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Luke let go of the hug. "So how much more time before you get off?"

Noah didn't want to let Luke go, but knew he had to. "A couple more hours, but maybe I can call Jeff and see if he can come in a little early."

Luke smiled. "You really missed me didn't you?"

Noah pulled Luke close again. "Did I. Especially last night after I got back. Our bed seemed so big."

Luke agreed as held Noah's face in his hand. "I missed you too."

Noah got sad. "I don't know how you could with so much going on."

Luke shook his head. "I said I was sorry. Can we just put it behind us?"

Noah nodded. "Okay, just don't leave me out of things again."

Luke stepped away from Noah. "Well, I can't make that promise."

Noah frowned. "What do you mean?"

Luke smiled. "I need to unpack and you need to work. So I'm going to leave you here."

Noah grabbed Luke's hand. "You can wait around for me."

Luke shook his head. "I'll go home and put my stuff away. If you're there it will end up sitting in the middle of the floor."

Noah knew that Luke was right. "So you'll be at home when I get I get there?'

Luke gave Noah a kiss on the cheek. "Uh huh. I'll be waiting for you."

Luke slowly stepped back and slowly ran his hand down Noah's arm, as he headed for the door. " bed."

Noah spilled hot coffee on his hand. He grabbed a towel and blotted it up. "Damn. How am I suppose to concentrate. now."



Noah unlocked the door to the apartment, excited that he wouldn't be alone this time, after he had missed Luke so much the past days, especially in the nights.
He immediately saw Ethan guffawing and running through the livingroom with one of Luke's t-shirts in his hand. "Come on Ethan! Give it back to me!"

Ethan who noticed at first that Noah was standing in the doorframe dropped the t-shirt to floor and ran right into Noah's direction, while shouting his name over and over again. Noah smiled and lifted Luke's little brother up into his arms. "Hey little one, what are you doing here?"

Luke let out a deep sigh. "Thanks god you are here Noah, my little brother is driving me crazy."

Ethan buried his face into Noah's shoulder.

Noah giggled. "Why? What did he do?"

"He thought it was funny to steal my cloth to spread them through the whole apartment." Luke explained while grabbing up his cloth from the ground.

"I see." Noah walked towards his boyfriend, Ethan still in his arm and placed a gentle kiss on Luke's lips. "Poor baby. Why is he here anyway?"

Luke rolled his eyes. "I called my mom to tell her that I am moving back into the apartment, that was when she told me that she did't feel well, so I offered her to babysit my brother over the night."

The blonde looked at his boyfriend and Ethan who was now asleep, resting his head onto Noah's shoulder. "How are you always doing that?"

"Doing what?"

"He's almost always so quiet and peaceful when you are around." Luke replied smiling, while running his fingers through Noah's dark hair.

Noah smirked. "The Snyder boys just love me."


Luke smirked at his boyfriend. "I know thats right." and pecked him a kiss on the lips. "I am so sorry about this." He whispered. Noah smiled.

"Baby it's fine. Would I like to be alone with you? Yes, but one of the many things I love about you is that you are first and formost a family man." The brunette finished with what was suppost to be a joke. But, Luke didn't see it that way, so he took Ethan, and layed him on the couch. Then he took Noah's hand and led him to the bedroom where they both sat on the bed, door closed.

"Luke whats wrong?" Noah questioned softly. Luke looked into his eyes.

"Noah, what you said out there about me being a family need to know that you ARE my family. I mean, yes I have my blood relatives, but even if you were all I had, I would still be the luckiest man on the planet. Because I would have the man I love more than anything in the world." He finished, tearfully. Noah smirked and wiped away some of his boyfriend's tears.

"Oh honey...I so did not mean it like that! I know that you love me, exactly as much as I love you. Nothing will ever change that. I just wanted to don't have to ask permission to babysit your own siblings. This is your home to. Okay? It belongs to both of you know I would kill for every one of those kids." Luke smiled and kissed Noah hard on th lips. Taking in the taste of his man. He savored everything about the way Noah's lips felt against his and just as he was about to make another move.........

