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Title: Nuke Meets Ollian
Chapter: 6 of 7
Summary: The boys and Janet visit Judith; Aaron faces Constantine for the last time.
Characters: Luke, Christian, Noah, Oliver, Aaron, Judith, Janet, Jack, Constantine, Bob, Margo(mentions)
Genre: romance, drama, a bit of angst
Warnings: mention of rape
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

Recap of Ch. 5

As he sang this to her, he thought he felt someone squeezing his hand. He looked up, and she moved her head a bit. Aaron got up, and looked at her again. Judith opened her eyes, and the 1st person she wanted to see was standing right in front of her. Aaron started to cry, as he saw the one person he had fallen in love with wake up.

"What....what happened?, Judith asked, All I remember is fighting off Constantine, and then he was about to hit you."
"He went to hit me, but you were accidentally knocked out by accident. He was so scared, that he was about to help, but Noah kicked his a'ss and got mad."
"Oh my god, Judith said, tears coming down her face, he tried to..."
"Oliver told us sweetie, Aaron said, but you're safe now. Constantine cannot hurt you anymore. Ever."
"Thank you, Judith said, for being there for me."
"I'm gonna get Dr. Hughes, and then call the guys., Aaron said, They need some good news."
"Aaron?, Judith asked, how long was I like this?"
"It doesn't matter, Aaron said, the thing is you're back, and I...I...think I've fallen for you."
"I loved you from the minute I saw you., Judith said, It was like love at first sight."
Aaron went back over, and kissed those sweet lips he had been waiting to kiss for days.

After Bob checked Judith out, he looked at Aaron. Aaron was tired, but he could see he was very happy. He left the room, so they could be alone. Judith moved over, and Aaron got into the bed with her. He held her tight, showering her with kisses, till she fell asleep.


Luke had gotten the call that Judith was awake and talking. He and Christian were so excited, that they almost messed up dessert, but Noah and Oliver was able to fix it quickly.

"Judith....awake...talking.....she's alright!!", Luke said.
"OMG!, Christian said, as he nearly messed up the icing on the cake, ah s'hit! Olli?? Noah??? Cake is f'ucked up!"
"Oh Chris, Oliver said, leave it to you and Luke to mess it up!"
Noah said," No licking the bowl Snyder, cause I can see your dirty fingers in there!"
Noah and Olli were able to fix the cake in time, and put it in the fridge.
"If I find out either one of you had touched it, you'll be punished for it.", Noah said.
"And how will you punish us gentlemen?", Luke asked.
"Snyder, I'll take your grandmother's rolling pin, and whack your a'ss, before I make love to you.", Noah said, with a grin on his face.
" You know I'll spank your a'ss before f'ucking you hard and rough!", Chris said, also thinking the same thing as Noah.

Luke and Christian looked at their boyfriends with puppy dog eyes, as they were grinning too. Janet and Jack came into the house, and noticed the boys had messed up the kitchen. Janet, who had gotten used to having things clean, was not happy about it. She looked right at her cousin in law, and knew he was guilty.

"Look at this mess!, Janet said, her hands on her hips, Luke Snyder, I know you too sweetie, do me a big favor, and CLEAN IT UP!"
"Oops, sorry cuz." Luke said, giving her a puppy dog eyed look.
"I don't think that'll work with Janet, baby, Noah said, better get this cleaned up."
"Now that's a man who knows to listen to me., Janet said, as she put an arm around Noah and Oliver, Chris and Luke, you better listen to these two, and clean it up!!"
"But...., Luke said, but.."
"But what?", Janet asked.
"But we have to get to the hospital soon, Luke said, Judith woke up!"
"OMG!, Janet said, that's wonderful!"
"Here's the deal, Mrs. Snyder, Christian said, we'll clean up now, but can you come with us to see her?"
"I would love to meet your friend, Janet said,
in fact we should bring some of my pie with us so she can try it!"
"Janet, Luke said, his arm around his cousin's shoulders, you are amazing! Now let's go people!!"

