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Title: She, chapter 5, making plans, plans and more plans
Chapter: 5 of ?
Rating: pg 13 for kissing
Summary: Luke and Noah share their good news, but then get asked a surprising question
Characters: Luke, Noah, Casey, Maddie, Bridget, mention of Holden, Aaron, Sarah and Jeff
Genre: fluff
Warnings: I almost gave up on this story, so bear with me in the getting-back-into-the-mood-shortish-chapter
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Making plans

Luke had called Casey and asked him to meet up at Al’s for lunch. Old fashion burgers and fries with a milkshake to finish sounded amazing and made him think of the hours they spend there at high school.
Luke was already there when Casey arrived, his normal fun loving attitude radiating from him in waves.

They shared a warm hug, Luke, still in awe about everything his friend had done for him when Noah was missing, considered Casey his dearest friend, his rock and they shared almost everything together. Maddie was his other closest friend and he and Noah were going to meet her and Bridget for tea in the lakeview later.

“ whats up Snyder?” Casey asked him right after they settled in a boot and ordered an extra large cheeseburger and banana shake from Vienna.

“well Case, I have got something to ask you” Luke kept his hands out of view, afraid Casey would see his ring and guess his surprise.
“you see, Noah had a little surprise for me the others day…we watched his movie and it was awesome.”

“when can we see it?” Casey interrupted

“euhm, I guess in a few weeks, we will let you know, but at the end of the movie, Noah made a little private piece and…”

Luke let his voice trail while he shoved his hand under Casey’s nose. Casey looked at the ring before letting out a girlish squeeh, he jumped up and hugged Luke.

“ oh- my- god! He proposed to you? You're getting married, that is SO awesome.” He slapped Luke on his back before sitting down again.

“we are getting married on the farm, late spring, we haven’t decided on a date yet but Case…I want you to be my best man, I cant imagine having anybody else there with me. Would you do me the honor of being my best man?”

Casey just stared at Luke for a moment, his mouth slightly open, his eyes shining.
Luke was just started to get worried when Casey jumped up again, walked around the table and grabbed Luke, pulled him up and in his arms for a bone crushing hug.

“Jesus man, you have like a zillion brothers, uncles, nephews and friends and you’re asking me to stand up for you? Oh men, wait till I tell Allie, or my mom and dad and Mads, wait, what are you gonna do with Mads, who is going to be Noah’s best man?”

Luke chuckled about Casey's rambling while he basked in the hug a little longer. Casey was the best hugger he knew, right there with Noah on the top of the list.

“well, we are going to ask Maddie and Bridget to be our maids of honor, we are meeting them later today. Noah asked my dad to be his best man, but even if he didn’t, I would want you to be mine.”

Casey turned to Luke once more, grabbed his cheeks and gave him a sloppy kiss on the mouth, making Luke fell back in a fit of laughter

“oh man, how am I going to tell my fiancé my best friend and best man kissed me.”

Casey started to laugh too and soon both men had tears streaming down their face.

When they finished eating and laughing they said their goodbye’s, Luke made his way to the lakeview. He was a little early but he figured he could make some calls to deliver the good news to more friends and family.
After calling Kevin and Sarah, his grandma and his brother Aaron he saw Noah coming towards him, a big grin of his face.

“ hey Sul, did you have a nice day?” he asked after standing up from his seat and giving his lover a peck on the lips.

“ the best and I am about to make it even better.” Noah answered Luke looked at him quizzically, expecting an explanation when Noah drew him is his arms and kissed him silly, right there in the lobby of the lakeview hotel.
By the time Noah withdrew, they were both slightly out of breath and both wore silly grins on their face. They looked each other in the eyes and got lost there for a few moments before they noticed two giggling girls standing next to them

“ aaaaaaaaawwwwww you look so cute” Maddie said before kissing both her friends on the cheek
“ and soooooooooo in love.” Bridget teased after following her girlfriends lead to kiss both men.

Luke blushed a little but Noah just grinned at Bridget before leading them all through the lobby towards the dining room and their tea reservation. When they had settled down, Maddie and Bridget across the table from Luke and Noah, they waited until their tea, scones and sandwiches were served before they started to talk.

“ hey guys, Maddie and me, we have got something to ask you” Bridget started.

“ that’s a coincidence” Noah replied “ we have got something to ask you too.”

“ You go first, our question needs to be discussed big time” Bridget sat back and looked at her two friends across the table.

They both had one hand under the table, they were both glowing with love and they wore identical silly grins. She couldn’t help but chuckle and guess what was going on.

“the other night, Noah showed me his film, it is done and ready for viewing.” Luke beamed with pride and both girls congratulated a smiling Noah on finishing his final student project.
Luke continued after they fell silent again “at the end of the movie he did a little dedication of love to me………he proposed and I accepted.” They both held their hands up, the rings shining on their fingers.

Maddie jumped up, squeehing and giggling and pulled Luke in a hug, Bridget did the same with Noah, a little quieter, but just as happy. They switched men to hug and congratulate before settling down in their seat again, still smiling.

“ there is more” Noah continued. “we asked Holden and Casey to be our best men and we wanted to ask the two of you to be our maid of honors.”

Maddie and Bridget both let out high pitched screams of happiness, hugging each other before reaching out to touch the hands of the men across them.

“yes, yes of course” Maddie said and soon the four of them were discussing wedding plans and dress colors, flower arrangements and catering plans until Noah was fed up and asked them about their question.

“well, we want to get married someday too but we want something else first, not now immediately but somewhere in the next year or so.” Bridget looked at Maddie nervously, unsure of how to procede. “we are living in our beautiful house together and we thought it was the ideal situation to ask ask you…” Maddie looked at Bridget, swallowed and continued

“ we want you to father our child”

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