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Title: The Eyes of Love
Chapter: Standalone
Rating: NC 17
Summary: Somewhere in the future, when the same sex marriage will be legal in Illinois
Characters: Luke, Noah
Genre: Romance
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For the Standalone "The Eyes of Love"

The overnight flight from Chicago to Dublin has taken a long eight and a half hours. But the view outside the window of the Aer Lingus 747 circling the Irish capital is well worth it. Luke nudges Noah to join him in taking in the breathtaking scene of a farmland quilt featuring every shade of green. The Emerald Isle has rolled out the green carpet for Luke and Noah on the first stop of their European honeymoon.

By the time they claim their bags and clear customs at Dublin International (Aerfort Bhaile Átha Cliath in Gaelic), it's nearly noon. After loading their luggage, the couple climbs into the back of a taxi bound for their hotel in the city's center. Luke's right arm is soon draped around Noah's shoulders, while his sleepy husband's head rests against his chest. Their left hands - each sporting a wide gold wedding band - lay intertwined in Luke's lap.

As the cab travels toward the Dublin skyline, Luke recalls what happened nearly two months ago back in Oakdale.

For the  standalone The Eyes of Love"

Luke and Noah's apartment. . .

"Damn it, Noah!" Luke slammed his checkbook down on the kitchen table. "You can be so stubborn sometimes. You raised the funds you thought you'd need to make your next film. It's not your fault that you have some unexpected fees. Let me take care of them for you. After all, I did write the screenplay."

“No Luke! We've gone over it a 100 times and each time I told you the same thing. I can't take $30,000 from you." Noah pushed the checkbook back toward its owner. "Look, it would be so easy to ask my rich boyfriend to make up the difference. But I won't do that. If I can't find people who believe in this project enough to contribute to it, then it's just not meant to be made."

Furious with what he viewed as Noah's pigheadedness, Luke turned his back to his boyfriend. The tall brunette walked around the table to place his hands on the blonde's hips and attempted to kiss his neck.

But Luke would have none of it. He forceably grabbed Noah's wrists from his hips and pushed them away.

"Don't even try it! There's not going to be any f'uckin' makeup."

“But Luke, you know, I love you.”

“Yeah...but don't think for one second after refusing my help, you get to--"

For the standalone The Eyes of Love"

"Why don't you get it?" Noah interrupted, spinning his boyfriend around to face him. "I want you. I love you. Not your money."

The blonde shook his head. “Would you please listen to me? I'm not the kind of guy to throw away money on clothes or cars or some other stupid thing like that. I want to use the cash for something meaningful and worthwhile like your film, Noah," he pleaded. "But you apparently don't want to be indebted to me and you know what that tells me Noah? Huh?"

Noah shook his head. "Why don't you tell me."

"It says you really don't think that we," Luke curled his index fingers, "...will last forever.”

Noah had to admit he was impressed by Luke's argument.

'I never thought about it that way. Maybe what Luke says makes some sense.'

Luke started to step back as Noah closed the distance between them.

But he wasn't fast enough.

With one swift movement, Noah pinned Luke against the kitchen wall and planted a passionate kiss on that special spot on Luke's neck known to drive him crazy.

"No--" Luke attempted to say. But the utterance turned into a deep throaty moan. His hands, which had just pushed Noah away, were now tearing the buttons off his partner's shirt as his lips crushed Noah's mouth.

No words were needed when the couple broke apart. Just the unmistakable look of want and desire. Luke pulled Noah out into the living room and down onto the sofa. With expert precision, Luke quickly dispensed with Noah's belt and pants. Pushing back his ripped shirt, Luke dove in to feast on Noah's left nipple and then the right.

Noah's moans grew loud as he grabbed and tugged on Luke's hair. The sensation drove Luke wild and down onto Noah's c'ock licking up one side and down the other.

The violent emotional eruption between them left Noah breathless. With all the living room lights on around them, he could clearly see his lover's head moving back and forth on his disappearing and reappearing c'ock.

In need of air himself at one point, Luke stood up and began to strip.

For the standalone The Eyes of Love"

Noah seized the opportunity to search for something to help advance their lovemaking. Spying a bottle of olive oil on a sofa end table, he grabbed the container and shook out enough drops to coat the fingers of his right hand. Then opening his legs wide, Noah slowly inserted his lubricated fingers one by one into his own hole preparing his body for his lover.