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Judith and Aaron were spending some alone time together.
Judith was still a little weak, but she was getting stronger by the minute. Aaron was relieved that she was awake and alert, but he still couldn't get over the fact that she was raped by this jerk for months. But he knew Constantine was in jail, and far away from her. So he promised himself after all this, that he would protect her always. She looked at him, and noticed he was getting tired. She moved over, and motioned for him. He got up off the chair, and climbed into the bed. Aaron laid his head on Judith's shoulder, and she caressed his blondish brown hair gently. He smiled, as his eyes started to close. When Aaron fell asleep, the door opened quietly, and Luke and Janet walked in together.

"Shhhhhh, Judith said, he just fell asleep, and I don't want to wake him up."
"I think he needs to go home for a while,sweetie.", Luke said, motioning Janet over.
"And who might this sweet lady be with you, Snyder?", Judith asked.
"Janet Snyder at your service, my dear., Janet said, Chris and Olli told me all about you."
"Luke, is this the Janet that makes a mean apple pie?", Judith asked.

"It sure is, Luke said, but trust me, she isn't satisfied until she gets it just right. She got mad at me when Chris and I almost messed up the kitchen."
"Leave it to Christian to make a huge mess., Judith said laughing, cause he still has a lot to learn about cooking and baking."
Aaron, all of a sudden, woke up as Judith was laughing hard, seeing his brother and cousin in law standing in the room.
"Hey guys.", Aaron said, rubbing his eyes.
"Looks like lover boy's been sleeping more than Judith was.", Luke said, as Noah, Christian, and Oliver entered the room.
"Where the h'ell have you been all my life?, Judith asked, Now get over here, and give me a hug and a kiss."
Chris and Olli hugged their best friend, and kissed her cheek. She had tears in her eyes, as she was glad to see both of them.
"We thought Constantine had hurt you bad.", Christian said.
"I'm sorry that he went after you, but Noah's the hero . He saved your life, and beat the s'hit out of him.", Oliver said.
Just then, Aaron's cell rang. It was Jack.
"Yes...ok....he what?...Alright I'll be right there..Thanks cuz...Bye."
"What's the matter honey?", Judith asked.
"Jack says Constantine wants to see me before he is sent back to Germany.", Aaron said.
"Will you do me one thing?, Judith asked, please don't let him get to you. And please be careful."
Aaron goes over to her, and kisses her sweetly. They both have tears in their eyes, as Aaron kissed her forehead, and left the room.

At the police station, Jack was waiting for Aaron to arrive. Constantine was in the interrogation room, hands cuffed so he couldn't move. But he had something sneaky up his sleeve. Aaron had arrived, and he and Jack talked for a minute. Then both of them headed into the room where Constantine was. Constantine looked at Aaron with a dirty look, because he hated this man being with his "girl". Aaron sat down, and began to speak.

"What's so important that you had to drag me away from the hospital? I told you to stay away from us.", Aaron asked.
"I just wanted to know how she is., Constantine said, cause I felt bad for her getting in the way."
"Why should I tell you?, Aaron said, when you raped her for months, and nearly killed her!"
"Let me get this straight Snyder, Constantine said, she is my girl, and I want her back!!"
"You'll never have her, Aaron said, because she's safe with me!"
What Aaron didn't notice is that Constantine managed to get an inmate who had gotten to know him, and stole the keys to the cuffs. He had them in his pocket, but the inmate managed to undo the cuffs before he went into the room. Even Jack didn't notice it at all. Constantine got up and managed to lock the door with his two fingers. Aaron wondered what was going on, so he started to get out his phone. Constantine got the cuffs off his hands, and shoved Aaron against the wall. He took his hands, and started choking him.

"You son of a b'itch!, Constantine said, Judith is mine, and you can't have him!! You'll never see her again!"
"You jerk! I......", Aaron said, as Jack saw what was happening, and stormed the door down.
"Let him go!, Jack said, Nice and slow. He didn't do nothing to you!"
"Shut up cop, Constantine said, cause you have no say!"
All of a sudden, BANG!!


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