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- Story by Laura (ritalaura2000)-
- Song inspiration: "Love is you" (Chrisette Michele)
- Chosen by Brian (BCH092385)-

Summary: The story starts after the police notifys Noah that is dad is official dead, after all the trouble they have in New York and Ameera leaving.

Rating: PG-13

My father is dead. DEAD. I didn’t have a chance to try and settle things with him, to let him know that I’m the same boy who used to go fishing with him, the same boy he took to the hospital after I broke my ankle, Noah thought as he sat in the Olde Town square, with tears forming around his eyes. Luke leaned close to him, saying:

“I know... come with me, let me help you”

Noah seemed to be thinking about it as Luke took his hand tenderly, but Noah pushed him away saying:

“I need to deal with this by myself”

“You shouldn’t do this, you can’t face this alone. Share your pain with me, I love you Noah. Don’t push me away, please” he said like a prayer

“This is not about you, this is about me and my pain, and you can’t help me. Unless, you have the power to turn back the hands of time and save my dad... LEAVE ME ALONE”

Luke recoiled at Noah’s words; they were like a slap in the face. He turned around and let the tears run down his cheeks.

Noah went off on his own to the cottage, where he let his sapphire eyes release the tears he‘s been holding back for so long. Shutting himself away from the outside world, Noah mourns the lost of his father, but that was only part of it. The rest of it was pushing his love away, when he knew that he truly needed him. As he sat on his sofa reminiscing about the past, out of the corner of his eye he catches a Christmas gift given to him by Luke, a journal.

“I know you said that you’re not that good with words or expressing yourself that well, so I got you this in case you ever feel like letting it out on paper.” Noah’s thought of Luke saying that occupies his mind. Soon after, other happy and sad memories of him and Luke started flooding Noah’s mind. And suddenly, he picks up the journal, a pencil, closes his eyes, and allows the emotions from his heart to flow through him onto the pages.

Luke went off on his own: he didn’t want to talk to anyone, so he went to his grandma Lucinda's house: he needed a quiet place. Lucinda asked nothing, she could tell by her nephew’s face that it was about Noah.

The days passed and Luke dragged himself through each one, staying in his pajamas all the time, getting more and more depressed. At first, Lucinda left Luke alone to deal with his pain, but after several days she forced him to go shopping with her in Olde Town saying:

“Darling, you are not a widower. You’re still young. So get off your kester and come out with me”

Luke had no choice, so he accompanied her. Lucinda understood what he was feeling, and she tried to help him. While Lucinda was in a boutique buying some dresses he saw Reg in front of the shop:

“Hi Luke... you seem...sad.”

“Yeah... Noah is not married anymore but... we broke up” he said with tears in his eyes.

Reg walked closer to Luke and caressed his face trying to console him, while Luke said:

“Reg, you were honest with me about what you feel, I must be honest with you... it’s too soon; I still love Noah”

“Ok Luke, but I’m here if you need anything” says Reg smiling at him.

The morning after, Luke lay on the sofa in Lucinda's house, when an article in the newspaper attracted his attention. He started to read:

I’m sorry for all the time that I push you away,
I’m sorry for all the pain that you feel because of me
I’m sorry that I can't get past my fears without hurting you
And I’m sorry for all the times that I made you feel like you were the last person I turned to

Lucky girl, thought Luke reading this declaration of love in the newspaper

When I find someone that means so much to me, I try to let these people into my life, so that I can try to love you less... Cuz one day you'll realize that you deserved better than me, you are so.... I know that you aren’t perfect but I know that you are perfect for me, but I don't think I’m perfect for you... and I know that seems strange but the love that I have for you is so huge, so intense that it scares me and I push you away, and the scariest thing is.. When we finally find a way to be alone together, that's when you'll realize that I’m not your true love and you’ll leave me with all this love that gets stronger every day. And i wouldn't know what I'd do after that happens?

“Alone together?” this word seems familiar... thought Luke, afraid to read on in case he was disillusioned once again

But after all these fears, I think about all the time we spent together, the laughter, the tenderness, all the kisses... our first kiss when I tried to resist but I couldn't.. All these fears take me away from you... you are the love of my life, the person that accepts me with all my faults, the man who I can share all my life with. When I come back, if you can, please forgive me...


If you'll have me, I'm always yours.


Luke couldn't believe that Noah had done this for him. He stood up and turned around and caught sight of Noah in the courtyard in front of the cottage. Luke went outside and slowly walked up to him. Noah said tentatively:

“Am I too late?”

“Why do you say that?”

“I saw you and Reg yesterday; he was touching your face... If I've lost you, tell me now..." Noah says as his eyes filling with tears.

“Reg is just a friend... is Reg the reason for this?“says Luke showing the article


“And you said your not good with words” said Luke as his eyes gazed over to Noah

Noah looked directly into Luke's brown eyes, the tears running freely now, after the fear of almost losing the love of his life, tears for all the mistake made. Luke took Noah’s face into his hands and wiped his tears away, then they held each other very close - they didn't need words any more, they felt the same...
After a while Noah whispered:

“I'm not scared of your love for me any more... And I want to show you just how much I love you.”

Luke took Noah’s hand and the boys went to the cottage, and to the bedroom

Luke start to kiss his man tenderly while he undressed him, he felt Noah’s body shiver every time he touched him, then Noah removed the clothes from his love and soon the two boys were naked, they felt all the emotions come from each other’s hands, lips, they touched each other like never before... they followed their desire, the desire that was born from their love... the passion burned inside of them... they needed to express all that they were feeling, and Noah offered his body to Luke... Luke said nothing, he could see in Noah’s eyes that he wanted him... they became one and for the first time all they felt is like they can touch all their love... they feel only each other, their bodies intertwine, unite in this love gesture ...they feel only the passion coming from each other's touch, closeness, and they see only each other's eyes, it’s like being in another place, it’s like the world outside didn’t exist... the emotions are so big that they arrive together to the climax, tears that show all that they feel running down from their faces....

A midnight e-mail arrived in the editor's inbox and they published it the morning after in the newspaper...

Noah... For me, love is you too, but i know that you don't doubt that any more... this is only for the reader's eyes


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