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Title: Nuke Meets Ollian
Chapter: 7
Rating: G
Summary: Tragedy strikes; the others find out about the incident.
Characters: Luke, Noah, Christian, Oliver, Judith, Aaron, Jack, Margo, Janet, Casey, Bob, Alison, coroner, Constantine (mentions)
Genre: romance, sadness, drama, a bit of angst
Warnings: character death
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

Recap of Ch.6

At the police station, Jack was waiting for Aaron to arrive. Constantine was in the interrogation room, hands cuffed so he couldn't move. But he had something sneaky up his sleeve. Aaron had arrived, and he and Jack talked for a minute. Then both of them headed into the room where Constantine was. Constantine looked at Aaron with a dirty look, because he hated this man being with his "girl". Aaron sat down, and began to speak.

"What's so important that you had to drag me away from the hospital? I told you to stay away from us.", Aaron asked.
"I just wanted to know how she is., Constantine said, cause I felt bad for her getting in the way."
"Why should I tell you?, Aaron said, when you raped her for months, and nearly killed her!"
"Let me get this straight Snyder, Constantine said, she is my girl, and I want her back!!"
"You'll never have her, Aaron said, because she's safe with me!"
What Aaron didn't notice is that Constantine managed to get an inmate who had gotten to know him, and stole the keys to the cuffs. He had them in his pocket, but the inmate managed to undo the cuffs before he went into the room. Even Jack didn't notice it at all. Constantine got up and managed to lock the door with his two fingers. Aaron wondered what was going on, so he started to get out his phone. Constantine got the cuffs off his hands, and shoved Aaron against the wall. He took his hands, and started choking him.

"You son of a b'itch!, Constantine said, Judith is mine, and you can't have him, so you'll never see her again!"
"You jerk! I......", Aaron said, as Jack saw what was happening, and stormed the door down.
"Let him go!, Jack said, Nice and slow. He didn't do nothing to you!"
"Shut up cop, Constantine said, cause you have no say!"
All of a sudden, BANG!!


Aaron felt Constantine's hands come off his neck, as the man who raped his friend, fall to the ground. Jack had made a quick decision, and shot the man, saving his cousin's life. Jack checked his pulse, looking up at his cousin, who had fainted.

"Margo!!!, Jack said, get in here!!!"
Margo ran in, and saw what had just happened. She was stunned to see Aaron passed out on the floor, and Constantine.....dead.
"What the h'ell happened here?", Margo asked.
"Apparently our rapist tried to commit murder, and almost succeeded. But I had to think fast, and I shot him in self-defense.", Jack said, as the coroner came in.
" I better call Lily and Holden, and tell them what happened.", Margo said, as Casey arrived.
"Oh my god!, Casey said, is Aaron alright?"
" He fainted, Jack said, but I think he'll be alright after we get him back to the hospital. Can you call Luke, and let him know?"
"You got it!!", Casey said, as he left the room, already dialing Luke's cell number.
The coroner pronounced Constantine dead, as Margo and Jack watched his body being put into a body bag, and laid out on a gurney. Meanwhile, Aaron was being put on a gurney as well, as he regained consciousness. He looked, and saw the body bag.
" Oh my god, Aaron said, weakly, is he?"
"Sorry cuz, Jack said, but I had to do it. He was about to kill you, and no one messes with my family. So I shot him in self-defense. "
" Thank you, Aaron said, cause if he had succeeded, Judith would have never known that I've fallen in love with her."
Aaron was transported to Oakdale Memorial, with Jack right behind him. Margo watched as the body of the man who raped Judith, and almost killed her son's other friend was rolled out of the interrogation room.
Luke's cell rang, as he was about to head home for a while. He answered it, and it was Casey.

"Hey Case, what's up?"
"Luke, your brother's being rushed to the hospital."
" Wha...what??? Is he alright?"
" He's gonna be alright, but if Jack hadn't come into the room..."
" That son of a b'itch!! He tried to kill my brother??"
" Apparently, from what Mom and Jack said, Constantine was choking him. Jack told him to let go, but Constantine said no. Jack then shot him in the back. Luke, the fool is dead."
" Oh thank goodness!! I'll wait for Aaron to arrive."
" Don't tell Chris, Olli, or Judith just yet. I want Mom to tell them. She's on her way up there. Your parents have been called, and they'll meet you up there."
" Casey? Thank you."
" Alison will take care of Aaron, cause she was notified that her ex-husband was on his way."
" Ok. Should I tell Noah?"
" Only one else."

