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Title: Reincarnate
Chapter: Three of Three
Rating: R
Summary: Some loves become lost in time. Some loves become broken and separated by centuries. (Written for Halloween 2011)
Characters: Luke/Noah
Genre: Romance, Supernatural, AU
Disclaimer: This site is no way associated with "As the World Turns", CBS, P&G, or Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. This is not for profit. No copyright infringement is intended. Authors submit and write their own work.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Luke felt them instantly.

His lungs burned as he slowed from a jog to a walk; relieved at finding them.

When he finally caught sight of them they stood engulfed in each other's arms in the centre of the bridge, faces buried within hair; shoulders shuddering.

Noël cupped the back of Luka's head in one hand and the sound of their sobs grew louder the closer Luke dared move.

Luke swallowed painfully; noting for the first time that although the rain pelted down all around him in curtains; dripping from his cheeks and drenching his clothes; both Noël and Luka remained dry; seemingly bathed in moonlight.

"There must be a way we can-" a heartbroken Noël pleaded but Luka shook his head.

"It's better this way." Luca pulled back to stroke a hand down the taller boy's tearstained face. "It will get easier…"

"How do you know?"

Unable to bare the sadness in Noël's eyes, Luka's head dropped to his chest instead, where he became fascinated by an ornate brass button, "I don't. I guess I'm just hoping it…"

Noël hooked a finger under Luka's chin, bringing the sad brown eyes back upward, "Let me kiss you before the coach get's here?"

Luka nodded as Noël pressed their lips together. It was a kiss that deepened with a frantic passion and they became lost in their own world; so lost they failed to notice the older man at the end of the bridge raise a rifle to his shoulder; aim for them.

"No!" Luke warned, "Look out!"

But there was no reaction at all to the sound of his voice.

The gunshot, however, was deafening and Luke dropped wide-eyed to his knees.

Both boys jerked and clung to each other in fright.

At first Luke felt relief; thinking the shooter must have missed. It seemed ages that Luka and Noël stood there; arms still embracing each other. But this hope quickly dissolved as Luka's knees gave out; crumbling under him while drops of blood pooled quickly at their feet.

"LUKA?" Noël screamed, realisation setting in. Frantically he tried to pull the other boy to his feet; willing him to be okay. "No-no-no…"

Their eyes locked and eventually Noël had to concede the fight. He fell with Luka, cradling him.

"Luka?" this time it was a softly spoken question, head shaking from side to side.

Crying and resigned Luka nodded; reaching his fingers to Noël's chin; rasping as he breathed through punctured lungs.

"No." Tears dropped off the end of Noël's chin and he kissed the blonde's temple.

The other boy tried to speak.

"What?" Noël asked him softly, hand stroking through Luka's hair, "I'm here. What is it?"

"Meet…" Luka coughed and a string of blood dribbled down his cheek."

Noël sobbed, "It's going be okay. I love you."

"Meet… me…" Luka swallowed.

"What?" Noël leaned his ear closer to Luka's lips.

"Meet me… at the… bridge."

Luke watched the life ebb from the boy's face; his arm drop heavily to the ground. One moment his features were animated with shock and pain, fear and love and the next his eyes were blank; staring at nothing.

"Please… please… please…"

A soul-crunching, gut-wrenching cry emanated from Noël.

He wept uncontrollably, pulling the drooping body up to a sitting position against his chest, holding him close and kissing his hair and temple.

Luke's heart broke for him, he ached to comfort Noël; take away his pain. But Luke knew without a shadow of a doubt that only a reunion ever could…

And Luka was gone.


Whimpering, Noël rocked Luka's body back and forth, oblivious to everything, including the cold stare and authoritative voice of his father; still standing with the rifle under his arm.

"Noël! You will look at me son!"

With a loud sniff Noël lifted his eyes over the top of Luka's head and glared fire at this father.

There were no more tears now, only a dead calm that filled Luke with dread.

Noël took one final glance at the boy in his arms, "I'll come." He whispered, "I promise. If it takes me an eternity, I will find you!"

He ran his thumb across Luka's lips and gently closed the dead boy's eyes before kissing him softly.

Reverently he laid the body down on the ground, taking time to rest Luka's arms at his sides before shakily standing.

"Time to go, Noël!" his father demanded.

Noël, expression bland and unreadable, rose to meet his father. Luke gasped. The light he'd previously recognised in Noël's blue eyes was gone.

In the fraction of a second it took Luke to recognise that fact, Noël had traversed the bridge railing and jumped to the dark oblivion below.

"No!" both Luke and Noël's father screamed, running for the side of the bridge and staring down into the darkness.

But there was no sign of Noël, just the continual flush of fast running river under their feet.

Shocked, Luke turned slowly.

It was dark and he was alone.

"Oh my God!" Luke exclaimed, bending over at the sick pain in his stomach; tears flowing freely.

He stood up straight and gasped for air, staring up into the rain; questioning the heavens.

"Why?" he asked, "What am I supposed to do?"

A lightening flash was his answer and as the bolt flickered and faded he saw the faintest outline of a person standing stock-still at the other end of the bridge.

