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Title: She
Chapter: 2, a night to remember.

Rating: NC17
Summary: what happened after loosing love ended and how will life threat our two lovebirds
Characters: Luke, Noah, Holden, Lily, the pack
Genre: fluffy romancy julia thingy
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A night to remember

What would have been smart, was for Noah to not say anything to Luke but unfortunately, Noah wasn’t feeling all that smart.

He was standing in the doorway of what soon would be their new bedroom. The authentic wooden floors were covered in plastic. In the middle of the room there was a pair of steps. Luke was standing on it, painting the ceiling. Noah could see Luke was covered in little white dots of paint, they were on his face, on his hair and on his overalls

Luke hadn’t seen Noah yet and he didn’t hear him come in the house, probably cause he was singing on the top of his lungs along with an old duran duran song. Noah grinned at the text, wild boys. Maybe they would be, later tonight.

Noah had finished his last assignment for his graduation movie at the university’s film lab. Luke had already handed in his last essay for his journalism class so while Noah was buried in tape, Luke buried himself in paint.

Noah let his eyes dwell from the bedroom to the newly renovated kitchen, to the already furnished living room and the doors that would lead to the study and the guestroom, both covered in boxes.
One more night before they would move their bed from the farm to their new home. They were going to have a fare-well dinner at the farm with all the Snyder's and then, they would start another stage of life. Just one more night.

Noah sighed happily. This was what he wanted in life, living with his one-and-only and their best friends next door. He knew he should change into his own overalls and help Luke finish the ceiling and the last wall but he enjoyed the view way too much to take his eyes and his attention away.

When a new song began he pushed himself off the wall he was leaning against and walked to shut of the radio. Luke sang along with the silence for a few sentences before realizing the music was turned off. When he looked up he saw Noah standing before the steps, grinning like a madman.

“ hey Sul, did you finish the project? You look really happy” Luke asked his boyfriend.
“ I finished it alright, and since it is finished I thought maybe you would like to finally see it tomorrow night when we come home from the farm?” Noah was really tense about his project and Luke was not allowed to see it until it was finished. Now that it was finished and Noah had send the movie to his teacher it was time Luke would see it,
“ I would really love to see it Noah, I am so so curious. Tomorrow night sounds great. So, are you going to get changed and help me finish the last of the paint work?”
“ what are you painting Luke” Noah asked teasingly “ the ceiling or your hair?”

The words hadn’t left Noah’s mouth when a big brush lazily stroked a big stripe of white paint in Noah’s hair.
“ I am sorry Noah, did you say anything?” Luke couldn’t help snorting when he saw Noah’s astonished face.
His soft grin turned into a giggle when he saw the paint dripping from Noah’s hair over his ear to his neck.
His eyes fluttered close and his nose wrinkled, a typical sight when Luke had a laughing fit and Noah took advantage by pulling Luke off the steps and onto his body.

Luke stopped laughing immediately when he felt Noah’s hands around his waist and the hand that still held the brush came down in a reflex and painted Noah’s face white. Noah looked at Luke, his eyebrows high in surprise and Luke looked at him with big, shocked eyes for a moment. His lower lip started to tremble and he pushed his lips together in an attempt to control himself. But he couldn’t help himself and soon he was laughing so hard his whole body trembled. Tears were streaming down his cheeks and his breath was irregular and loud.

Noah calmly took the brush from Luke’s hand, dipped it into the bucket of paint that stood at the first step of the stairs and painted a big stripe from Luke's chin, over his nose and his hair to the base of his neck.
Luke’s eyes turned into two little stripes when he felt the paint dripping off his nose to his lips.

Noah chuckled when he saw the look on Luke’s face and decided to make things worse by painting Luke’s forehead white. Luke’s hands sprang forward to take over the brush and soon the two young men were rolling over the floor playfully fighting for the brush.

They both were laughing almost hysterical, their faces moist with laughing tears and both covered in white wet paint. Luke playfully bit down to Noah’s lower lip, trying to distract him but Noah kept his focus on the brush, while he softly ran his tongue over the other boys lip, tasting Luke and the irony taste of paint.
Somewhere at his hip he felt the hardness of Luke’s erection and Noah was more than ready to take this to the next level when a loud gasp brought them to break apart and look at the door.

Holden and Jack were standing at the threshold to their bedroom, both wearing overalls and shocked expression. Jack smiled wide when he let his eyes run over the two white stained boys.
“ euhm, I am sorry” Holden said.” We thought we could help you finish painting tonight so tomorrow can be a day of celebration.”
Luke got up from the floor, his erection vanished by the sight of his dad and godfather.
“ thanks dad, Jack. That is really nice off you. We could use the help since we got….euhm.. a little sidetracked.”
Holden grinned when he saw the boys looking embarrassed.
“ ah, we caught you doing worse, wearing less, more than once so don’t worry about it. But perhaps you two should take a shower before all that paint get stuck to your faces.”

