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Title: she chapter 4
Chapter: telling the parents, again
Rating: NC17
Summary: the day after the night before
Characters: Luke, Noah, Lily, Holden, others
Genre: fluffy Julianess
Warnings: be warned, there is sex in this chapter
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She chapter 4 Telling the parents, again

Luke woke up with a smile plastered on his face. He immediately remembered the events of the previous evening and turned to watch his fiancé sleep. Noah was lying on his side, one arm clutching his pillow, the other propped under his chin with his back to Luke.

It had become a sleeping ritual since the first night they spend in a bed together. They would fall asleep snuggled up, one mans head on the other mans chest, arms and legs intertwined, but somewhere during the night they shifted away from each other and they always woke up with the small of their backs and buttocks touching one and other.

Luke bended over and started to press butterfly kisses along Noah’s spine, starting at the bottom and working his way back to the beautiful neck of his lover. He noticed Noah’s breath became irregular and knew he was awake. Luke pressed himself against Noah’s back side, his erection nestling heavy between the crack of Noah’s ass while he let one arm sneak around Noah’s waist searching for his very hard morning erection.

“ goodmorning love” he whispered in Noah’s ear while his hand began stroking Noah’s cock.
Noah answered with a small moan, not able to create coherent sentences while his body screamed in pleasure of Luke’s tender assault. He tried to roll over but Luke firmly held him in place, while his thumb spreaded the precome that started to drip from the slit of Noah’s erection over the whole length of it causing Noah to buck his hips into Luke’s hand.
With his free hand Luke reached behind him, searching for the drawer of his nightstand to get the lube but he wasn’t able to reach that far back.

“ don’t you dare move” he whispered to Noah while giving his erection a firm squeeze before letting him go.
Noah hissed through his teeth, feeling the loss of the warm hand over his erection in his whole body but before he could say anything the hand was back where it belonged and began stroking Noah again. Noah heard the pop of a bottle being opened and pressed his ass into Luke’s erection, silently begging him to hurry up and fuck him already. Luke chuckled and backed up a little, moving his erection away from Noah who let out a frustrated sound that made Luke’s erection even harder. Luke loved the horny sounds Noah made when he was getting ready to fuck his brains out.

Luke let go of Noah’s erection again to coat his fingers with lube before let one finger teasingly follow the crack of Noah’s ass before slipping to the pink entrance of Noah's body. He let his finger circle over it a few time, making Noah wiggle his hips in anticipation before he finally let it slip in. When he arched his finger and rubbed against Noah’s pleasure spot he was rewarded with a hoarse moan and a heavy shiver going through Noah’s body. He added a second and a third finger and fingerfucked his man in earnest, relishing the sounds that came from Noah’s lips.

When he was about to burst himself from the sheer joy of seeing Noah’s pleasure he withdrew his fingers, coated his cock and spooned Noah. Noah didn’t think he could take it much longer. Feeling Luke’s fingers inside him always turned him into a puddle of goo, He felt the pressure in his body building up to a level he didn’t know it could reach and he was delighted to find out that after all the years together Luke could still make him feel new sensations. The moment he felt his spine tingle and his toes curl Luke withdrew his fingers and spooned behind him.

He felt Luke’s erection teasing his entrance and his body instinctively pushed back taking Luke whole in one single motion. Luke screamed out Noah’s name in pleasure when he felt Noah’s tight velvy heat surrounding him. He bit his lip not to come there and then. His hand reached for Noah’s erection again and he slowly wiggled his hips, invading Noah’s body even deeper before he started to thrust slowly. It only took him a few thrusts before he felt Noah stiffen up and he knew his orgasm was near. He sped his thrusts up and squeezed Noah’s erection.

Long ribbons of come washed over Luke’s hand and the clenching of the muscles in hiss ass threw Luke over the edge, spilling his warm seed deep into Noah’s willing body. They held each other for ages, coming down from an enormous high and landed on cloud nine, friends, lovers and now fiancees.

