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Title: Romeo & Juliet - Noah & Luke
Chapter: 1
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The tragic story of Romeo & Juliet, but told very differently. Movie by Baz Luhrmann.
Characters: Noah Mayer (Romeo), Luke Snyder (Male Juliet), Lord (Holden) Snyder, Lady (Lily) Snyder, Friar (Henry) Coleman, Nurse Alison, Count Reg, Faith and Natalie Snyder (Chorus), Casey Hughes, Mark Vero (Apothecary), Queen (Lucinda) of Oakdale.
Genre: Romance, Tragedy, Drama, Parody
Warnings: Death of Luke & Noah
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Authors Note: I have been recently doing the play of R&J for GCSE at school.
I am only 15 and if any of this doesn't make sense, then I am very very sorry.
: )

Spoken by the Chorus

'Two Houses, both a like in dignity,
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
In fair' Oakdale 'We lay our scene,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
A pair of star-cross'd lovers, take their life,
Do with their death, bury their parents' strife.' - Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare

Luke walked out onto the balcony, over-looking Oakdale. What a peaceful night it was. Lord Snyder's masquerade ball had ended but moments ago, but a certain someone was still playing in Luke's mind. He was tall, dark, and handsome and was all that Luke had dreamt about in a man. Unfortunately, this man was a Mayer, the Snyder's bitter enemies. Luke wanted to marry this man, for all his mother could talk to him about was marriage. He had found the man he wanted to be with, but their families would not allow this. Why couldn't this fighting just end?

Noah climbed up over the wall, into the back garden of the Snyder home. There, leaning his cheek upon his hand was Luke, the same man he had kissed at the ball. Noah hid behind a hedge.
"There he is, my man, my love, but only if he knew it.
His eyes, two brown spheres of beauty,
The touch of his hand on mine, innocent and gentle.
However, he is a Snyder. I must not let that stop me marrying the man I love.
I must tell him." Noah was about to call to call to him, when Luke suddenly spoke.

"Why me?"
"He speaks. Oh speak again my angel."
"Oh Noah, Noah, wherefore art thou Noah?
Disown my father and disown my name,
For if, Noah wishes to be my love,
I will no longer be a Snyder."
Noah crept out of his hiding place and moved a few inches forward. "I must hear more," he whispered.

"Noah is my enemy because of a name,
Mayer…why does that make him my enemy?
Mayer isn't an arm, leg or foot," Luke giggled.
"Nor any other part belonging to Noah.
Why can't I be called something different?
If a rose was called something else,
It would still smell as sweet.
Oh, if Noah were here, I would abandon my name
And then let him take me."

"I will!" Noah moved out of the shadow and moved into the moonlight.
Luke gasped and backed away from the balcony.
"Luke, if you wish me to, I will banish my name so I can be with you, henceforth I shall never be Noah."
"Why are you here in my family's grounds'?"
"I am here to see you."
"But aren't you Noah and a Mayer?"
"I am neither, if you dislike these names."

Luke looked cautiously around the walls of his father's home. He swung his leg over the side of the balcony and started to climb down the west face of the house. Once he had set his feet firmly on the ground, he began to slowly move closer to Noah.
"Do you truly love me?" Luke stopped just a metre away from the brunette.
Noah made up the distance and took Luke's hand. "I do truly love thee and by me telling you this, I ask when we should be married?"
He giggled at Noah’s words. Luke was ecstatic. Noah wanted him to be his partner, but Luke still kept his cool.
"My love, you have such a funny way with words.”
“My humour makes thee laugh?”
“Ay, it does.” Luke sighed. “Tomorrow at noon, I wish to be wed to thee."
"Then let it be. Friar Coleman will marry us, and I will be forever yours."

Noah and Luke slowly leaned in for a kiss. Luke's breathing hitched, as he smelt Noah's intoxicating smell of aftershave and pure man odour. Noah pulled Luke's hips closer to his. He wanted every part of Luke's body touching his. Luke's hands rested on Noah's chest, and their lips touched. Luke savoured this moment, for it had been an hour since their lips had last kissed. Noah wanted more of this man. He pushed Luke's mouth hard onto his.

