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Title: So Far and So Close
Rating: PG13
Summary: after the 2/22/2010 episode
Characters: Luke Noah
Genre: Romance
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For the FF "So Far and So Close"

Luke sits on the bed in what up until a few minutes ago was Noah's room. He left after Luke pushed him away. Luke stands up and goes over to the bookshelf. A book on movie making attracts his eye. He starts to pull it off the shelf when a letter once apparently once stuck inside the book jacket drops out onto the floor. Picking it up, Luke recognizes Noah's handwriting. He quickly scans the letter and rushes over to Noah and Maddie’s new apartment where he knocks on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It's Luke. I need to talk."

Noah opens the door and steps aside to let Luke pass. Luke closes the door behind him.

Noah starts to speak.

But Luke stops him by starting to read aloud the letter he just found.

for the FF So Far and So Close"

“I’m about to leave with her

But all I want is you. . .

Just you

I know I did all this for a reason
But all I feel now
Is how much
I will miss you

I miss your hand on mine
I miss the way you hold me
I miss your lips pressed against mine
I miss you
Just you

I know that it was mine

No. . . our decision to do this

But. . .
I love you so much
I need you so much
I know you still love me
I feel it whether we're together
Or when we're apart
I know that you’re mine
Only mine

Like now
I feel your love
I need only to think of you
What you said
The way you said it
. . .

Your eyes
The way you look at me
Your hands
The way you touch me

It’s torture to be so close and yet so far. “

Luke folds up the letter and looks at Noah. . .

“If you feel this way way, why are we apart?" His voice begins to crack. "Why?”

“But Luke I didn’t write it. . ."

“Don't give me that, Noah. I know your handwriting. These are your words."

Without thinking, Luke quickly unfolds the letter and shoves it toward Noah's face. His rant continues until he happens to catch sight of the letter's date - 10 April 2008.

"Oh God."


“You wrote this back when you were leaving the farm to live with Ameera at the cottage. Not now. I'm so sorry. I have to leave.” Luke starts to open the door. But Noah blocks his exit with the cane.

“Don’t go. . ." Noah instinctively reaches out to take his boy friend's hand in his.


“Because. . . even though I wrote those words at a different time, I still feel the same way. Don't leave, Luke, please."

Noah takes Luke's face in his two hands and feels Luke's tears as they hit his fingers. Luke presses his face against his boyfriend's palms and slowly the two move toward each other. . . feeling the pleasure to be close again. . .to reconnect with what was lost.

Noah tenderly kisses Luke.

“I don’t know what the right thing is do here, Luke. I tried to live with you at your mom's house. But I was so angry and sad over what I have lost in the accident. Maybe I just got so caught up in what was happening with me that I really couldn't see what was happening to you. . . . to us. My own pride and need to regain my independence clouded over everything. I ended up hurting you.

"Luke I really need to try to live my life without you if I going to understand what it truly means to be apart from you. So let me learn to let you help me and to make us feel so special every time we're together. I know what that was like before all this happened.

for the FF So Far and So Close"

"And Luke... if I were to write that letter today, there's something more I would add. . ."

“What?” says Luke as Noah feels his broading smile with his fingers.

Noah slightly turns Luke's head and whispers in his ear. . .“I miss you. . .in my bed. . . inside of me. . . Do you still want me?”

Luke responds by deeply kissing Noah before his boyfriend leads them to his room. They close the door and in the dark they undress. . .

To feel again the pleasure of skin against skin
The loving caress since Luke first gave himself to Noah
To rediscover the love of their bodies joined
To experience again the rhythmic moving that Luke gives to Noah
To know that wonderful sensation of being completely filled with him
To allow Luke to care for Noah as his lover
That is what Noah truly missed. . .
To finding that mountain top. . . that spot in the heavens.

Luke lays his head on Noah's chest and the two lie there in each other's arms exhausted and yet so fulfilled. . .

“If living apart for now," says Luke, "means sharing moments like this, I think I can handle it."

“Me, too.“ says Noah before Luke pulls down Noah's lips to kiss his love again.

The End

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