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Title: She, chapter 6, of frogs and beans
Chapter: 6 of ?
Rating: pg 13
Summary: Bridget and Maddie have asked their important question...
Characters: Luke, Noah, Maddie, Bridget
Genre: fluffiest of fluff
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Noah sat back, his mouth slightly open, speechless. He looked from Maddie to Bridget to Luke and back. Luke, he noticed wasn’t doing much better than he was with wide open eyes and a look of astonishment on his face.
“You want what?” he finally managed to ask, deciding he must have heard it wrong the first time.

“Please hear us out guys, we want to raise a family but we can’t get pregnant by ourselves. I am sure you two would be excellent fathers and we all live in one house. It is THE perfect solution.” Maddie held Bridget’s hand while she tried to explain their request.

“and how are we going to make these children? Are we going to take turns? How are we getting our seed and your egg together? You don’t suggest we have sex, do you?” Luke looked from Noah back to the girls, grabbing his hand under the table, lacing their fingers together.
They had discussed children, planned to maybe adopt someday but the idea of raising kids with their best lesbian friends never occurred to them.

“Well, we were thinking about me and Noah have one first and Luke and Maddie have the next. We could do artificial insemination but we would love to try and make this happen at home first. You guys could have sex, collect the sample and then we just inject it and hope it will work. We could have joined custody and the kids could sleep in our part of the house half the week and in your part the other half .We could all have dinner together.” Bridget looked at her friends, trying to read their thoughts but their expressions were blank.

Noah looked at Luke, before turning to the girls
“We need to discuss this privately girls; we need some time to think it over.”
Luke nodded his consent and although Maddie and Bridget both looked disappointed they seemed to understand and accept that it took time to get used to their idea. They had been thinking about this for a while and were ready to go but they didn’t want to push into anything and taking some time wouldn’t hurt.
As on an unspoken agreement they finished their tea talking about the upcoming wedding at the Snyder farm.

It didn’t take them long to talk it over, the idea of having children of their own was too good to be true and they decided to talk it over again after the girls had moved in.
The talk had gone smoothly and they all decided they didn’t want to wait much longer.

The four of them had visited an attorney to look through the legal side of their wish; he had set up a contract what allowed both birth parents to have custody and both partners to act as legal guardians.

Bridget had begun to monitor her menstruation cycle and had calculated the day Noah’s sperm was needed to make a baby. All they needed now was a lot of good fortune to make it happen.

They had done research on the Internet very thoroughly and found out that sperm of good quality could live up to 7 days in a female body and they had decided, for good measure, to inject two times within three days.

The first time had been extremely awkward, a cup at their nightstand, Noah on his back, naked and Luke hovering over him, fully dressed. While Noah was recovering from Luke’s talented mouth, Luke rushed the cup to Maddie before joining Noah in bed. They were both lying on their back, looking at the ceiling, thinking of what was happening a few meters away. Noah still naked, Luke still dressed. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence they looked at each other and both started to laugh.
Noah rolled into Luke’s waiting arms and they snuggled up, kissing tenderly, softly speaking of wishes and children, making plans.

The second time they decided they both wanted to be naked and pleasured. Luke topped and although they spilled a few drops almost grabbing the cup too late, a very sated Luke, wearing only a robe brought a grinning Maddie the cup with a decent amount of liquid in it.

That had been four months ago, and with the date of their wedding fast approaching there were a million things to do but nothing as important as the afternoon the four of them crammed into a little room in Oakdale memorial hospital, waiting for the obgyn to arrive.
Bridget had tested positive only three weeks ago and their first ultrasound was scheduled for this afternoon. The four of them were extremely nervous and there had been more glares and irritations than ever in both houses, all due to nerves.

A nurse had guided Bridget to a bench and instructed her to lift her shirt above her bellybutton and lie down. Maddie stood beside her to hold her hand, the silence between the four of them awkward for the first time since they met.

They waited a few minutes before a knock on the door told them the time had finally come to see if their affords had paid off.
A grey, elderly, gentle looking man wearing a white robe entered the room and blinked when he saw the four of them.
“Good afternoon, I am doctor Stephens and I am going to perform the ultrasound today.”
He extended his hand to Bridget who shook it before bringing the doctor up to date about their family arrangements.
“This is my girlfriend Maddie Coleman, the father of the baby Noah Mayer and his fiancé and the other father of our baby Luke Snyder.
They all extended their hand to the doctor, who didn’t say a thing about the introductions but shook all their hands and went on with the procedure.

He put a paper towel in the waistband of Bridget’s skirt before squirting some liquid on her belly. He turned on the ultrasound machine and placed the transducer on Bridget’s lower abdomen.
They all looked at the screen, but they didn’t see more than grey and black smudges. The doctor moved the transducer around on Bridget belly before he pointed at the screen.
“There is your baby” he said
The image was faded to say the least, what looked like a big bean with multiple circles and a few bulges was seen at the little TV-screen on the wall.

Luke moved his head from side to side to see if he could make anything from the image but as hard as he tried he didn’t see any human form into it. Frog? Maybe. Bean? Definitely, but baby? No way.
Just when he was about to comment and ask what was what he felt a hand searching his. When he looked to the side he saw Noah’s mouth open awed stare at the screen. Tears running over his cheek. A muffled sound from the bench told him both girls were also emotional.
He looked at the doctor, his confusion clearly visible on his face; the doctor smiled a warm smile before he started to explain what there was hidden deep inside Bridget’s tummy.
“Here you can see the start of the head, this will be arms and legs and this is the heart beat. Do you want to hear it?”
He didn’t wait for an answer but twisted a button and the sound of a train coming through filled the room.
Luke was more surprised than anything at the wondrous picture their child made. He beamed at the doctor before stepping closer to Noah to hug him.
“That’s your baby, I can’t believe it. “He whispered to the love of his life. The awe clearly notable in his voice.
Noah pulled him even closer before he whispered back. “No Luke, that’s our baby.”

The girls were giggling and crying at the same time while the doctor wrote some things down.
“You are about 7 weeks pregnant now and that makes your due date around june 1th. You can make another appointment at the desk. I’d like to see you again in 4 weeks.” I have printed a picture of your baby; the nurse at the desk will give them to you.”

He shook their hands again before disappearing through the door. Leaving them in the room together.


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