chair in the sitting room, and in moments Luke was contentedly sitting on his lap cradled in his lover’s arms as they kissed and embraced. After a few minutes, Luke asked if Noah had decided what exactly he would tell his father about their plans for the trip to Germany, and how he would present things in such a way that his father would consent to the longest trip possible. Noah’s response showed that he had already given a great deal of thought to the question as his lengthy answer demonstrated. Luke after happily approving all that Noah had said excitedly yet somewhat shyly made a tentative suggestion of his own. “What if I came with you and talked to your father as a part owner and the American representative of the Wilhelm Wambach company.? I could show him how very interested we are in doing business with your firm.” Noah to Luke’s complete surprise said that he thought that would be a very bad idea indeed and offered several practical reasons why. Luke, who habitually overanalyzed everything, especially anything to do with Noah, was very unhappy with what Noah had said as he felt that his response meant that Noah was indeed ashamed of being with him and wanted to hide him from his family. Noah who knew Luke very well and totally understood how his mind worked could tell immediately what Luke’s problem was, and he endeavored to solve it as quickly as possible since he hated the look of hurt and sadness that had immediately spread over Luke’s beautiful face. “Luke, of course, I am not ashamed of you at all; I am certainly not trying to hide you or to shut you out of my life. I am just attempting to keep a potentially difficult and totally unnecessary problem from occurring. My father has only seen you twice; once at graduation, and once when he was leaving my family’s summer place the day you arrived a few years ago. Knowing him as I do, I am sure he probably does not even remember meeting you at all since no money or possible profit was involved. I will admit, Luke that I have spent the past four years trying to keep the two of you apart as much as possible.”

Noah could tell from Luke’s devastated expression that he was made even more unhappy by that answer. “I was right, Noah, you are ashamed of me,” Luke said sobbing in his saddest and most vulnerable hurt little boy voice. Noah playfully messing Luke’s beautiful soft blond hair and gently kissing Luke’s pouting mouth, laughed aloud saying, “No, you silly boy that is not it at all. I never wanted my father to know that my roommate at Yale and my best and only friend was the most beautiful and most desirable boy in the world. If you came with me to speak to my father about the business arrangements, he would doubtless see through them all completely when he saw how incredibly good looking you are. He would I am sure know that everything that we have arranged is all nothing but a ruse designed to allow me to be with you so that I could spend the rest of my life having sex with you.” Luke smiled and blushed in his cutest and most adorable manner, and Noah could tell that Luke was truly well satisfied with his answer. “Do you really think that I am that attractive, Noah?” Luke asked ingenuously his eyes overflowing with love and happiness. Noah holding Luke very tightly whispered into his ear, “Of course, you are Luciano, you are the prettiest boy in the world, but it is even more than that. Just looking at you, anyone would know that you are a boy who needs to be loved, taken care of, and adored, and anyone who saw me looking at you, would have to know that I am the man who does all of those things and how very much I love you, and need you and want you, Luke,that is why I definitely do not want you to meet my father,” before he hugged Luke as tightly as he could and passionately kissed him. Noah took Luke’s hand and led him into the bedroom. They lay down together on the bed and slowly began undressing each other throwing their clothing into a pile on the floor. “Luke, I want to make love to you; I want to be inside you; I want to show you how very much I love you,” said Noah as he began crushing Luke tightly in his muscular arms. Luke was already very excited, and Noah knew that his lover needed him that very minute. He gently lifted Luke’s legs and placed them on his shoulders. He shoved his cock into Luke whose beatific smile told him that Noah was giving him precisely what he needed. The ability to give his lover so much pleasure excited Noah still more and he soon began thrusting deeply into Luke’s beautiful body. Although he had already fucked Luke twice that day, Noah found himself becoming incredibly excited as he enjoyed the wonderful feel of his cock inside of Luke’s tight, hot, perfect body. In moments he was breathing heavily and shooting a load deep inside the boy whom he loved and who loved him so very, very much. Luke put his arms around him whispering over and over again, “I love you Noah, I am sorry for doubting you before. I am so afraid of losing you that I cannot control my thoughts and fantasies.”

As he embraced him and kissed, Noah looked at Luke a bit shamefacedly as it suddenly struck him that he had come three times that day and Luke had not come at all. He apologized to Luke for being so wrapped up in his own need that he forgot the need of his lover. Luke told Noah that he was being foolish. “What matters to me is our making love and being together; I am not interested at all in keeping score about who came the most. All I want is you; all I want is to belong to you totally and completely.” Noah lowered his head to Luke’s cock, and began to excitedly lick it and kiss it. Noah was always surprised at how incredibly beautiful Luke’s cock was. He had never imagined that anything could be as beautiful as his lover’s cock as it grew and hardened in his mouth. As he sucked Luke, his hand went to Luke’s bottom which he began to gently finger causing Luke’s cock to get even bigger and harder, Noah increased the pace and soon Luke was writhing and whimpering on the bed. In a few moments, Luke shot uncontrollably into his lover’s mouth filling it with his delicious boy come. Noah embraced and kissed him again and again as Luke pressed his head into his lover’s chest softly whispering how much he loved him. Noah’s hand went down to Luke’s cock which he began to play with as Luke snuggled closer and closer to him. Luke was soon at full erection, and Noah’s head again went down to take Luke’s cock into his mouth again and began sucking it with unrestrained passion. In minutes, Luke had come again, and the two boys cuddled closely as they for the second time that day they happily and contentedly fell asleep in each other’s arms.