Luke quickly pulled away from Noah and started to panic.
"Noah, it is my nurse. She mustn't find you here, or your life will be in danger."
"But I don't want to leave you here."
Luke pecked his lips. "Oh, but you must. If I am to marry you, you must not be caught here."
Noah saw a shadow at the door to the courtyard. He quickly hid behind an angel statue, while Luke stood in front of it.

Nurse Alison stood at the door in her nightgown.
"Sir, why are you out here, in the courtyard, in just your bed clothes?"
"...I wanted to, gaze up at the stars before I go to bed."
"Luke, you can see the stars far better from your balcony...Why is your breathing rushed? Are you ill? Let me-" She went to take a step closer to Luke.
"NO! Nurse, I assure you, I am fine and well. I could not sleep, so I decided to take a walk through the yard. I got distracted by the star filled sky. That is all.”
“If you are sure?”
“Oh yes. Could you just leave me for a moment, please?”
Alison nodded and returned to her night duties.

Noah re-emerged from behind the statue. Luke fell into his embracing arms.
“Sir Noah, you really must leave. I will not put our love in danger.”
“Do you still take my proposal of marriage?”
“I do and I must prepare myself for tomorrow. Now go.”
“With one last kiss, I leave.”
Noah cupped Luke’s face and savoured his love’s lips, for it would be another fair few hours before he could taste them again. Luke rested his forehead on Noah’s chest and hugged his soon-to-be husband.
“Until tomorrow, Adieu.” Noah pulled away, the tips of there fingers the last things to part. Noah ran off and clambered over the Snyder wall. Luke was alone.


As soon as the morning birds sang there merry song, Luke was up and about, preparing himself to be married. None of his family, nor any of the servants knew of his plans to marry the only son of the Mayer's. His father had already mentioned to his mother that the young Count Reg was looking for a husband to pass on his family’s fortune. Luke spoke briefly with the Count at the ball, but he was not a kind, loving gentlemen, not like Noah. Love had blossomed and Luke wanted to make sure everything went to plan.

“Young man, breakfast is served in…the grand hall….”
Nurse Alison walked in, just as Luke was fastening his tie.
“Sir, you look very dapper today. Why are you wearing your formal-wear? Have you a party to attend?”
Luke could not lie to Alison. She had been his friend for many years before becoming his nurse. He took her gently by the shoulders and spoke quietly.
“I am on my way to meet with Friar Coleman.”
“Luke is there a problem, for you know if you told me, I would listen to you. Do you need to make a confession?”
“I have arranged a wedding for today at the church.”

Alison put her hands to her mouth and gasped. “Reg proposed? I knew such a man as he, would be as romantic as to ask you for your hand in marriage straight away. I must tell the Lord and Lady!”
“No,” Luke’s grip on her shoulders tightened. “Friar Coleman isn’t marring me to Reg, he is marrying me to…Do you promise not to tell a living soul?”
“Luke, I am your nurse. What ever is said between us is confidential.”
“The man at the ball last night. The one I asked you to find out his name.”
“Noah Mayer?”
“Yes. He and I are to be joined at noon today and I need you to help me.”

After a few moments of pure silence, Nurse Alison spoke. “Sir, I don’t think I could-”
“You love this man? You truly love him?”
Luke let go of Alison and grew happy, thinking about Sir Mayer. “From the moment I saw him, love was present. His face, his smile, and the way he kissed me. I do not care if he is my family’s enemy, I love him and the feeling is mutual. If you wish to destroy the passion between Noah, and me then please do it after we are married and have spent our first night together as newly weds. I wish to be with him one last time before our marriage is broken.” Luke walked away from his nurse and sat himself on the edge of his bed, so he could tie his shoes.

“Sir, I cannot believe that you would go against your family’s rules like this. Your father will be appalled when he finds out his son has married a Mayer.” Luke looked at his nurse with a face of innocence. She joined Luke on the side of the bed. “But, if you feel so strongly that your love is true and real, then…It would be my duty, as your nurse and companion, to help you wed the young Noah.”
“Thank you sweet nurse. Thank you.” Luke hugged Alison.
“Enough Luke. The clock has only just struck 10. We have much to do before noon.”


