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Title: Nuke Meets Olllian
Chapter: 8 of 8
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Read and find out
Genre: romance, cuteness, m/m sex
Warnings: none
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Recap of Ch.7

About 2 hours later, Margo brought a wheelchair, and helped Judith into it. She wheeled her into Aaron's room, where he was gonna be staying for the next couple of days. There was Aaron, resting in the bed, his neck a little red. Judith had tears coming down her face, as she saw the one person who had been there for her...lying there. She slowly got up, and Margo helped her into the bed with Aaron. She held onto him, and looked up at Margo.

" Thank you so much for everything, but I need to be alone with him. He needs me.", Judith said, as she laid her head on Aaron's chest. Margo left the room, as Luke, Noah, Chris, and Oli looked through the window.

Oliver and Noah put their arms around their boyfriends' waists, as Christian and Luke leaned in.

" My brother looks happy., Luke said, She makes him happy."
" Your brother is a hero, Christian said, He saved her from another attack."
" He'll be alright baby, Noah said, as he kissed Luke's cheek, because from the way they look at each other, it's love."
" Sweetie, Oliver said, she's gonna be very happy here. Soon as they are both better, we'll plan a big party for both of them."

The 2 couples shared a kiss, as Judith looked up at them. She smiled, as Aaron stirred. He saw her beautiful face, and touched her face gently. She smiled, as he tilted her head up to look into her beautiful eyes.

"Hey beautiful, Aaron said, you miss me?"
" I thought I lost you., Judith answered, as she touched his face, you could have died."
" But I didn't, Aaron said, I'm just sorry that Constantine had to face the consequences. He'll never hurt you or any other woman ever again."
" I know, Judith said, but the fact that he hurt me all those months....I wish I had met you earlier, Aaron Snyder."
" I think I love you.", Aaron said.
" Same here.....same here...I mean, I love you so much."
Aaron leaned down, and once again kissed her again, but with love and a little bit of passion. They kissed and made out for a while, until they both fell asleep.

The day finally came...Aaron and Judith were both being released from the hospital. Judith's strength was much better since the attack, and she was looking forward to spending some time with Aaron,before heading back home to get some things done. Then she would return to Oakdale, and find a place to stay, as well as transferring to OU and finding a job. Noah had offered her a job at Java, but Henry, who had finally caught up with Chris and Olli for the meeting, offered her to work at Al's with Janet, because Janet really liked this girl very much. But she told both of them that she would make her decision after she returned. Christian and Oliver were looking forward to going home, but they were going to miss their friends and Aaron a lot. So the 2 couples decided to have a weekend together at Lucinda's cabin in the mountains. While they were gone, Judith and Aaron would spend as much time together as possible. But they didn't forget what had happened. Constantine's body was shipped back home to his family. His family was aware of what he did to Judith and Aaron, but they were still going to bury this man.
At the cabin, the four arrived, needing a big break after the ordeal they went through. Chris and Luke, who were very excited once again, ran like little boys, and went to fix the bedrooms. Oliver and Noah shook their heads, and put the bags of groceries on the table.
After everything that had happened...Judith's accident, Constantine almost killing Aaron, and Constantine's death....they all needed some time together before Christian and Oliver had to head home. Noah and Oliver were just starting to put away the food, when two sets of arms circled around their waists. They leaned into their boyfriends, needing their touch for a moment.

" This was a great idea....thanks to a sweet grand lady....and of course Luke.", Oliver said.
" Boy, you really like my grandmother, Luke said, but she did all the work. I didn't have to lift a finger this time."
" Since when do you ever lift a finger?, Noah asked, Cause I always am the one picking up after you."
"Thank goodness Oliver and I don't have to deal with that, Christian said, because Judith does all the cleaning. We just cook and do laundry. Oh and sex."
" Is that all you have on your mind, Mann?", Oliver asked...a grin on his face.
" Then what did I hear the other night?, Noah asked, cause you two nearly had me and Luke off our own bed with those noises and squeaks."
" Hey!, Luke said, look who's talking!! Mr. Squeaky Boy here can't keep his squeaks down, but he says I don't either?"
" Baby, Noah said, kissing Luke's cheek, then his ear, guess we have to see who can keep the squeaks down. Cause I know you can't!"
" Wanna make a bet?, Luke said, managing to smack that a'ss, you'll have to catch me first!!"
" Get back here, squeaky!!, Noah said, cause when I get you, you'll be squeaking very loud!!"

As Luke was about to run into the bedroom, he slammed right into the door, and fell down. Noah, Chris, and Olli ran over to see if he was alright. Luke lay there, but he was conscious, and alert. Noah and Oliver helped him to the couch, and checked to see if he was alright.

" Tell me if anything hurts, ok baby?", Noah asked, as he checked his lover's body, one part at a time, starting with his head.
" OUCH!!, Luke said, as Noah got down to his foot, I think we have a problem, cause it HURTS....OUCHIE!!"
Noah carefully removes Luke's shoe and sock, and sees that his left ankle is very swollen
and red. Christian immediately gets some ice, and an ice pack, and hurries back to the couch. He hands it to Noah, as Oliver elevates Luke's ankle with a pillow. As Noah applies the ice onto his boyfriend's ankle, Luke let out a squeak by accident. Chris takes over, while Noah gets behind Luke, comforting him, and whispering naughty things into his ear. Luke smiled with a grin on his face, and forgot all about the pain and the cold ice on his ankle.