After a long shower in which Noah took revenge on Luke they got dressed, muscles sore but a wide smile covering both their faces. They drove into town and stopped at the local jewelry store. Luke wanted to seal their commitment with rings and Noah loved the idea of Luke wearing his ring, being marked as taken for the whole world to see.

It didn’t take them long to find the perfect rings. As soon as the jeweler took them out of a velvet box they knew they were perfect for them. They were titanium broad rings with the possibility to engrave them on the inside and the outside. They discussed what to put on them for a second and they beamed in happiness when they left the jewelry store to have lunch at All’s, knowing they could pick up the rings afterwards.

When they returned to the jewelry shop the rings were ready for them, they looked at them in awe for a few seconds before slipping them to each others finger, tears in their eyes but a smile around their mouths. Noah paid the touched jeweler and they left the store to head to the farm to have dinner.

Noah found himself touching Luke the entire ride and Luke didn’t seem to be able to stop touching him too. He felt his life was perfect, living in the perfect house with his true love and now they were getting married. In the back of his mind a voice kept calling out he had felt this happy once before and was severely punished for that feeling but he happily pushed that voice to the very darkest and furthest place in his mind, not ready to face his fears just yet.

They entered the farm holding hands and found their parents in the kitchen reading the paper. Lily looked up when the door opened and smiled widely by the familiar sight of her two boys surrounded by the glow of their love. Every time she saw them she was in awe with the strength of their bond and she felt as proud as ever that her two boys were able to love each other without any reservations what so ever. Her two boys had grown into man that loved each other more and more by each passing day and she couldn’t be happier for them. She walked up to Noah to hug him while Holden did the same with Luke before they switched places.

When they sat down on the kitchen table, a drink in front of them Luke and Noah started to talk with a lot of hand gestures, something they never did before. Lily raised her browes at Holden who shrugged at her but she didn’t notice anything until Luke waved his hand in front of her face.
The ring on his finger catched the light and she froze mid-sentence to look at his hand, her mouth hanging open a little, her eyes big in surprise. Both Luke and Noah couldn’t help but laugh at her reaction and gave her a moment of silence to collect herself.

Holden catched up much faster and jumped out of his chair, a wide smile around his mouth that reflected in his eyes. With tears in his eyes he walked around the table to pull Luke and Noah both in a papa bear hug, crushing their body’s together and to his.

“ congratulations you guys!! When is the big day?” he asked while the tears sprung free and glided down his cheeks.

Lily pulled them in a hug to, whispering how happy and proud she was before she started to sob of happiness against Luke’s chest. Luke and Noah looked at each other happy, knowing their parents supported them to the fullest.

Noah had started calling Lily and Holden his parents when he returned home from the hospital after the kidnapping. Holden had told him they thought of him as one of their own and Noah could call them his parents and Luke siblings his brothers and sisters. Although it always took a little bit of explaining their unique situation to strangers he was happy to call them that, since their love and opinion meant the world to him and he felt as they were his parents now.

Lily excused herself to get cleaned up a little and left Holden at the kitchen table with his sons.
“ dad?” Luke asked
“ yes?” Holden answered
“ Noah and I have been discussing our wedding,and we were wondering if it would be okay with you and mom if we got married by the pond at the end of spring?”
Holden looked Luke in the eyes, beaming with happiness
“ you would make me very happy if you got married here, you didn’t even have to ask, its an honour.” His voice was hoarse with emotion
“ dad?” Noah asked
“ yes?” Holden answered
“ would you be my best man at our wedding?” Noah asked.
Holden was undone and he couldn’t help the tears that flood his eyes once again.
“ that would make me the happiest man of the world Noah” he whispered.

Luke and Noah were both having trouble holding back there own tears but they knew there day would be just perfect. Only three months to go and they would be mister and mister Snyder-Mayer

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