“Thank you Father.” Noah shook Friar Coleman’s hand, as he began his wait for his love to join him in the church.
“Noah, are you certain that you want to do this. I heard about your crush on Jade of the Snyder family.”
“Father Coleman, I was young and reckless. I know for sure my heart belongs with Luciano Snyder and will be forever.”
Just as Noah finished his sentence, a knocking came from the church door. There stood in all his beauty was Luke. His love. His Husband. His future.

“You are early Master Luciano. There is 2 minutes before the clock strikes twelve.”
“Well father, I cannot wait until the town chimes ring at noon to be wed to my man.”
Noah walked up to the church door and took his dear Luke by the hand.
“Am I right in thinking you are impatient?”
Luke blushed. “You think correctly.”
“My sons join me so we can incorporate two into one.”
Noah and Luke made their way up to Friar Coleman.


Luke lay with his head but inches away from his lovers. He had awoken after their passionate night of lovemaking. Noah looked peaceful and content in his dreaming state. Luke wished he knew what his husband was dreaming about; silently hoping it involved himself, in someway. Noah started to stir. He sat up and rubbed his eyes.
“Good evening, my love.”
Noah turned to Luke.
“Do you not mean good morning?”
Luke shook his head.
“The sun has yet to rise and the moon is still high in the sky.”
“So let it be, I will continue the night with my lover.” Noah leaned in for a rushed, sloppy kiss, his hands pushing Luke back onto the pillows.

“Master Luke, OH MY!” Alison quickly turned her back, at the sight of Luke and Noah, completely bare, in Luke’s bed.
“Nurse!” Luke shot out of bed and quickly grabbed his dressing gown. He threw a cover over Noah.
“I am so sorry sir, but I’m here to warn you that Lady Snyder is on her way to see you. Look decent and presentable when she arrives.” Alison left the room, shutting the door behind her.
“My mother. Noah, you must leave.”
Noah, hastily, dressed and gathered the rest of his belongings. Luke walked with him to the balcony.

“I hate to leave you so suddenly Luke, but now I am a part of your household, I must obey your rules. Till tomorrow, farewell.” Noah began to descend the brick wall.
“I love you.”
Noah reached back up to Luke. He kissed his forehead.
“And I love you. Now I must go. I love you my Luke. Farewell.” Noah climbed down the balcony and, once again, disappeared over the wall.

There was a knock at the door. Luke quickly started to get his clothing back on.
“Yes. Who is it?”
“Your mother.”
“Come on mother.”
Lady Snyder walked into the room. She jumped a bit when she found her son dressing.
“’I’m sorry Luciano. I did not know you were changing.”
“No apologies needed Mommy, what is your wish to see me?”

Lady took a seat on Luke’s bed, previously occupied by Noah.
“Your father and I have some wonderful news. The dear Count Reg has asked your father for our blessing for you to be married to him. We have given our consent and you are to be married Thursday, the day after tomorrow, at dawn.”
Luke’s heart stopped. Count Reg…But his heart belongs to Noah. How can he marry Reg, when he had only but hours ago, wed Noah?
“I’m sorry Mother, but I cannot agree to this marriage proposal. Please thank my Lord, but I will not join the Count at the church on Thursday.”
“…Why my son?”
“…I don’t feel well, I wish to be alone tonight and tomorrow.” Luke began to get extremely hurt. Why couldn’t he just shout out that, he was the husband of Noah Mayer? He knew why. His family would disown him and everyone else who knew him. This was a very complicated decision for Luke to make. He had to pick between his true love and his family’s household.

“Ah, there is my son. My darling, have you told Luke of Reg’s proposal?”
Lady Snyder nodded at her Lord. “Ay I have, but he is having none. His gives you his thanks.”
Lord Snyder frowned.
“What does he mean ‘he is having none’? Has he forgotten the amount of riches we have put into his well-being and he repays us like this? I didn‘t agree to this just for thanks! I want to see my son married before I pass, so he can become heir to my land and my fortune, but what do I get in return. Thank yous and pardons!” Luke didn’t like his father’s tone of voice. Tears were already threatening Luke’s brown eyes and were building up every time his mind thought of his lover at the Mayer house. He couldn’t choose. Husband or Family.

