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Characters-Luke, Noah
Genre-Romance,Smut,Porn, MAYBE slightly OOC but I doubt it.
Disclaimer-Not mine all characters belong to ATWT and P&G,no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note-Yeah..............I just wanted to write this for some reason sooo here!
Word Count-1941

The room was dark and quiet, no sound be heard for miles, he knew that Noah had been up to something when he took him to his long ago abandoned childhood home in Branson Missouri, the longest place Noah's father had ever been stationed in, they lived there for a total of 7 years, Noah's entire teenage life was spent in this home. Once dirty, it appeared to have been cleaned up, there was not a cobweb nor dust speckle in sight and Luke wondered how long it had taken Noah to clean the place by himself. As Luke looked around the house he saw that there was no furniture in the room save for an extremely large table in the middle of the den and a large portrait of Col Mayer looking down on it. What Luke SAW on the table made him gasp with unsuppressed shock and surprise, for laying on the table, spread eagle was Noah, naked as the day he was born.

Luke approached the table with some hesitation, he was a little weary by the portrait of the col staring down at the table where he knew that he and Noah would be engaging in games most unfit for those conservative eyes, However when he saw Noah look up at him with smoky purple eyes, all trepidation became a thing of the long ago past,shedding his clothes with a swift movement he crawled on the table on top of his lover kissing that authoritative nose and grinning."Think that this table will hold us"? he asked, looking down at his lover. "it had damn well better" Noah growled,"because I ain't moving and neither are you so shut up and kiss me".Luke wanted to obey that command more than anything he had ever wanted to do in his life but first he had to ask, feeling those cold eyes on his bare back."Maybe we should turn the portrait over.."Noah sealed his mouth over Luke's silencing him with a fierce, breathing taking kiss, sucking on his tongue with delight and nipping on it with his eye teeth."Let him watch,let him see just how gay I really am". Luke wanted to protest but as he looked at his horny lover he knew then that any sort of objection would be immediately over ruled."OK" he breathed out, and that was it.

Noah beamed at him and began to push Luke off of him.Luke looked at him confused, getting off the table and standing in front of it."There's a black bag under the table babe, reach down there and pull out the vibrators.Luke grinned at him, a large toothy grin and dived under the table, hunting out the black bag of pleasure.When he found it, he held it high in the air with triumph. Noah grinned at him, nudging Luke's cock with his foot, eliciting a loud, unrestrained gasp from Luke.Noah grinned devilishly. "There should be two large vibrators in there as well as a tube of lubricant. Luke stuck his hand in and felt his hand grasp something heavy, plastic and hard as hell, he pulled out the vibrator and examined it, the thing was HUGE at least 8 inches long and 6 centimeters thick, it was also hot pink of ALL colours.Luke handed this to Noah and reached in again, pulling out the second vibrator, it was the same size but instead it was neon green, rather than hot pink. Luke then pulled out the last item, the bottle of lube gasping as he pulled it out. "A whole gallon of lube babe"? Luke had never seen so much lube in his entire life.

Luke climbed back on the table only to have Noah jump off of it. "Where are you going"? Luke whined"I'm just gonna prepare you babe" He said. Noah walked around the table to face Luke and opened his lovers legs, taking in the wonderful sight of his tightly sealed pink hole, large hanging hairless balls and erect cock, standing at attention on Luke's stomach. Noah breathed in as he put his face between Luke's legs, taking tentative licks and exploring the area with great lusty caution. Luke was a heaving mess, arching his hole to Noah's mouth begging for Noah to slide his tongue in there. Noah held Luke's hips down and looked at his lover. "Shh I'll do it babe but first I want to try something just hold on ok"? Luke looked back at him though hazy eyes that had lost all focus. "I always trust you baby, I will always put my very life in your hands, surely you know this by now"? Noah looked back at him."And I you so then just hold on baby" Luke nodded allowing Noah to do whatever it was that he was trying to do. Noah went back to Luke's hole and plunged his tongue inside, hard and held it there without moving. Luke was about to scream for Noah to move when he felt a slight sting hit his hole. making his cock bounce on his stomach. Noah had bit the hole gently, very gently but it was enough, Luke was in heaven. Noah moved his tongue around as much as he could, allowing himself to get lost in the taste that was Luke Snyder. Luke tasted better than any candy to Noah. Musky and damp with a hint of salt and something sweet, like syrup. Luke was panting and heaving,"Noah if you don't stop I'm gonna cummmm" With great reluctance, Noah ceased his movements and coated the huge neon green vibrator in an incredible helping of lube, not stopping until the toy glistened in the dark."Ready baby"? Noah asked fighting every urge to just ram it inside.Luke nodded and held himself open even further. Noah grinned with excitement and inserted it carefully, watching in awe as it disappeared inside his Luciano.