When Luke caught sight of this, he froze unable to look away. He watched as the brunette, with eyes closed and lips slightly parted, inserted the last of his coated fingers.

'Noah. Beautiful Noah.' Luke quickly grabbed the bottle and poured a small pool into the palm of his hand. He layered the liquid onto his hard, aching p'enis before positioning himself between Noah's legs.

He teased his lover with the tip of his c'ock pressing the outer edge of Noah's enlarged opening.

"F'uck. Now." Noah loudly moaned pushing his ass toward Luke. He wanted Luke inside of him so bad.

But Luke waited while Noah became increasing frantic. He started twisting his body craving for Luke. Stretching out his arms, Noah grabbed hold of Luke's ass and pulled him closer to him.

Luke entered Noah pushing the length of his c'ock all the way in to brush against Noah's prostate.

"Move. Now." The taller partner screamed loudly.

Never one to deny Noah anything, Luke started thrusting in and out while keeping his brown eyes fixed on Noah's now dark blue orbs.

Noah's knuckles turned white as he held on to the arm rest just behind his head.

Both men screamed out in a litany.



They could both feel the climax increasing before cumming at the same time.

Utterly spent, Luke fell against Noah's chest.

Noah hugged him tightly while attempting to regaining the power of speech.

“Mhmm. Mar. Marry. Me.”

Luke looked up to meet his lover’s eyes. He didn't need to say the word because Noah could clearly see Luke's answer in his beautiful hazel orbs.

Considering it only fitting, the two married two months later in the WOAK where it all began.


Back inside the Irish cab

As Noah continued to doze, a smiling Luke gently finger-combed his dark curls.

"Sir? The cab driver interrupted Luke's daydreaming.

"Ah sorry. I didn't hear you at first."

“It appears we're stuck in what you Americans would call a major traffic tieup; and we're still several streets away from the Dublin Shamrock Hotel over on Irish Republic Way."

"What's the cause of the backup?" a bleary-eyed Noah asked looking up from Luke's chest.

"Ah, for sure, sir. Why today is St. Patrick's Day, a national holiday here in honor of this country's patron saint. Part of the celebration includes the biggest parade of the year and we're caught right in the middle of it. There's no telling when traffic will start moving again. It could be an hour or two or three judging by the number of marchers lining up."

After looking out at all the colorful floats, bands and other groups waiting around to join the line of march, Noah made a suggestion.

“Luke, why don't we just leave the cab here and join the crowds watching the parade? Chances are we'll never see anything like this back in Oakdale."

"I was thinking the same thing," his husband answered, lightly kissing him on the cheek. "But what about checking in and all our luggage?"

"I can help you out there, sir," answered the cab driver, now holding his cell phone in his hand. "I'll call ahead and tell the Shamrock's front desk what's happened. Believe me, they'll understand. This happens every March 17th. I'll deliver your bags there as soon as this traffic begins to move again. Here take my card. It has my name and taxi license number along with my mobile number just in case."

Luke took the card and read it. With a nod from Noah, Luke agreed to the plan.

"OK... Mr. Seamus O'Leary. It's a deal. How much do we owe you?"

Noah grabbed their two small flight bags while Luke paid the cab driver.

For the standalone The Eyes of Love"

Then walking hand-in-hand, the two snaked through the throngs of parade watchers before finding a spot slightly above the parade route. Luke leaned his back against his husband's chest while Noah's long arms wrapped around Luke's neck.

For the next three hours, Luke, Noah and the other parade watchers watched, cheered and applauded as the different groups pass by; each unit more dazzling than the one preceding it.

Darkness began to fall as the last of the marchers came down the parade route. Luke and Noah could hear rumblings about a fireworks display spreading through the crowd with hundreds of heads turning skyward.

With a loud blast of a police siren, the first skyrocket of hundreds took flight exploding high above the crowd.

"Wow. Look at that!" Noah grabbed Luke into a tight embrace. "The Irish sure have a great way to celebrate history..." Noah lifted up Luke's chin to see the sparkling in his beloved's eyes. "...and a new beginning. Wouldn't you agree, Mr. Snyder-Mayer?"

"Right you are, Mr. Mayer. Right you are."

The End

A big big thanks to Sue Geezlouise my beta

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