“Answer me boy!” Lord spoke directly at Luke.
“..I…Father I-”
“Speak up. I cannot here you.”
“Father, I am grateful for your decision, but I wish to find my partner myself-”
“How dare you come against me? I give my heart and soul into you Luciano. Do you not see that your life would be needless if you were to turn down Reg’s love? Why do you just thank me Luke? You will go with Reg to Saint Peter’s Church,” Lord Snyder moved closer to his son. “-OR I WILL DRAG THEE!” Lord Snyder grabbed Luke by the hair and threw him down onto his knees. Lady Snyder and Nurse Alison screamed, with fear at the Lord’s actions.

“ARGH! PLEASE, PLEASE FATHER! I IMPLORE OF YOU! I AM DOWN ON MY KNEES PLEADING WITH YOU! PLEASE BE PATIENT, SO I MAY SPEAK A WORD!” Lord Snyder released his son and threw him hard onto the chamber floor.
“Speak...My Lady, why has God given me this son. He has brought us a curse and has put the rest of our children’s futures in jeopardy.”

“MY LORD! You are to blame, for ranking him so low!”
“Nurse, hold your tongue!”
“I’m not speaking out of reason. I speak the truth!”
“O, silence please Lady ‘Wisdom‘.”
“May I not speak?-”
“PEACE YOU MUMBLING FOOL! LECTURE ELSE WHERE, FOR YOUR WORDS ARE NOT NEEDED HERE!” The Nurse quickly backed away, till she stood at the door.

Lady Snyder tried to calm her husband.
“My Lord, you are too hot.-”

Lord Snyder went to leave, but stopped and crouched down next to his son, who was cowering in the corner of the room, sobbing. Lord took Luke’s head and made him look him in the eyes.
“I’ll pardon you, but I will still see you marry. Thursday is approaching; lay your hands upon my heart, for you are mine. I’ll give you to my friend,” Lord Snyder towered over his son. “-and if you are not, HANG, BEG, STARVE, DIE IN THE STREETS!” He took one glance at his wife, before storming out of the room. All that was left was the Nurse, Lady Snyder and the silent sobbing of a broken man.

Lady took a short glance at her son. ”Do not speak to me, young Luke, for I have nothing to say to you.”
Luke broke down to the Nurse as his mother left the room.
“Oh Nurse, how can I stop this?” Luke regained his legs and stood before his Nurse. “My Husband has no knowledge of my pain. I need him to give me my strength, as our marriage has. Nurse counsel me. COMFORT ME!” Luke yelled at Alison. He slumped onto the end of his bed and wept, waiting for Alison’s advice.

“You want comfort? Well, here it is. Your marriage with Noah is true and a happy one, but your family will never recognize this. I think you should marry the Young Count.” At this, Luke exclaimed, turned, and buried his face in his pillows. The smell of Noah was still present on the bed sheets. This made his hurting heart bleed evermore. Oh how he wanted him right now. Just for Noah to hold him in his arms and whisper soothing words into his lover’s ear. The sound of Noah’s soft voice lulling him into sleep.
“Sir, Reg is a lovely gentlemen. Noah is nothing compared to him.”
“But Sir I-”
“GO!” He cried at Alison.
The nurse left Luke’s bedchamber.

Luke sobbed and sobbed.
“I am not Snyder; I am Mayer, Luke Mayer and nothing else!” He mumbled into his pillow.
Luke did not know how long he had slept, but when he awoke, the Sun was just appearing over the horizon.
“I cannot marry Reg. I must find Noah or Friar Coleman before tomorrow.” Luke quickly got himself dressed for the cold early morning and climbed over the balcony. He ran to the Snyder walls, and with one backward glance, he clambered over it, just as Noah had done.