Luke gasped and moaned waiting for his lover to turn it on, but instead Noah was pushing him off the table once more. "Noah whatttt" Luke was incoherent and harder than the rocks in Snyder pond and Noah wanted him to move what sort of trick was this"?But Noah did and reluctantly Luke slid from the table, gasping as the vibrator shifted inside him.Noah took Luke's place and beckoned him with his fingers, stretching his thighs open for Luke. Luke went to him and spread some lube on his fingers, sliding all three of them in at once. Noah trembled at grinned, loving how it felt to have those wonderful long fingers slide to home base inside him, whimpering as they stroked his inner bundle of sensory nerves. Noah bounced on Luke's fingers,crying out"more Luke please I have to have moreee" Luke silenced him with a deep kiss, stroking his tongue with his own and holding Noah's thighs."I've got you babe it's alright I'm going to give you more don't worry about that. Luke carefully inserted the vibrator in Noah, not missing the soft whimper he received in return. "Make love to me." Noah reached behind Luke turning the vibrator on and waited for Luke to turn his own on. Luke reached down and turned the toy on moaning in unison with Noah as they both felt the toy begin to stroke there inner walls..

Noah grabbed Luke, pulling him on top of him and kissing him hard, growling into his mouth."Put that long hard cock in me Snyder and lets get this show on the road!" Luke looked at him flabbergasted. "Noah the vibrator........"Noah reached down, grabbing Luke's dick and giving it a hard squeeze."Gimmie" was all he said. Luke squeaked and pushed himself in Noah, going inch by torturous inch,hearing Noah groan as his hole stretched to accommodate more than it was used to. Luke bent down, moaning as he felt his vibrator relentlessly stroking his prostrate. "It's ok baby" he said placing a sweet kiss to his sweaty forehead."I've got you love always got you" Noah let out a sigh as Luke slid in all the way inside. "welcome home babe" Noah grunted, shifting himself as he felt the vibrator hit the magic spot and Luke rub against it. Luke was a panting bundle of senses, between the sensations shooting through his ass and the incredible tightness of Noah while his cock was being moved by a vibrator, it was intense and as he made his first thrust he let out a cry of pure ecstasy. Matching the identical one that had just left Noah's lips. Luke rocked his hips back and forth. the triple sensation kicking his hips into high gear as he latched his mouth to Noah's nipple, sucking it with gusto and hunger and pounding him with a strength never before emitted from him. Noah held onto Luke's arms for dear life as he felt his balls tighten with great anticipation, but he had a plan so he HAD to make Luke cum first. Noah tightened his grip on Luke's waist, digging his heels into Luke's lower back and growling panted in his ear."So fucking hot Luke" and that was that Luke pushed himself in Noah impossibly far and exploded, coating Noah's vibrator and insides with his cum. Luke shook and panted on Noah, who reached behind Luke and pulled the vibrator out, turning it off and putting it on the table. Luke put his hand down between Noah's legs and, after slipping himself out, carefully pulled the toy out, seeing Noah's cock still hard gripped it tight in his fist. Noah had a plan for his cum though. "Luke point my cock at him" gesturing up to the portrait of Col Mayer hanging above them. Luke stared at him eyes blown wide with shock surprise and mischief. "Noah are you sure you want....." Noah silenced him with a kiss."Oh I want, it's payback for everything that son of a bitch did to me" Luke didn't even bother arguing, if this is how Noah wanted to get even then he wasn't about to question it.

Luke gripped Noah's cock once more, aiming it delicately at the portrait and pumped, he pumped and squeezed and stroked until thick white cum was shooting at a rapid-fire pace from the quivering organ,hitting ever square inch of the Col's hated face with deadly accuracy. Noah looked at the desecrated picture with evil precise eyes."There you go you son of a bitch, now look at what your fag son did in your own home and he's damn proud of it" Luke pulled Noah into his arms. there job done for the day."Let's go home babe" Luke whispered, kissing Noah's lips. And with that the two men dressed and walked arm in arm out of the house, Noah's cum staining that smirking face, letting everyone know just who the victor was in there lifelong battle of abusive love.

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I absolutely LOVED the fact that the Col's portrait stared down on them!! Fantastic idea (very evil as well, think you've been hanging around me too much, hon ;) ) and I just love the fact that Noah came on the Col's portrait!! I snickered through the entire scene xD It was hilarious! Loved it, Katie :D
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