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Title: Spring Break
Chapter: Chapter 2
Rating: PG
Summary: Luke, Noah and their friends all go to Aurora
Characters: Luke, Noah, Reg, Maddie, Casey
Genre: Romance
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Luke, Casey, Reg and the rest of their group all lined up outside of the nightclub later that night after grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many fastfood restaurants littered up and down the busy streets near the beach.

They could hear the thumpa thumpa of the music coming from inside the massive building, and Maddie, Casey's girlfriend, was already shaking her hips to the music.

Isn't that beat to die for?” she yelled to be heard over the noise.

Finally they made it to the door and paid the cover-charge before entering the club. There was a mass of bodies inside, more people in one place than any of them had ever seen. It was overwhelming!

The club was enormous. The dance floor was on two levels with staircases at both ends of the large, rectangular main room. On each level, there was a bar on each end, and lounge chairs and small cocktail tables lined the wall on the two long sides of the room.

Let's dance!” Reg yelled to Luke, grabbing his hand and dragging him onto the dance floor. “I can't stand listening to this beat and not getting my groove on!”

Luke laughed with his friend, and began to lose himself in the music. He was there to have fun.

For the next several minutes, he let all his troubles slip away, along with memories of a tall, dark, and handsome man, and concentrated on his friends who had all eventually joined them, and were dancing in a group.

Before long, a slow song started to play, and Luke stood there awkwardly. Shrugging his shoulders, he turned and walked to the bar and waited until the tempo changed again. He ordered a soda and sat on a barstool, watching Casey and Maddie sway together as if they were fused into one body. Not for the first time he felt his heart ache.

He wondered if he'd ever have what they had. Just the feeling of walking into a room and having someone glad to see you. To have someone love you and let you know it with a simple look. Oh, he knew Reg liked him, and so did several of the other guys in their group, but it was nothing like what Casey and Maddie had, and he knew it never would be. He wanted to find that someone special.

As he looked out over the crowd, one person in particular grabbed his attention. It washim! The same guy he'd seen on the beach today. And he was dancing with a girl. Not just dancing, but the girl was draped all over him like a suit that was two sizes too small and clinging to every part of his body.

With a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, he realized that once again he'd let himself be attracted to a straight guy. Casey had been right. He was a fool. With a determined look, he got off the stool and went to find Reg. He might not love him as anything but a friend, but at least Reg wasn't straight! He had more of a chance with him that the man he'd been drooling over all day.

While he was looking for his friend, the song changed again, but it was another slow one. Finally finding Reg, he grabbed his forearm. “So, stud, what do you say we dance?”

The look of total admiration and joy on Reg's face made it all worth it. Grabbing him and holding him close to his body, he led him out to the dance floor.

* * * *

Hey Noah! Where did you go earlier?” Gary, one of Noah's friends, asked him when he returned from the beach.

Just for a walk down to the pier. I'm sorry I stayed so long, but it won't take more than a few minutes for me to shower and change. Why don't you go ahead and order a pizza and I'll be out before it gets here.”

Gary nodded his head and grabbed his cell phone to call the pizza joint a few doors down. Noah grabbed a wife beater, some underwear, and a pair of denim shorts out of his bag, then walked into the bathroom. As he stepped under the hot water, all he could think about was a beautiful blond with almost translucent skin. Reaching down, he jerked himself off to visions of Luke, desperately needing release. He just hoped he got a chance to know the man before he left Miami.

Several minutes later, he was dressed and eating a huge slice of pizza while Gary rattled on and on about the hot club they were going to.

Did you know that 'Rockmania' taped a week of shows there last year? It's so big it can hold several thousand people at one time. There are three pools on the deck facing the beach, and several gift shops!”

Noah laughed. “Gary! We were in the water almost all afternoon. I'm not going to 'Aurora' to swim or shop! The only thing I intend to do tonight is dance my ass off. Now let's finish eating and go!”

Gary rolled his eyes, then used his phone to call the other members of their group. Before long they were all walking down the sidewalk in the direction of one of the hottest clubs in the world, all set to have a good time.

This line is too long!” Jenny, one of the girls of their group, said once they got there. “We're never gonna get in!”

Yes we will,” Noah told her. “Just be patient, Jen-Jen.”

He'd known Jenny since their sophomore year of high school. She'd always had a crush on him, but he loved her like a sister. He'd told her repeatedly that he was gay and there could never be anything between them, but her brain and heart were slow to get the message. He had to walk a thin line, keeping her as a friend, but never doing anything to lead her on.

Finally!” she grouched. “The line just moved six inches. I think we might be getting somewhere!”

Noah and Gary exchanged an amused look and rolled their eyes. At least life was never dull with the girl.

Once they had paid their cover charge and made their way inside, Jenny took his hand and dragged him into the mass of bodies. There was a slow song playing over the speakers, and she pulled him so tightly to her that he could barely breathe.

Jen-Jen, what are you doing?” he asked. “I told you we can't do this!”

Oh come on, Noah Bear, it's only a dance. Besides, one of these days you might just realize we are great together,” she purred.

Noah gently unwrapped her arms from around his neck and pushed her away so that there was more room between them.

Jen-Jen, I love you as a sister, not as a lover. That's all we can ever be to one another. You need to understand that.”

As the song ended, and another slow one started, she let the tears roll down her cheeks. Even though Noah had broken her heart, she couldn't imagine her life without him in it in some way. She wiped the tears away and gave him a small smile. “Just give me a little while and I'll be ok,” she said before gently kissing him on the cheek. “You're a great guy, Noah Mayer, and I hope you find the right person for you.”

Noah had tears in his eyes too and he returned the kiss. “You're a great girl, Jen-Jen, you'll find the guy that's right for you someday.”

As the two friends parted ways, Noah looked up and saw the person who'd dominated his thoughts all day. And when he saw him slow dating with another guy, he felt both joy and heartache course through his body. Joy because the blond beauty was apparently gay, but sadness because it looked like Noah was too late. He was obviously already in a relationship.

* * * *

Luke and Reg danced to several songs before their friends gathered around them once again and they decided to dance as a group instead of in couples. They laughed and joked, having a good time, as spring breakers were supposed to do.

It was late, and Luke was getting ready to call it a night and go back to his hotel when he felt someone tapping his shoulder from behind. When he turned around he couldn't believe his eyes. He stood staring at the dark hair and the beautiful blue eyes. He could see the man's lips moving, but his brain couldn't comprehend what he was saying.

It quickly became apparent that they only had two choices if they wanted to carry on a conversation. They could either scream at one another and hope to be heard over the loud music, or they could go somewhere a little quieter. Without a moment's hesitation, Noah pointed toward the door that lead to the deck and raised his eyebrows in question. With a blinding smile, Luke nodded.

They made their way through the crowd to sit at one of the picnic tables on the deck. It was still crowded, but a lot less noisy there and they could talk a lot easier.

Hi,” Noah said as he held out his hand. “My name is Noah Mayer”

I'm Luke Snyder,” he answered.

For the next two hours they got to know one another better. They were both thrilled to learn that neither of them were in a relationship, and by the time they left the club, they had agreed to meet on the beach the next day. Even if it never went any further, they had both made a new friend. And with Luke living in Oakdale and Noah in Chicago, there was an opportunity for it to eventually develop into much much more.

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