"Ewww are you two kissing?"


Luke just giggled, while Noah's blushed. "Ethan, I told you that Noah is my boyfriend." He got up from the bed and lifted his little brother up in his arms, before he tried to ran away again. "Come on, we get you ready for bed."

Ethan struggled "Noooo. Noooah!"

Noah got up from the bed. "Hey, you have to listen what your brothers says, if you still want me to watch your cartoons with you."

Ethan clapped in his little hands. "Cartoons. Cartoons."

"Not now buddy. I promise we are doing that tomorrow, but now you have to go to bed." Noah explained.

Ethan nodded and yawned.

"Thank you babe." Luke whispered thankfully into his boyfriends ear.

"You're welcome." Noah placed a kiss on Luke's forehead. "I am going to take a shower."

When Noah entered the bedroom again, 15 minutes later, Ethan was asleep and Luke gave his little brother a peck before he quietly left the room with his boyfriend.

Luke sighed when he let himself fall onto the couch. "I love my brother, but he can be a little monster sometimes."

Noah who sat down next to his boyfriend, wrapped his arm around him. "Come on, he is not that bad. I'm sure you will be a good dad one day."

Luke rolled his eyes at his boyfriend. "Oh please, that's never going to happen."

Noah raised an eyebrow. "Does that mean that you don't want to have any kids?"


Luke just sat there, jaw dropped at what his boyfriend just said. He had always assumed with all of Noah's daddy issues, why would he ever want to be a father? Even if Luke thought he would make a fantastic one. But, even if that's what they both wanted, were they ready to have that discussion?

" Noah I would like to have childeren but......don't you think it's a little soon?" Noah smiled and shook his boyfriend.

"I didn't mean right now silly." Luke smiled slightly.

"No I mean....are you ready to have that discussion?" Luke finaly blurted out, staring at their intertwined hands. Noah tensed.

"I don't know...I mean..... I was just.......when you were playing with Ethan all I could think about was how good you are with your siblings, and I bet you would be even better with our kids." Noah said softly. Luke's eyes widened and he turned even more so he was looking rght into Noah's eyes. But that's all he did, stare, stare with a big goofy smile on his face. Eventually Noah had to speak up.

"What? What did I say?"

"Our." Luke said. "You said that I would be good with OUR kids."

"Yeah." Noah said. "Yeah I guess I did." Luke smiled.

"Is that a proposal Mr. Mayer?"


"Well let me think about it for a moment. I am going to ask you if you want to marry me, of course you are saying yes, than we are going to adopt a child as soon as I graduated. How does that sound to you?" Noah asked, trying not to smile.

Luke punched his boyfriend playfully on the arm. "Haha, you are so funny Noah."

Noah smiled now. "I know I am."

Luke was kind of sad, he tried to have a discussion with Noah and all he could to was make a joke.

"I am sorry babe." Noah placed his hands on both sides of Luke's face. "I really am."

Luke nodded. "It's okay ... It's just ...I don't know ... never mind." Luke started to kiss Noah's lips gently.

"Wait." Noah took both of Luke's hands in his own. "Please tell me what you wanted to say."

Luke sighed. "Fine. Remember when you and Ameera got married and I told you that I was hoping that we are going to have one of those Marriage Certificate's one day?"

Noah nodded. "Maybe it's totally silly but I still want that."

Noah smiled all over the face. "That's what I want too Luke ... but not now and I don't think you want that either. Besides if I really would propose to you, I wanted it to be special ... and I don't need to be married to you to know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you."



Noah sighed and choked down the threat of tears

"Luke" He said,taking his hands

"Every day,every moment of my life with you IS special,it's special to me in everyway,and I don't even want to live my life without you,and that isn't going to change if we have a marriage ceritificate,that piece of paper would only certify something we already know,that together,our life is special and it's amazing and we don't want it to end unless we are together."

Luke choked,feeling tears escape him.

"You dolt your not supposed to be good with words,that's my job"

"Well I stole it temporarily"

Luke giggled as he let his mouth reach Noah's and begin to explore


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