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Title: Stolen Away
Chapter: 1 of ?
Rating: G
Summary: Luke and Alison are kidnapped by Riley and Col. Mayer......
Characters: Luke, Noah, Casey, Alison, Damian, Brad, Holden, Hunter
Genre: drama, a bit of angst
Warnings: none
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Noah had just finished up his last class for the year, when Casey ran right up to him. He was out of breath, and looked like he saw a ghost. Noah, at this point, was really concerned for his friend, and he just needed to know what was wrong.

"Casey, what the hell is wrong?", Noah asked.
"You better sit down, cause you might not want to hear this!!", Casey replied.

Noah and Casey sat down outside the university, as Casey was so close to crying.

"Noah, it's Luke and Alison...they...were kidnapped by Riley, who's working for..get this...your not so dead father!!", Casey said, as he started to cry. :+
"WHAT?????????????, Noah replied, It can't be true????" :sh
"Would I be joking, if I said that Riley would kill them if anyone followed them?", Casey asked.

Noah literally started to get really upset, and immediately called Damian, while Casey called his mom. About 10 minutes later, Holden, Damian, Brad, and Hunter arrived. They all wanted to help find Luke and Alison, and bring them safely home to Noah and Casey.

"Now, guys, Damian asked, when was the last time you saw them both?"
"Luke was at home before I left for class., Noah said first, but he had planned on going to Worldwide to get some more work done for the foundation. The last thing he said to me(shows Damian his last text on his phone) was that he loved me and that he was planning a night to remember."
"I was planning on proposing to Alison tonight at dinner, and everything was falling into place., Casey said, as he calmed down, when Alison got a call from Riley saying that he needed her help on something. That was the last time I saw her."
"But what does Winston Mayer have to do with this?", Holden asked.
"Noah, you had better sit down, cause I found something you won't like.", Hunter says, as he hands him a birth certificate.

It clearly showed that Riley was indeed Winston Mayer's son, Noah's half-brother. Noah was stunned by what he read, and he was even more determined to find Luke and Alison, and get revenge on his father and brother. He started to get really angry, and Casey and Brad had to calm him down before he hurt someone.

"Damn it, Noah said, that man I called my father took my boyfriend and my good friend, and now my so called evil brother is behind this?? I have to find them, and you all cannot stop me!!"
"Oh no you don't Noah, Brad said, as Noah got even more upset, it's not worth it."
"Who asked you??", Noah said, as he decked Brad, and ran away.

Damian and Holden ran after Noah, while Casey and Hunter helped up a hurting Brad on the ground.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, an unconscious Luke and Alison were tied up together in a room, surrounded by guards. Outside the room, Riley and Winston were having a joyous father-son reunion. Winston hugged his older son tight.

"Now that's my son, a real man, not like my chicken of a son Noah.", Winston said, laughing.
"I know..and now we have his so called lover, and Casey's girl, so what's the plan?", Riley asked his father.
"When Casey and my so called other son finds this address I am sending by e-mail, they will think that they found them. But they'll find out that it's gonna be a wild goose chase.", Winston answered, as Luke woke up.
"What the?, Luke said, Riley? What are you...oh shit...YOU!!"
"Yes ,Winston said, thought you could get rid of me fairy boy? But you and Ms. Stewart and young Casey have messed with my son's life...the one he should have had with Maddie Coleman years ago, until you Luke, corrupted it!"
"You son of a bitch!!, Luke said with tears in his eyes, you leave my boyfriend and Casey alone!!!"

Riley knocked out Luke once again, as he and Winston left the room.


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