" Alright..."
"I'll meet you guys up there....Mom's gonna tell everyone."
"Alright, bye."
In Judith's room, the others were enjoying Janet and Emma's famous apple pie. Judith was feeling much better. The pie had hit the spot, as she took a bite. She wished Aaron was there to share it with her, but she just had this weird feeling something happened between him and Constantine.
Christian noticed that his friend was a little worried about Aaron, but he squeezed her hand, reassuring her that it was alright. All of a sudden, Margo and Jack walked into her room. Judith immediately knew something happened.

" Can I ask everyone, but Judith, Chris, and Oli to step out of the room?", Margo asked.
" Come on bubby, Luke said, taking his lover's hand, let's go. I'll explain on the way to the cafeteria."
" Guys?, Judith asked Luke, Noah, and Janet, thank you for helping me out. And Mrs. Snyder, the pie is very good."
"Anytime sweetie, Janet said, as she kissed her cheek, you just take care of yourself. There will be plenty more for you when you get out."
As Janet, Luke, and Noah left, the others wondered what was going on. Judith hung onto Christian's hand, as she thought the worst.

" Margo, did something happen to the guys?, Judith asked, Is Aaron alright?"
" I.....Constantine tried to strangle Aaron to death, and if Jack hadn't come into the room...", Margo said.
" Then he would have been murdered by that a'sshole!", Oliver said.
" But I couldn't stand there and let my cousin die, so I shot him in self-defense.", Jack said.
"Is the fool still alive?", Christian asked.
" I'm sorry, Margo said, he's dead. Constantine cannot hurt you anymore. Just thinking about what happened to Judith makes me think of when I was raped years ago. But I overcame that, with the help of my family and friends. But now, I can help this young lady move on."
" He's dead? And he...I wanna see him...NOW!", Judith said, as she started to cry.
"He's being checked over., Margo said, I'll check on my father-in-law in a little bit. I think we can take you to see him soon."
Margo pulled Judith into a huge hug, as they cried together. Oli and Chris also cried together in each other's arms, as Luke and Noah came back. They also held each other, as Janet held her husband tight. Everyone cried and hugged together.
About 2 hours later, Margo brought a wheelchair, and helped Judith into it. She wheeled her into Aaron's room, where he was gonna be staying for the next couple of days. There was Aaron, resting in the bed, his neck a little red. Judith had tears coming down her face, as she saw the one person who had been there for her...lying there. She slowly got up, and Margo helped her into the bed with Aaron. She held onto him, and looked up at Margo.

" Thank you so much for everything, but I need to be alone with him. He needs me.", Judith said, as she laid her head on Aaron's chest. Margo left the room, as Luke, Noah, Chris, and Oli looked through the window.

Oliver and Noah put their arms around their boyfriends' waists, as Christian and Luke leaned in.

" My brother looks happy., Luke said, She makes him happy."
" Your brother is a hero, Christian said, He saved her from another attack."
" He'll be alright baby, Noah said, as he kissed Luke's cheek, because from the way they look at each other, it's love."
" Sweetie, Oliver said, she's gonna be very happy here. Soon as they are both better, we'll plan a big party for both of them."

The 2 couples shared a kiss, as Judith looked up at them. She smiled, as Aaron stirred. He saw her beautiful face, and touched her face gently. She smiled, as he tilted her head up to look into her beautiful eyes.

"Hey beautiful, Aaron said, you miss me?"
" I thought I lost you., Judith answered, as she touched his face, you could have died."
" But I didn't, Aaron said, I'm just sorry that Constantine had to face the consequences. He'll never hurt you or any other woman ever again."
" I know, Judith said, but the fact that he hurt me all those months....I wish I had met you earlier, Aaron Snyder."
" I think I love you.", Aaron said.
" Same here.....same here...I mean, I love you so much."
Aaron leaned down, and once again kissed her again, but with love and a little bit of passion. They kissed and made out for a while, until they both fell asleep.

TBC in the final chapter

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