“Thank you father. Tomorrow, I will be married to the eldest son of the Snyder’s, and I will be joint heir to Lord Snyder’s fortune.” Reg was at Friar Coleman’s cell, discussing the final wedding preparations.
Suddenly, Coleman could hear someone calling his name. Why, it was young Luciano Mayer.
“Excuse me, Count, for one moment.”

Luke was glad to see Friar Coleman’s happy face. He greeted the priest with a hug.
“Good Morrow, Father. I am in need of your help.”
“Is that my soon-to-be husband?”
Reg appeared behind the Friar.
“I am not your husband yet, and you must not call me that ever, you ignoramus.”

“A what?” Reg was surprised to hear such words from this man. Nevertheless, he strutted over to Luke and kissed his knuckle.
“Why my Love, tomorrow we are to be married.”
Luke snatched his hand away and turned his back towards the Count.
“Well, father, I must be leaving. I must get myself ready to wed young Luciano. It is bad for me to see him before our wedding. Good day Father.” Reg left the church.

“Luke, my son, I already knows of your pain. This wedding with Reg cannot happen without your divorce from Noah.”
“I will not divorce Noah!” Luke revealed a blade from his pocket. Tears tumbled down his distraught face. “I will not live in the knowledge that my true love has to be a secret. I will take my own life, if this will stop my pain and misery.” He positioned the knife at his heart and turned his head up to the heavens. “A thousand I love yous, Noah.”

Friar Coleman snatched away Luke’s knife. Luke fell to his knees and bawled into the palms of his hands.
“Halt, my son, stop your weeping, for this is not the way. I have a solution for your dilemma.” He presented a small bottle from his pocket. He knelt down next to Luke and placed a comforting hand on his back. “Luciano, this I have in my hand, is a sleeping potion.” Luke lifted his head and acknowledged the priest. “The effects are not permanent, but will make the drinker seem dead. Veins will run cold and no pulse shall be present. No breathe, no warmth, just still. All the bright colour in your face, Luke, will fade. Say to your parents that you will marry the County, but before bed, take this. For 4 hours, your body shall be in slumber. The rest of the Snyder’s and the County Reg will find thee dead. After the potion has worn off its effects, Noah will come find thee and take you to Chicago were you will live together in exile.”

Luke took the funny looking bottle and started at it, inquisitively.
“But how will Noah know that I am only sleeping, not deceased?”
“I will ask Sister Maddie to pass on a message to your love about our plan.”
Luke dried his eyes and, once again, hugged the Friar.
“Thank you Father. My life seems to have brightened thanks to your knowledge. Good morrow and Good day. I must return to my house with haste.” Luke left the church in a hurry.


Noah sat at the family table. His father and mother sat 100 metres away from him.
“My boy, you seem very joyful today. Have you heard of great news?”
“No father. This morning, when I woke, I embraced everything about the rising sun.”
Lord Mayer chortled at his son’s happy mood.
“Mother, is the maid done cleaning my chamber?”
“I do not know Noah. I will check for you.” Lady Mayer kissed her son’s head and disappeared.

“Father, why did you marry my mother?”
Lord was surprised at his son’s questioning state, but further more, answered him.
“Your Grandfather, Lord Wilson and I, were close friends. He offered me his daughter’s hand in marriage and with honour, I accepted.”
“Yes, but did you not love mother?”
“Oh I did, young Noah, I did. I saw your mother on the balcony of this very house. She was singing to herself, content in her own world. She met my eyes and we were married the next day. Why all these questions? Are you falling in love?”
“Father, I am in love. The falling status died many days ago.”
Lord Snyder chuckled.
“My son, you have a funny way with words.”
Noah sipped his wine. “So I’ve been told.”


Please Play In High Quality. The Soundtrack to Romeo & Juliet (1996) with Nuke footage.
Credit - MissVanWest
Luke lay motionless in his bed, the curtains pulled around the sides. He had drunk to Noah and had prayed that Noah find him as he awakes from his sleep. T’was the day of Luke’s marriage to Reg and the Nurse was on her way to wake up the groom.