Luke swallowed the drops of water pooling between his lips and squinted through the darkness.

"Hello?" He shouted over the rain.

There was no reply but a second flash of lightning left no doubt to the other figure's presence. The tall outline of a young man was clear to see.

As Luke recognised the stature he began to shiver.

It was impossible!

All of this was impossible!

They stood still. Neither sure what to do. Finally they both seemed to make the decision and legs began to gravitate forward.

The closer they came, the more they could see of one another and the wider their eyes opened in surprise. Eventually they were a mere arms-length apart.

They scanned each other, taking in the hair, the skin, the eyes, the lips.

"It's y-you." Luke stuttered through the rain.

The other boy's arm rose, hand inches from touching.

"It's… it's you." He replied.

Luke bit his lower lip, unsure how to proceed, anxious he might be dreaming and deathly afraid the young man before him could vanish at any second.

"They brought me here." The boy explained.

"Me too." Luke concurred.

Their eyes locked; heartbeats elevated and Luke found it suddenly difficult to process thought.

"I think we were…"

"Yes…" Luke agreed, understanding for definite, "Yes we were."

The boy hesitated before asking, "What's your name?"


The other boy smiled then. It was the shyest smile Luke had ever seen. It made his chin curl up and his forehead furrow slightly; his eyes sparkle cobalt blue.

If it were possible, that smile made Luke's heart race even faster…

"Nice to meet you… Luke." He rolled the name on his tongue, trying it out. "I'm Noah."

Luke released a tiny surprised laugh at the name before finding himself drowning in blue once more.

"The rain's stopped."

Luke didn't know when it happened, but at some point the clouds had parted and now they stood in a spot of moonlight.

"Yes it has."

"Can I…?" The boy's hand reached out toward him.

Luke nodded; lips curing up, his own hand meeting Noah's halfway.

"Woah!" Noah exclaimed, drawing in a sharp breath as they touched, palm to palm.

"Did you feel that?" Luke asked amazed.

Noah laughed and nodded, interlacing their fingers, "This is just… it's just…" He looked up from their hands, "I didn't want to come to Oakdale U."

"What?" asked Luke; confused by the sudden change in topic.

"I wanted to go to North Western. I've always wanted to go there, since I can remember!"

"But… you came… to Oakdale?"

Noah burst out into a fit of laughter, a sound so beautiful Luke forgot to breathe. Noah took Luke's other hand in his and laughed even louder as an even stronger sensation enveloped them.

"I don't under-" Luke began after inhaling a gulp of much needed oxygen.

"Don't you get it?" Noah asked.

Luke frowned and shook his head.

"Noël brought me here! Noël wanted to come! He made the decision."

Luke pondered this for a moment before realising Noah was right, "Luca knew he'd come."

Noah nodded.

"I've felt it all this year…" Luke told him, "A change in me. This feeling like I'm waiting for something. But all this time it wasn't something… it was…"

"…someone." Noah finished.

"Yeah." Luke smiled, feeling all at once shrouded in happiness; contentment.

Noah's palm pressed into Luke's cheek; thumb clearing away old tear-tracks. Luke leaned into the touch; warm and soft.

"They've waited a long time for this."

"Yes." Luke agreed in almost a whisper, "A very long time."

A cold wind blew in their faces. They were wet through and their teeth chattered. But everything was right in the world.

Suddenly, compulsively, Luke turned Noah's arm and imprinted a kiss on his inner wrist.

Noah shivered with emotion as his eyes lifted from their joined hands to the red fullness of Luke's lips.

Luke blushed under the intensity of his gaze; and all at once found himself pulled up in Noah's arms. He'd never been engulfed in so much energy, never been so mindless about another person. Noah had the most incredible effect on him as well as the most kissable looking lips Luke could ever have imagined on a guy.

They breathed in the moisture of the rain and the fragrance of each other.

Luke continued to stare up at those firm chiselled lips; an undeniably hunger surging through him. He wanted to taste them, nibble them; tease them.

Noah tilted Luke slightly, supporting him with a hand in the small of his back and Luke sensed the exact moment when Noah would kiss him. He closed his eyes in anticipation of his first ever kiss.

Noah's lips ignited fires deep in his belly, shooting sparks through every nerve ending and turning his knees to jelly. If not for the strong arms encircling his waist or the way his hands latched around Noah's neck; he'd have fallen to the ground.

He was Noah's; always had been; totally and utterly. In fact if Noah wanted to take him there, in the middle of the Mill Hill Bridge, Luke would be powerless to

He strained against Noah, needing him with an all consuming ferocity, longing to stay together like this forever. The strength of a thousand ancient feelings frightened him, yet at the same time he would rather have died than ever break free of them.

"Don't be afraid." Noah gasped; sensing Luke's fear through wet clothing.

Unable to utter a word, Luke merely nodded. He wanted more and moved in for another kiss, almost protesting out loud as Noah pulled away.

"Let's go somewhere dry…" Noah's gaze smouldered into his as he broke apart from Luke but at the same time captured his hand.

Luke let Noah lead him. He didn't need to ask where they were headed. He already knew. Just as he already knew he was in love…


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