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Title: She
Chapter: 1 a house with a white fence
Rating: NC17
Summary: what happened after loosing love ended and how will life threat our two lovebirds
Characters: Luke, Noah, Holden, Lily, the pack
Genre: fluffy romancy julia thingy
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She, chapter 1, a house with a white fense.

A/N this is a sequel of the pack and of loosing love which can be found here and here

The house with the white fence around it was just perfect. It used to be a big farm but as time has gone by it was split in two houses. Two living room, two kitchens, four bathrooms, six bedrooms and one big backyard.

Noah stood behind Luke in the backyard, his arms secure around his waist and his head on Luke’s shoulder. He felt content, at home, happy and most of all, he felt safe. A sigh escaped his lips. Who ever thought they would make it here.

The first nights out of the hospital after his kidnapping had been awkward to say the least. He had nightmares, Luke had nightmares. They held each other through the night, unable to let go but afraid to fall asleep.
After a week Holden had stepped in and they went to see the doctor. Both had gotten some pills to sleep and an emergency appointment with a shrink. They went together since they needed to deal with the events together.

The day Damian had been deported to Malta they both went to say their goodbye’s. Facing Damian was the hardest thing for both of them but they did it together and it had made them even closer. Much to Damian’s grieve.
While they were at the station they had also faced Jeff, who had cried bitter tears while quoting the bible. They both felt they didn’t know the boy that was standing before them and they pitied him. He was sentenced with community service at the local gay and lesbian centre. Noah had found that utterly ironic and they even made some jokes about it.

For weeks they didn’t make love. They had kissed some but mostly they just held each other. The first time an innocent kiss turned needy and passionate they both felt like two blushing virgins. Their tongues had met awkwardly and the kiss was wet as well as hot and clingy. When they finally broke loose they had grinned to each other widely. Both extremely happy that there seemed to be progress in their lack of sexual need. They also were both erect for the first time since that dreadful day that Jeff had taken Noah.

Noah had taken his time to undress Luke and devour his body. He needed to kiss every inch, reclaiming what was his to begin with. Luke had just laid back, his hands clasping the sheets and his breath rapid. He had been extremely happy it happened during the day, when the house was empty and there was no need to muffle his moans and gasps. Noah hadn’t done much more than kiss his way down Luke’s body touching Luke’s erection once before Luke had come over his hands. Noah had grinned and beamed with pride that he had been able to do that, that he hadn’t been afraid but aroused to no ends. Luke beamed in afterglow and returned the favour eagerly.

After that first time they just weren’t able to resist touching each other and they had been caught many time making out, sometimes by one of the parents or a sibling but also by many professors at Oakdale U and by the pack. They both had gone to OU a few months later than planned and now they were on the brink of graduating, together, like always.

They had had some differences and there were a few fights but they always found their way back to each other, usually within an hour of parting. Their friends had also made it through college, Casey had met the sweetest girl there, who he proposed to only a couple of nights ago. Ali had accepted and they both were extremely happy. Kevin and Sarah had broke up in their freshman year, both had other lovers but at the end of their last year they had found each other again. They were moving to the west coast where Sarah had the internship of a lifetime, at one of the best in vitro clinics of the country. She was going to be the best gynocologist any woman could wish for. Kevin would follow her around the globe if necessary, they were both happy and very much in love, much to their friends happiness too.

One warm and lazy summer evening Luke and Noah were lying in the grass near the pond with Maddie and Bridget next to them. They were making plans for the future and both couples had revealed they were going house hunting in Oakdale. The friendship between the four of them had grown into a deep, warm loving bound that was almost unbreakable and without knowing who suggested what and how they were all standing in the backyard of this beautiful house that had every potential off becoming a home. For the four of them.

Luke heard Noah’s happy sigh and turned around is his arms.

“what do you think Sul, can we grow old in this place? Should we buy it?”

“hell yeah, I already feel at home here Luke, I want to make this place our safe haven. Let’s ask the girls what they think and then make the owners an offer they can’t refuse.” Noah nuzzled Luke’s neck and kissed the soft skin under his ear.

“I love you” he whispered

“I love you too, and I am so looking forward to fucking you in all the rooms in our part of the house.” Luke whispered back, he felt a shiver running through Noah’s body when he heard the words.

Noah looked up into two intense pools of hazel liquor and pressed his lips on Luke’s. Luke met Noah halfway with his mouth already open and ready for Noah’s tongue. Their teeth clinged, Noah licked the inside of Luke’s mouth before sucking his lower lip between his teeth to bite them. Luke moaned softly and replied the love bite eagerly before he let his tongue collide with Noah’s and the world faded into red passion..

A soft laugh burst their bubble and when they let go of each others mouths and looked up they saw the girls looking at them with naughty grins over their faces. Maddie and Bridget still could get very much turned on when they saw their best friends made out. And although they saw a lot of it, it was a sight that never bored them.

“So what do you guys think?” Maddie asked when Noah and Luke shifted their attention from each other to them.

“we would love to buy this house Mads, what about you two?” Luke answered

“we definitely want to buy this house” Maddie answered while Bridget nodded.

And so, at age twenty-two, four friends bought a house, to turn into a home.

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