Alison opened the door to his room and opened the curtains at the window, letting the morning light fill the room.
“Luke. Rise and shine sir. The day is young and you must be ready in an hour.”
She turned towards the bed. The curtains blew from the breeze coming from the window.
“Luke, sleep has over powered thee.” Alison opened the balcony doors, which drew the curtains of the bed were Luke lay.
“Luke? Sweet pea?” Her master did not stir.
“Oh dear. Well, Reg will have to take you in your bed.” Nurse opened the old oak wardrobe. She took out Luke’s suit.
“All this wedding malarkey,” She shrieked with excitement. “Its got me all giggly.” Alison turned back to Luke. She noticed Luke hadn’t slept in his pyjamas. She checked her watch. “Now come on Luke, you are already half an hour late.” She pondered. “I must wake him.”

Alison put Luke’s suit on his chair, and went and knelt at the side of Luke bed. She gently shook him.
“Sir…” Nothing. “Sir?…” Still Nothing. “Sir!…ALAS, ALAS, MY MASTER IS COLD!” She stood and used the chair to steady herself. “HELP, HELP YOUNG LUKE IS DEAD! MY LORD! MY LADY!”
“What is this shrieking I can hear?”
Alison pointed to Luke with a shaking hand. “Your son does not respond!”
Lady Snyder took a seat next to her unconscious son.
“Luciano, Luke. My son, look up, or I will die with thee.” Tears fell from the mother’s eyes, as her son did not respond to her pleas. She turned to the Nurse. “Call Help!”

“Nurse and my Lady, bring Luke forth. Count Reg has arrived.” Lord Snyder stood in the doorway of Luke’s chamber. His wife looked up, upset plaguing her face.
“He is dead. My lord our son is dead.”
He made a nervous laugh. “Ha! Come, let me see him.” Lady moved out the way so her husband may check on Luke. “Alas…He is stone cold. His blood has settled, never to flow again and his joints are stiff. Death has bestowed him for many hours.” Lord Snyder rose from Luke’s side. He ran a hand over his face. “My emotions are complex. Crying is not an option at this present time.” Lady Snyder locked her head into her husband’s shoulder and wept.
“Nurse. Call Friar Coleman and Count Reg. They must see this horrific sight.”


Noah stood in the family orchid. The apples and other flowering fruit, hang from trees and hedges. The young man was content with his life. How he wished he could bring Luke here, and show him that beauty that he gazed upon every morning. Luke would be included in the beauty of his morning, if only his lover was there with him.

“SIR NOAH!” Casey ran up the hill to find Noah sat under a pear tree.
“Friend, why do you shout when surrounded by this?” Noah gestured to the trees and blossoming flowers.
“Noah, I have news from the Snyder house.”
Noah suddenly got a sinking feeling in his stomach.
“My man, Luke, how is he, for if he is well, I am well too?”
“I am sorry sir but his body is sleeping, in the Snyder family tomb. I saw him, laying on a beautifully decorated bed.”

Noah lent a hand on the tree, the news hitting him, causing his body to loose all feeling.
“Is it even so?”
Casey nodded. “Ay.”
“Then I defy you stars!” Noah felt the first tears fall, landing on the fresh grass. He slumped down against the tree and hid his face from view of everyone in Oakdale.
“Do you wish me to stay with you, young Noah.”
Noah sniffed back the tears and dried his eyes. “No. Thank you.”
“Noah, you frighten me. I have a terrible feeling about your state. Shall I call your mother?”
Noah shook his head and curled himself into a ball, rocking slowly backward and forward.
“Sir, you must-”
“LEAVE ME!” Noah yelled, his face red with anger and loss.
Casey bowed his head retreated to the house.


“Maddie, did you give the message to Noah of Mayer?”
She shook her head. “When I arrived, the man had left for the Snyder tomb.”
“Alas! Quick sister, we must run, before it is too late.”


Noah slowly trod on the marble floor. In the distance, he could see a body laying on a cushioned bench. Candles were lit all around, the smell of rose petals tickled Noah’s nose. He grew even closer to the monument and…there he was. Luciano Eduardo Snyder. Born on the 16th May to Lord and Lady Snyder. A sincere, loving man, who just wanted change.