When Luke woke up the next morning he couldn’t help feeling happy and a little sad at the same time. Today he would leave the farm, the horses, his parents and his brother and sisters. The farm where he and Noah had met, where they shared their first kiss, made love for the first time, where they had fucked for the first time. Where Noah had mourned over the death of his father. Where his parents had accepted his lifestyle in an instant, where they had accepted their foster child as one of their own and as their son in law. Where he had fallen apart when Noah was abducted and where he was safe enough to pick up the pieces of himself to go and look for his love. Where Noah had recovered, physically and mentally after the ordeal he had gone through. Where they had found each other and their love more stronger than ever. Luke let himself think of all the happy and the sad moments before he realized he was alone in bed.

He looked around the empty room and saw a post it on his jeans

Went to help Holden in the stables one last time, thought I let you sleep in a little, you did paint so much yesterday J
Love you

Luke smiled at the note, got dressed and stripped the bed. He threw the sheets in the laundry bin in the bathroom. While he was doing that he heard a noise behind him and he looked up to find his mom smiling at him from the doorpost.

She looked sad and Luke got up to give her a hug. He had barely got his arms around her when he felt his shirt getting wet with tears. His mom didn’t make a sound but he could feel her body tremble against him and he held her closely to him.

“ hey mom, what you doing? Today should be a happy day and not a sad one” he said in a hushed tone.
“ I *sob* am*sob* happy*sob*”
“ yeah mom, I notice you are thrilled. Tell me what's wrong?”

His mom took a moment to compose herself
“ I just am so proud of both my boys. And I am going to miss you so much.” She let out a heavy sigh before she turned around and walked towards the kitchen.
Luke followed her there and turned on the coffee machine before he sat down at the kitchen table facing the door. Memories flooded over him and when two strong arms circled around his neck he snapped out of his thoughts startled. Noah hugged him tightly from behind and Luke let his body relax against the warm one behind him.
“ you looked lost in memory lane, it’s a little sad to leave this place isn’t it?” Noah whispered in his ear.
Luke smiled, Noah always knew exactly what he was thinking and often got him off guard with his understanding, calm character.
He nodded and felt Noah sink in the embrace even more, Lily and Holden were looking at them with a smile in their eyes from across the sink and when they looked away for a second Noah slid his tongue over Luke’s sensitive earlobe and blew over it. “ tonight Charme, tonight I am going to fuck you senseless in our own bed in our own home.”
Luke shivered when he heard the promise in Noah’s voice and he couldn’t do more than nod, afraid his voice wouldn’t work.

Later that evening, when Holden had put their bed together in their new bedroom, when Luke had finished putting their new, clean sheets on it,when Noah had finished hanging their Disney pics on the wall near the bed and when all of the Snyder clan was hugged and kissed they found themselves on the threshold of their new lives. Holden and Lily had both cried when they had left the farm with a trunk loaded with gifts. Luke and Noah didn’t cry, although they both had swallowed hard a few times and now they were here.

Noah put the key in the lock of their side of the house and opened the door. The girls were moving in in a couple of weeks, something with walk in closets and big baths that weren’t finished yet. When the door was completely open Noah startled Luke by lifting him in his arms and carrying him over the threshold. He slammed the door shut with his foot before lowering Luke in the hallway. They held each other for the longest time, treasuring the moment. Noah broke loose first, pulling Luke to the living room and pushing him on the couch.

“ Luke, I am going to show you my film, but I need you to watch it without speaking, the part that is my project is an exactly 30 minute long documentary and there is a 4 minute part especially for you.”

Noah put on the television and took the remote for the dvd player in his hand. He sat down next to Luke on the couch and pressed play, his heart beating rapidly in his chest.
Luke turned his attention from Noah to the television without speaking but he pulled Noah close against his body.

The movie started with footage that was shot when Noah’s dad had died. The local news anchor had covered the story of the colonel who had died, leaving his son an orphan for the cause of the war that no one wanted to fight. There was footage of the arriving of the coffin, Noah was caught on tape looking immensely sad and Luke was standing next to him ,a hand on his back. There was footage of the funeral, shot from a distance, Noah accepting the flag, Luke’s hand on his back.
Then there were pictures of the pack and Noah’s voice was telling the viewers the story of how he had found a new family, how he had learned to love and how love had found him in the form of Luke. There was footage shot at Ethan’ s birthday party. Luke and Noah happily in love, Luke’s parents and family all accepting while Noah’s voice told about being a gay army brat and how he had learned to be proud of what he was. Then there was footage covering the kidnapping. The arrest of Jeff. Billboards with Noah’s picture. Luke got in despair when Damian was arrested, the news story from the hospital where Noah was admitted, the other victims off camp James and about the trial. Noah’s voice told the story of being betrayed by friends and family, about loosing love and hope and finding it again.

When the last images faded Luke was sobbing with his head on Noah’s shoulders, waiting for the next part to begin.
It started with a picture taken by Bridget in Disney, Noah and Luke were caught kissing passionately in a sheltered corner of the magic kingdom.
They were followed by pictures of their new home, their family and their friends. Noah’s voice commented all the happy occasions and finally the movie froze at a picture of Luke and Noah in their new backyard. Noah was hugging Luke from behind, Luke’s head was turned so that they could look into each others eyes and they were positively beaming with love.
Luke had never seen the picture before and the devoted look on both his and Noah’s face warmed him to his core. He focused on Noah’s voice that came from the television and gaped in surprise when he heard he words spoken to him.

Luke, will you marry me?

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