" Maybe we should leave these two alone?", Oliver asked, as he kissed Christian's neck.
" Hmmmm...., Christian said..a little moan coming out of him..... sounds good."

Oliver takes his lover's hand, and leads them to the bedroom. After about 10 minutes, Luke's ankle seemed to be feeling somewhat better. But Noah wasn't about to give up his romantic night. He carried his lover into the room, and laid him on the bed gently. He kissed those lips he loved so much with passion and intensity, but was careful not to hit Luke's ankle. As the kissing kept on, Luke managed to unbutton Noah's shirt, removing it and looking at his lover's chest. He touched Noah ever so gently, as he managed also undo the pants, pulling them down with his help. Noah was completely naked, when he gently got off Luke, and pulled off his man's clothes as well.

" Are you sure we can do this with your ankle being this way?", Noah asked, as he teased Luke's hole.
" Pleaseeeee.....Luke said, with a whimper, I can handle this....I want you so baddddd!!"

Noah gently pulled the legs apart, and positioned himself to enter his lover. Luke looked at him... love and passion in his he nodded to him.
Meanwhile, in the other bedroom, Christian was very busy thrusting in and out of his lover, while Oliver held onto his boyfriend for dear life, screaming out loud.

"Was that a squeak I heard, Olli?, Chris asked, as he pulled out, and then thrust right back in so fast, cause you are sooo tight baby!! OH YEAH!!"
" Who me?, Olli asked, Why would I.....OH SH'IT BABY!! EEK!! OH MY GOD!! RIGHT THERE...THAT'S IT!!! OOH!!!"
" BABYYYYYY!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!", Chris said, as he and Olli moved together in rhythm, as the sex got better and better.
Christian got Oliver upside down, as he f'ucked him harder than ever. They both heard 2 squeaks in the other room...
Noah had Luke on his lap, f'ucking him so damn hard, as Luke was squeaking like mad. Noah loved the way his man screamed and squeaked, so he thrust in and out faster, as he was careful not to hurt Luke's ankle. Luke knew he was about to come, so when the time came for him to, he bit Noah's shoulder so hard, that Noah screamed in pain, and released inside his lover. Once they both came, Noah fell on top of Luke, exhausted. But someone else was about to come....well, 2 of them were.
" BABY......................AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"
Christian released inside his lover, as Oliver came all over them. Both fell off the floor, but thank goodness they were still attached. They laid there, on the floor, laughing. 5 minutes later, Christian pulled out of him, pulling Olli into his lap. They sat on the floor in each other's arms, until they helped each other up. They snuck into the shower to wash off, and f'uck once again.
Back at the farm, Judith and Aaron decided to sleep in the bed together, but they decided to wait before their first time together until she returned from Germany. Judith had her head on Aaron's chest, as he caressed her hair gently. After everything they went through, it was nice to have some time alone.

" I'm so glad I met you, Aaron said, and I can wait for you to return. Cause Lily and Lucinda will help you get into OU. That way you can be in classes with Noah and my brother, and we can spend more time together as well."
" I'm so grateful to your family, and to you for helping me this far. My parents would love you, like your dad and Lily does.", Judith said, leaning up to Aaron for a kiss.
Aaron and Judith kissed and made out in the bed, until they fell asleep.

About a week later, the day came for Judith, Chris, and Olli to return home. Aaron, Noah, Luke, Alison, and Casey all went with them to say goodbye. But the hardest goodbyes were Judith and Aaron.

" I'm gonna miss you so much, Judith said, tears in her eyes, but I will be back in 3 weeks with everything. I decided to take Henry and Janet's offer...I'll be starting my new job at Al's when I return."
Judith went over to Luke and Noah. She hugged both of them, as they all cried together.
" E-mail me, and let me know how you are, ok?", Luke asked, as he kissed her cheek.
" And when you start classes, I'll make sure you come into school with me, ok?", Noah said, tears in his eyes.
"You guys are the best!!", Judith said, hugging them again.
Then Judith went over to Casey, and kissed his cheek. Then she and Alison cried and hugged, as they became best friends after the ordeal. Then Judith finally went back to Aaron. He also had tears in his eyes, as he took her into his arms. They shared a long, passionate kiss, before the announcement was made: "All passengers heading to Germany must board now at Terminal 5."
" I gotta go, Judith said, but I'll be back in 3 weeks. I love you so much."
" And I'll be waiting, Aaron said, because I love you very much."
They shared another kiss, before she headed to the terminal. Christian and Oliver shared hugs with Luke, Aaron, and Noah, before they headed out as well.
Aaron, Luke, and Noah watched as their plane left the runway. They all had tears in their eyes, as they were missing their new friends already. And that is how Nuke met Ollian and Judith.


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