Noah walked up the small steps to Luke’s bedside. The tears in his eyes shined in the candlelight. He took Luke’s hand and stroked the back of it.
“Luke. My sweet handsome Luke. Why do thou leave me here? I cannot be a part of this world if you are not by my side.” Noah climbed onto the bed with his beloved. “Luke, I will lie with thee tonight. Nothing shall make me move, for I belong to you.” He stroked back Luke’s hair and rubbed his thumb over Luke’s cheek. “O my love, my husband.” His ran his thumb over his lover’s lips. “Your crimson lips. I have missed them.” Noah tenderly kissed Luke, his fingers intertwining in the sides of Luke’s hair. “Dear Luke, why are you so beautiful? Death has taken your love away from me. If I am to win you back from the arms of this monster, I must join you.”

Noah looked at the necklace hanging from his neck. A gold ring hangs from it. He pulled off his neck and placed the ring on Luke’s wedding finger. He brought the hand to his face and covered it in light delicate kisses. He rested it back on Luke’s stomach.
“Eyes, take your last look.” Noah danced his eyes over Luke’s face and body. “Arms, take your last embrace.” Noah hugged Luke, burying his head in his husband’s neck, inhaling his sweet scent one last time. “And my lips, will seal the door to our love, with a righteous kiss.” Noah brought Luke’s face close to his and placed his lips upon his loves.

Luke’s hand twitched.
Noah took a small bottle of poison from his pocket.
“An eternal ticket to an ardent death. Here is to my love.”
Luke opened his eyes as Noah drank a fiery liquid from a glass bottle.
Noah stared at his lover before falling forwards onto Luke. Luke turned Noah over and rested his head on the silk pillows. Noah coughed and spluttered, the poison killing him by the second. Luke’s eyes became glossy and his breathing fast.
“Ssh. My love. Do not try to speak?” Noah raised his hand up to Luke, holding the bottle. Luke took and examined it. “What is this in my true love’s hand? Poison.” Luke tried to drink from it. “AH! Drunk all and left none for me after. I will kiss thy lips. Hopefully some poison still rests on them.” Noah’s body jolted as Luke kissed him. Luke sniffed back all of his tears. “Thy lips are warm.”

Noah put a shaking hand on Luke’s cheek.
“Thus with a kiss,…I die.” Noah’s hand slowly ran down his husband’s cheek. Luke tried to hang on to it, but it became heavy and fell onto the sheets.
A lone tear trickled down the dead man’s cheek. Luke suppressed his face into Noah’s chest. “NOAH!”
Luke screamed at the heavens. He howled and wailed as his heart shattered and disappeared.

Suddenly he could hear people outside. He recognised the voices of his father and mother.
Holding back his emotions he searched Noah’s pockets. Sure enough, he found a pocket-knife. “I must be brave.” Luke positioned the dagger at his heart. He sniffed back all his tears and sighed. “I will end my suffering by letting this knife rust in my body. It will remain there forever, as I will be forever with Noah. Let me die with my love.” In one swift motion, Luke embedded the knife in his chest. He bit back a scream, letting out a sharp whimper. He held onto Noah’s cold body, before collapsing at his side.




Lucinda, Queen of Oakdale, spoke to both families and other keepers of peace.
“My royal subjects. Let, what has been bestowed upon you today, be a sign. Your violent and bloody history must end. Due to your unreasonable manners, two young lives have been taken. There love, as Friar Coleman has told me, was pure and innocent. They meant no harm. Let this be the final straw. Are we agreed?”

Lord Snyder held out his hand to Lord Mayer.
“My lord, I have been told your son was a fair and honourable gentlemen. I will have a memorial made in Noah’s memory.”
“I too, heard of your son as a passionate man. A garden will be tended in your son’s honour.”

Queen Lucinda spoke once again.

‘ A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun for sorrow will not show his head.
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardoned and some shall be punished.’

For there never was a story of more woe;
Than this of Noah and his Luciano.

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